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More on Leo, the Lion

Leo Leo Tarotscope for March 2018

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Page of Swords

There will be trouble coming your way with a young person, most likely a male, who is just plain angry! However, you are wise enough to realise that this anger is a general attitude and not to be taken personally. Try as you might to come to a renewed, harmonious outcome this will fall on deaf ears because this person is currently feeling the need to vent anger and it's not about any genuine issue. Your best option is to stay neutral and allow for the tantrum to run its phase.
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Eight of Swords

You'll be wondering at this time if the work you're doing is truly in alignment with your fundamental values. You feel a bit trapped in your work circumstance and it's actually for fairly low remuneration considering what you have to put up with. You'll have to stand up for yourself and this will mean quite the battle, but stay strong because you'll come out of this period with better pay and a greater respect from those above you.
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The High Priestess

You've seen anxious times around money, but you've developed the wisdom to handle standing up for your rights. There will be some kind of renewal or regeneration within your financial circumstances this month. Now you must apply that developed wisdom to your financial advantage by not allowing anyone to avail themselves of your assets for an advantage that will serve them but not you.
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Six of Pentacles

I see money all around you Leo, money as well as contentment and a feeling of security. You're still going to have to have that confrontation in your place of work; it's something of a test of your developed self esteem wherein you understand your worth and make sure you are treated appropriately.

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