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More on Leo, the Lion

Leo Leo Tarotscope for December 2017

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Eight of Wands

Information or communication comes your way as the month begins which tells you that the harvest, both emotional and material, that you’ve come to rely on is no longer available to you. You'll simply undertake a new path to even up the harvest's providence. You will battle to find that which you want and new worlds of possibility will certainly open up to you.
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Queen of Wands

You're actually quite content with your work life, Leo. It's not too onerous or time consuming, but it is temporary. Matters concerning real estate are going to be your major avenue of income and news will come your way that encourages you to focus your energies into that avenue of endeavour. There will be a sudden change in those expectations, but you will carry on and turn the difficulty into a victory for yourself.
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Ace of Cups

It seems as if all you've imagined around your financial state has been coming to pass. Well, so far this has been the case. Your own wisdom has known the possibility of being let down by someone who has a history of doing so in the past. So, when you realise that you might be being deceived, you'll make good choices that secure your financial situation again.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The Hanged Man

A small sacrifice that you make at this time, most likely but not expressly around your work life, will work to bring about a greater harvest before the month concludes. The temporary state of financial juggle will be of no matter to you, because you already know that your prosperity and contentment is a foregone conclusion.

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