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by Suzanna Collins

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Leo Monthly Forecast for June 2017

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The roaring Lion starts the month with the Sun in versatile Gemini, your 11th house of friends, hopes and dreams. It's a great time of the year to connect with your network and join friendly groups, societies and organizations. Examine your relationship with others at all levels, whether as part of a work team-building exercises or in sharing your ideas with like-minded people. Rather than taking control of others, work in with them to generate some thought-provoking plans which will help you towards achieving your own future goals and ambitions. Learn to be co-operative, and be patient where your partner's children are involved. Single Lions will be dynamic with the offer of romance in the wind, or improving existing relationships by having fun times. Mercury will be in your 11th house from the 6th to the 20th, so expect loads of chatter, travel and story sharing.

Work towards your goals, Leo. Advanced studies, overseas business and developing your religious and philosophical outlook are all in the picture. From the 1st to the 5th, an old friend could pop up out of the blue, most likely coming from a distance or from overseas. At any rate you will remain practical about love matters. Expect some good news through friends and a social engagement to look forward to.

The 4th to the 6th won't be a good time to invest, speculate or indulge in social or financial gambling. Avoid lending money to friends. Keep a tight grip on your finances, credit cards, and be careful if using your partner's resources. On the 9th, the day of the Full Moon, giant Jupiter turns direct after a lengthy retrograde phase. Over coming months, you'll make clearer decisions about travel, study, writing and sharing your knowledge. From the 13th to the 16th, no matter how hard you try to have fun, loved ones and friends may not be as receptive as you'd like. Don't give way to feelings of isolation, but make an effort to communicate instead.

The Full Moon on the 9th comes in bold Sagittarius and will influence your 5th house of romance, creativity and speculation. For the month of June it is known as the Strawberry Moon, which is attributed by the Algonquin tribe to mark the harvesting time for ripening strawberries. It is also known as the Rose Moon, Lotus Moon, Green Corn Moon, Windy Moon and when June Berries are ripe Moon. The Lunar Light shines on your love life between now and early July. Your emotions will intensify, boosting your sexuality and passion. There could be a minor blip when things go slightly wrong with you-know-who, but it will be easily sorted out if you keep calm and do not act as though you've hit a complete crisis. Be ready for a small problem with a child that needs to be sorted out with as few dramas as possible. Watch that your enthusiasm in relationships doesn't become too overbearing and demanding. A project may come to an end or reach completion. You will be keen to move to the next round of creativity, music or the arts.

On the 21st at the Solstice, the Sun moves into emotional Cancer, your 12th house of secrets, sorrows and subconscious motivations. Mercury also sidles into your 12th house on the 21st, so don't be surprised if you become slightly reclusive and prefer to be hidden from public view. It's not that you'll want to completely cut yourself off from everyone during the next four weeks, but there will definitely be occasions when you'll prefer your own company to that of other people. But don't give anyone the impression that you're feeling stand-offish or unfriendly. Recoup some of your mental, emotional and physical energy by recharging your inner batteries.

The 24th sees the New Moon in Cancer, your 12th house. The next two weeks will give you the opportunity to dig deep into your past fears and relationship concerns. Work and anxiety triggers are active. You'll be in tune with the feelings of other people, so show sympathy and compassion. This may even be extended to foster caring for pets. Some Lions will need to visit hospitals, look after a partner's health, or be in touch with a friend in need. However, it will be important to understand yourself, your past conditioning and how you react when facing challenges or conundrums in your job, health and lifestyle.
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Mercury kicks off in Taurus, your 10th house of career and ambitions. You will be able to channel your ideas in discussions with influential people, and make effective long-term plans to further you in your vocation. On the 6th, the Cosmic Messenger will move into your 11th house for a short stay. With the Sun also in your 11th house, you'll put your roller skates on making an effort to expand your network of friends, spending time chatting on the mobile phone and catching up with your social circle. Take time out to think about the values and ideals others imprint on you and what effect has this had on your goals. There may be a friend who can inspire you or help you attain your dreams. This can be in the way of a work relationship, or via a club or other organization where you can brainstorm ideas. From the 18th to the 20th, you will be perplexed over disappointing news. You may even feel low-spirited over a love relationship, friendship, speculation, or children's activities, but this will soon change.

On the 21st, Mercury steals into Cancer, your 12th house. The Cosmic Messenger joins the Sun in Cancer, together with energizing Mars. You will need your own space, and some time to observe. Attune yourself to your subconscious drives and what really motivates you. You'll prefer your own company, but is there a sense of loneliness prevailing while you go about your daily affairs? Perhaps it's time to dust the bookshelf, pull out a good book and read an enlightening text. June 29th to July 1st may see a test of nerves, particularly if you are undergoing a stressful time with your job, the boss, or have health issues that require urgent attention.
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The Goddess Venus remains in Aries, your 9th house of the higher mind. This favours travel, enjoying a holiday break, meeting people from abroad and good outcomes in legal matters. On the 6th, Venus dances into Taurus, your 10th house of career and ambitions. This offers the promise of prestige, recognition and achievement in your vocation and public popularity. You are likely to be in the limelight in some way, so make the most of your success. Use your magic charm and channel it in the direction of important people and authority types. You might also embark on a relationship with someone who's very influential, or who is much older or younger than you. From the 6th to the 13th, you will be inclined towards a secret love affair. You'll win people over with your allure.
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Fearless Mars remains in Gemini, your 11th house at the start, channeling your drive through your network of friends and groups. On the 4th, the Warrior tramps into your 12th house of secrets, sorrows and hidden motivations. Past actions, good or bad, may catch up to you. During coming weeks you prefer that others do not observe your activities, either because these efforts concern secret matters, or because you accomplish more by working alone. If there's someone frustrating in your life, don't be surprised if you dream of wringing their neck, even if they are disguised as a chicken, kewpie doll, or annoying talk-show host. Your feelings of anger and aggression are going to come out one way or another! Keep busy behind the scenes on projects that won't use up too much of your energy. Rest up and don't allow the dullness get the better of you. Yoga exercise and meditation may be just what you need. From June 23rd to the 27th, you'll need to escape in one form or another. This may involve a hospital stay, or a retreat where you can gain physical rest.

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