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by Suzanna Collins

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Leo Monthly Forecast for December 2016

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Go to Top Brighten Your Spirit
Proud Lions start the month with the Sun in spunky Sagittarius, your 5th house of creativity, romance and speculation. This is a lively time for creative Lions, as you share your generous exuberance with close friends, and prepare novelty items for Christmas. There is plenty of entertainment brightening your spirit with fun things to do. Your emotions are warm towards those you love, improving relationships, with singles attracting romance. Children will appreciate your ability to share time with them in amusing and pleasurable activities. It's the time to bring out your artistic and musical skills, spending time with the special people in your life.

From the 1st to the 2nd, keep a firm grip on your money, as losses could occur. From 8th to the 11th relationships could be strained, not allowing you the freedom you are after. Many will experience delays and disappointments connected with travel, theatre bookings and local happenings. From the 11th to the 13th, you'll value doing things out of the norm, including travelling, gaining personal insights and new ideals.

The 14th sees the Full Moon in Gemini, your 11th house of friends, hopes and dreams. The Full Moon for December is known as the Cold Moon, the Yule or Christmas Moon. Snow Moon, Peach Moon or Full Long Nights Moon are other descriptions. In the Northern Hemisphere, December is the month when the coldness of winter fastens its hold and nights are at their longest and darkest. The mid-winter Full Moon has a trajectory across the sky because it is opposite a low Sun. Of course it is quite the opposite in the Southern Hemisphere.

This Full Moon will bring out sentimental feelings in friendships and existing love relationships, but it will also enhance romantic attractions. No doubt at this time of the year there will be plenty of Christmas events to go to, including in groups, clubs and organizations you belong to. With lovely Venus floating through your 5th house, you'll be even more charming and attractive than usual! Do your best to find a compromise with partners whenever possible, although this may sometimes make you eager to pacify them and accede to their wishes, even if that works to your disadvantage. Exchange some fun stories, enjoy your relationships with other people's children and take part in the cheerful atmosphere.

On the 21st at the Solstice, the Sun moves out of Sagittarius and into practical Capricorn, your 6th house of work and health. During the next four weeks, you'll attend to your well-being and diet, organizing your routine and relevant work. Build on your relationship with workmates; impress your boss with your efficiency and ability to control situations. Think about the welfare of pets, especially their health and vulnerability to outside weather conditions. From the 22nd to the 31st, you will have immense energy, not only in your work and routine, but in sorting out finances, especially untimely bills and expenditure. Close relationships will also do well thanks to your bubbly vitality.

The 29th sees a New Moon into Capricorn, your 6th house. Over the next few weeks you'll implement a New Year's resolution by kicking a few bad habits and introducing healthy new habits. This may not be very good timing if you're anticipating a New Year celebration full of eating and drinking to excess, but maybe you should be a little kinder to your body than usual by not going over the top. You might also be inspired to liven up your daily routine if it's starting to get you down. This is the time when you will take a fresh approach to your work, being of service to others, and in keeping with good public relations. Look at improving your work performance in an efficient manner. You may even take on more responsibility, being favoured by the boss for your reliability and great business prowess.
Go to Top Mercury Retrograde
Mercury remains in Sagittarius, your 5th house, before moving into Capricorn on the 2nd. This will be a busy phase organising last minute paperwork or other detailed information to get underway and finish off. Do your best to keep track of complex details; write down vital pieces of information, rather than hoping that you'll remember them. You just might not! However Mercury going retrograde may be to your advantage in clearing a backlog of work.

The Cosmic Messenger turns retrograde on the 19th. During Mercury's final retro phase this year, work efficiency is likely to slow down and ideas you thought you'd had in place will be held over into the New Year. Last minute problems may arise: being short-staffed, taking on too much work, and experiencing health problems through nervous tension. Routine could be in disarray, with people not getting back to you, and waiting on message responses. Some Lions may take administrative advantage and clear the decks by doing some filing, making small adjustments and generally tidying up. Plans will be placed on the backburner or totally changed until Mercury returns to direct motion as staff and co-workers come back from leave and the festive season starts to settle. It will be a good time to plan ahead with ideas for 2017. Mercury briefly re-enters Sagittarius your 5th house of romance, creativity and speculation on January 4th, before going direct on January 8th, then back into Capricorn on January 12th. By then work should resume as usual and from January 28th, conditions will be back to normal.
Go to Top Sensual Energy
Charming Venus remains in Capricorn, your 6th house, at the start. Work relationships should be harmonious; even the social aspect could get you involved in organising end-of-year entertainment and dining. Health should be generally good, but watch those sweet indulgences and fatty foods.

On the 7th, the Goddess dances into sociable Aquarius, your 7th house of significant commitments. From now until January 2nd, you'll be more light-hearted and will enjoy being with your loved ones. This transit will put sensual energy into your love life too. The potential for a romance to turn into an engagement or even marriage is strong. Be the peacemaker and resolve differences in relationships and partnerships, with open enemies and business alliances. Generally relationships will be more harmonious and loving, but be sure to pay attention to your partner's needs. Legal disputes should be favourable, as should business partnerships, friendly agreements and contracts. The 24th to the 29th will be a wonderful time to enjoy the spirit of Christmas, visiting friends, neighbours and relatives. Relationships should be quite blissful. There'll be people from overseas to catch up with; don't be surprised by unexpected visitors, or taking a journey out of town. Have a Merry Christmas.
Go to Top Risk of Confrontation
Mighty Mars remains in friendly Aquarius, your 7th house. It will be easier to reach amicable resolution with the entrance of Venus into Aquarius on the 7th, because that will moderate the Martian energy, which is generally known for causing dispute, ego spats over individual necessities, and control issues. Avoid confrontations and arguments over petty desires. Legal difficulties popping up with open enemies may need to be dealt with appropriately. Some may face a divorce dispute, or a contractual settlement. From the 1st to the 8th is a favourable time to celebrate within relationships, settle an agreement or announce some news. It also features a time of personal growth and working through differences. Perhaps you'll make a commitment, take up an offer, travel, or go on a honeymoon!

On the 19th, the Warrior steams into compassionate Pisces, your 8th house of sex, death and taxes. Up until January 27th, your physical energy will be applied to issues of finance, analyzing problem areas, and perhaps overspending on the credit card. Differences could arise over joint resources, possessions, legacies, investments, or corporate finances. This placement of Mars also increases your sexuality and urge for control and possessiveness. It can, however, be a motivational force for detective work, uncovering deeper psychological issues and survival instincts. Interests in life after death, mysteries and psychic work are in the frame.

From the 19th to the 31st the urge for adventure and exploring different facets of life will be strong. However, transportation issues could cause delays. Be patient if things don't go according to plan. If you are waiting for guests from overseas or are travelling to a destination outside of your normal route, prepare for unexpected hold-ups. Merry Christmas, Lions!

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