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More on Leo, the Lion

Leo Leo Tarotscope for November 2016

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Ace of Cups

It's all happy times for the lion heart. That heart of yours has been in deep freeze mode for a while now, but November sees you warming up. You'll make some major changes that will bring you to a whole new emotional path wherein you leave the emotional sorrows and difficulties behind you. You'll feel a little nervous as this new path expands before you and you'll be most judicious about how you proceed. Your lion heart will take a stand to eliminate the troublesome elements from your life.
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Six of Cups

Whatever was your career passion in the past will rear its head again, prompting you to dust off the old textbooks and apply your knowledge, skills and experience to new realms of influence. That which you've been percolating as a good idea will begin to take concrete shape as the month progresses. Success is on your side.
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Knight of Cups

All is well in your sector of finance and you're quite content with how things stand. Yet, there's more to come and it's even better. A financial issue that has been problematic for some while is about to be sorted this month. Your nervousness around the very roof over your head that has troubled you significantly will be overcome and you'll be doing quite a bit of celebrating this success.
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The Star

An aspect of your heartfelt hopes will come under great pressure. You've held to certain beliefs about someone and experience this month will disabuse you of that assumption. An incisive and tough response will be the only option that will prevent you from being limited and bound by someone else's choice as to how you are required to behave.

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