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More on Leo, the Lion

Leo Leo Tarotscope for March 2017

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Queen of Cups

You generally have something of a "Pollyanna" attitude to life, dear Leo, and this month finds you feeling emotional very positive and as usual very forgiving. But ill behaviour from someone in your life will have finally got to breaking point, so you're going to pull out your emotional big guns and fight back in order to gain or retain that which is yours by right.
Go to Top Career

You're going to have to stand strong at this time, Leo. Your income is at stake. Whether your income is directly connected to career or not, there will be quite a crash where that source of income is concerned. Look out for a deception just when you're led to believe that all is solved. You must be ruthless about contracts and don't take your eye off the accounts when it comes to money transfers. Refuse any compromises, as the request for such will simply be based on lies.
Go to Top Finance
Nine of Swords

Here we see the distress you're experiencing about finances, as indicated in your sector of career. It seems there is a partner, or ex-partner involved in machinations to save themselves, but at your expense. At a time when you begin to think you might take a minimised, or compromised settlement, wisdom will join with fury and even if through fear and nervousness you will insist on full emolument. You will be victorious.
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Ace of Pentacles

Your focus this month is crucially around money matters. This involves your day to day solvency as well as the roof over your head. I see someone coming into the picture and bailing you out in some fashion. This help could be anything from good advice at the right time, to financing a legal issue, or even the direct input of financial help. The soul message is: don't compromise, stay strong and you will win.

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