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More on Leo, the Lion

Leo Leo Tarotscope for February 2017

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Page of Wands

Information comes your way that invites you to be very hopeful, but somehow you can't help but feel vulnerable and nervous because you've been led to such a hope before and yet been significantly disappointed at the last moment. It's going to be almost a surprise when the hope is actually fulfilled and within the time frame that was promised. You'll then be enjoying a wonderful feeling of freedom and independence at last.
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The Empress

Well, you're very happy with your career circumstances at this time. It's as if your every passionate idea is manifesting with minimal labour and no obstructions. Many of you will actually be working from home and that home environment seems quite important to your convenient successes. You have ahead of you a plethora of wishes coming true, wins being achieved and wisdom allowing you to take judiciously assessed chances.
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Ace of Swords

Financial difficulties can be overcome quite swiftly, but it's going to take you being the fierce lion that you are, by demanding that which is rightfully yours and stipulating consequences if you are not content. You will win, but you must give a time frame for your receipt of funds. You'll then use your win to establish new avenues of income. Do not cooperate with the person who's finally come through with the goods if they ask you for money again.
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The High Priestess

Events of this month have definitely been instructive and brought you to a deeper wisdom and a better facility for assessing others intentions with clarity. It is not unloving to say 'no' when you're averting another person from being their lowest self rather than their highest self. Your kind heart is worthy, but donŐt let it make you a pushover for the deceptive.

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