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Leo Leo Tarotscope for December 2016

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You're going to find yourself very disappointed with someone closely connected to your life. You will be strong in the face of a deception, which leaves you struggling financially in December. You will receive some finances promised, but not the main deal you'd struck. Persistence on your part and the willingness to do for yourself if necessary will forge a renewal, a regeneration of the better part of the person who's manipulated you and you have suffered under. You will eventually get that which was promised you. Keep pushing.
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Ace of Swords

Now is a time for making judicious decisions about your career life. Currently you are very busy, but this is actually keeping you tired and distressed, rather than energised and happy. A rather earthy person will be of great help to you as you examine your situation and begin to build a new path for yourself. This is going to be more nourishing on all levels. With wisdom as your guide, you will be victorious in the change of direction.
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Queen of Cups

You do manage to maintain emotional balance and harmony at this time when someone has put you in a difficult financial position. Initially it's going to be your own labours that set you on an even financial keel in December. You'll also do a bit of homework around that situation where you have been denied the financial security that is your right. This will bring about a situation where it is you who educates the person concerned as to how to manage their situation to mutual advantage.
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Five of Pentacles

You've invested a great deal of patience and care around the financial disarray imposed upon you. The good news is that your investment in that good and kind behaviour will actually turn the situation around and entirely to your best interests. It may take a few months, but the outcome will, in time, be a matter for celebrating a financial victory.

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