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More on Leo, the Lion

Leo Leo Tarotscope for November 2017

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Three of Wands

You've really found yourself on a whole new emotional path recently. For some this involves the meeting with a special person, for others it's a purely inner journey that strengthens and changes your emotional wellbeing as well as your intuitive wisdom to a higher vibration. Peace and plenty is with you and this allows you to take on some rather trying work in order to help your fellow man. A happy Leo is full of love and giving.
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Queen of Swords

You're beginning to question your work situation as you've recently had to defend yourself and your position a few too many times lately. You will gently and gracefully approach the person involved in this discord with your doubts. Unless you get a satisfactory response, which is unlikely, you will choose to remove yourself from the situation. You are certainly strong enough to create a new and better situation for yourself.
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The Fool

You're going to take a chance with money, all full of hope and innocence. A swift but small return will have you even more hopeful, but information will come your way which lets you know that you really need to make something of a study in order to maximise the arena you're playing in. Do so and you'll have reason to celebrate further down the line.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The Fool

The cards are asking you to analyse your tendency to put that warm and shiny hope of yours before practical reasoning. Having a sunshine heart is a lovely thing, but when history has shown you that you cannot trust someone, the likelihood is that you can expect the same behaviour in your present and future. Sure, give people a second chance, but only if wisdom dictates.

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