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More on Leo, the Lion

Leo Leo Tarotscope for October 2017

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The Lovers

You've recently undergone quite an emotional shift that has allowed you to open yourself to new relational opportunities. The cards advise you to accept that these new emotional experiences are of value in the immediate experience, which will further free up your emotional availability, but this doesn't add up to a permanent happy-ever-after connection. Enjoy a new connection for what it is in the here and now.
Go to Top Career
Queen of Pentacles

You've recently taken a wild and optimistic step into the unknown because the remuneration is obviously worth it. Yet, an aspect of training, gift or skill is in truth closer to your heart and personal values. This risks being neglected as you make choices based on material needs. There's nothing wrong with your choice of pursuits, but the cards remind you to keep an eye out for work that is within your arena of greatest value.
Go to Top Finance
Two of Swords

You're used to a stable experience of plenty, without too much stress or heavy labour. As October begins you realise you've got yourself into a rather stressful and labour-intensive situation. Is the money worth it? Your hopes to maintain your effective financial circumstance without the stress and fatigue are soon to come true. You will clearly see just what you must refuse to undertake and what is in alignment with your lifestyle needs.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The Chariot

This is a period of time when you are being guided to review your values and exactly what those values are based on. You will find yourself introduced to concepts of reality that challenge what has, up till now, been your base line of belief. This is no time for regrets, but a time to enhance and add to your spiritual perceptions.

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