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by Rob Tillett

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Leo Leo Daily September 2017
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Daily forecasts for September 2017 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopFri Sep 1: Clean Up!
You may find inspiration while contemplating the lint in your bellybutton today. Don't be afraid to go through your junk drawer -- cleaning anything will lift you to your higher ground, so take a deep breath and dive in. If you are stuck in an office, clean your desk. You'll look busy and no one will know the difference. Lucky colours are blue and cream. Lucky numbers are 32 and 41.
Go to TopSat Sep 2: Be Supportive
It is important to make time to connect with your partner today as they need your attention. Don't let your own personal concerns stand in the way of a truly supportive relationship. Be there for others and they will be there when you need them. If you go out tonight, you will enjoy being seen in public. Lucky colours are peach and rose. Lucky numbers are 7 and 16.
Go to TopSun Sep 3: Rest and Relaxation
Part of improving your health is making time for rest and relaxation. If at all possible, set aside some time today to do absolutely nothing. Yes, you read that right; everyone knows from time to time, the even the indefatigable Lion must stop all activity and simply lounge. Spend time in a hammock or swing and just be. Lucky colours are blue and almond. Lucky numbers are 23 and 32.
Go to TopMon Sep 4: Please Yourself
Be careful not to overextend yourself as the responsive Moon is activated by expansive Jupiter today. You may be tempted to make promises you cannot keep. Try to plan your day realistically, guarding against over scheduling. If you try to please everyone you will end up pleasing no one. Find a way to please yourself that might be agreeable to others. Lucky colours are blue and white. Lucky numbers are 2 and 3.
Go to TopTue Sep 5: Mercury Turns In Leo
Your long-term security becomes more important than usual. Acquiring more money is top priority as Mars enters Virgo, so fight to defend your rights and get your due rewards. Mercury turns direct in Leo after some weeks of retro nonsense, so your personal expression and attitude to money begins to improve at last. Passionate Mars makes you unusually intense and rather sensual, so finding pleasure will be high on your list. Do not be too impulsive or reckless in taking on new commitments just to impress other people, but steer the middle course. Lucky colours are emerald and gold. Lucky numbers are 1 and 2.
Go to TopWed Sep 6: Full Moon
Today's Full Moon brings resources into focus and this may result in a power struggle of some sort. Nonetheless, it's time to put all your cards on the table. Be honest with yourself and then be honest with others. Many of you will begin to reap the rewards of all your hard work now. Lucky colours are red and green. Lucky numbers are 8 and 25.
Go to TopThu Sep 7: Softly, Softly
There may be conflict between you and someone else over money matters but try not to let things get out of hand. The receptive Moon clashes with penetrating Pluto, making for hurt feelings all around. You may unknowingly step on someone's toes, so be sure to have permission before helping yourself to someone else's resources. You can make progress in business, but not without a little bloodshed. Lucky colours are black and mahogany. Lucky numbers are 35 and 44.
Go to TopFri Sep 8: Far Horizons
Setting your sights on far horizons will cheer you now. There is so much waiting for you out there that it may be hard to choose your next goal. Finding a way to express yourself more fully is something that all Lions should consider. Consider signing up for courses that will teach you about other people and customs. Lucky colours are brown and orange. Lucky numbers are 10 and 33.
Go to TopSat Sep 9: Global Network
This is the perfect day to try new things as the Moon blends well with your life ruler; you are likely to feel popular and in demand as well. People from different backgrounds can teach you a great deal about world culture, so pay attention to your global network. We are all part of one Cosmic family. Lucky colours are khaki and green. Lucky numbers are 3 and 6.
Go to TopSun Sep 10: Buckle Down
As much as you would rather just have fun, many Lions will have responsibility today. As the Moon lights up your tenth house of career and status, you'll need to focus on the job at hand. A little bit of discipline and a pinch of sacrifice will go a long way in helping you meet your obligations and shine in the eyes of others. Mercury moves into Virgo now, so expect important discussions about money, either with associates, relatives or those who work with finance. Try to set some goals during this time. Lucky colours are black and red. Lucky numbers are 8 and 10.
Go to TopMon Sep 11: Opinions To Yourself
It's tempting to tell a special person where they're going wrong today. But will they appreciate your pearls of wisdom? No, they won't. In fact, they may tell you to mind your own business or point out all the ways that you're going wrong. You should also avoid starting a row about someone's values or what they spend their money on. It's a day for keeping your opinions to yourself unless you don't mind having a blazing row. Lucky colours are silver and ebony. Lucky numbers are 17 and 28.
Go to TopTue Sep 12: Lighthearted
A lighthearted mood rules the day as the Moon moves into communicative Gemini and your eleventh house of friends and associates. This is a great time to meet good friends for lunch and brainstorm, as creative ideas abound. In fact, you may have so many interesting thoughts in your mind that it could be hard to fall asleep tonight. Lucky colours are blue and green. Lucky numbers are 11 and 33.
Go to TopWed Sep 13: Drama, Romance, Passion
Romance and passion could be uncomfortably strong for the romantic Lion today, but you may find yourself joining in the drama! You could be overwhelmed by your needs and desires and those of your friends. Do what you know you must to retain your personal integrity. Lucky colours are silver and lilac. Lucky numbers are 15 and 41.
Go to TopThu Sep 14: Secrets and Solitude
With the Moon in moody Cancer and your twelfth house of secrets and solitude, you'll be ready to look inward. This is the beginning of your low lunar cycle, so make plenty of time for rest and meditation. You will be able to avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again if you analyze the events of the past month during this time. Lucky colours are lavender and green. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.
Go to TopFri Sep 15: Intuitive
Tap into your own intuitive wisdom while the Moon passes through your twelfth house of secrets; remembering your dreams will help you understand the workings of your inner mind. Spend the evening releasing stress through gentle exercise and relaxing with soft music and candlelight. Lucky colours are lavender and silver. Lucky numbers are 21 and 30.
Go to TopSat Sep 16: In The Mood
You'll be feeling like a few of your favourite treats today. Enjoy but don't indulge too much. Make sure you don't put anyone's nose out of joint early on, especially if you're going to need their help later. A hot bath and a delicious meal will be just what the doctor ordered to put everything to rights in the Furry Kingdom. Relax in your favourite chair this evening. Lucky colours are old gold and silvery purple. Lucky numbers are 1 and 12.
Go to TopSun Sep 17: Count Your Blessings
The sensitive Moon clashes with expansive Jupiter today, making some of your feelings uncomfortably intense. Desire may make its burning touch felt as you struggle with what you can and cannot have. Take a deep breath and allow this energy to pass. Rather than lament what is not in your life, be happy and grateful for the many blessings you do have. Lucky colours are mahogany and silver. Lucky numbers are 8 and 17.
Go to TopMon Sep 18: Personal Finances
The moody Moon activates your second house of personal finances today. You may feel strongly about the things you value, causing you to bristle at the thoughtlessness of others. If you are feeling vulnerable or insecure, try throwing yourself wholeheartedly into your work. You can accomplish a great deal using this energy. Lucky colours are green and terracotta. Lucky numbers are 2 and 20.
Go to TopTue Sep 19: Venus Moves On
Personal finances, friendships, and your values are going to be stressed in weeks ahead. A greater tendency to purchase luxury items is thanks to Venus entering Virgo just before the New Moon. More money than usual is also apt to be spent on social or cultural events as well as expenditures to enhance your appearance or the attractiveness of your environment. Other considerations include joint income or the finances of a joint venture of one kind or another. Should financial matters be disrupted by disagreement you will play the role of peace-maker. Beneficial colours are sage green and terra cotta Lucky numbers are 2 and 20.
Go to TopWed Sep 20: New Moon
The New Moon reminds you to practice moderation, even when you are tempted to over indulge and overspend. Resist impulse buys and wait until next month to make significant purchases. You'll be keen to spend on your appearance, thanks to Venus. Is social status connected with wealth in your world? You are likely to end up with a credit card hangover if you aren't careful. If you must indulge in a personal luxury, make it something you can easily afford. Lucky colours are golden green and terracotta. Lucky numbers are 2 and 11.
Go to TopThu Sep 21: Off The Hook
It may seem as though the phone is ringing off the hook as the Moon enters your third house of communication. Your friends may have quite a lot to say, so make time for them if possible. This is a good time to look over your budget, your values and your priorities. If they are compatible and complementary, everything should be falling into place nicely. If not, it may be time to face reality. Lucky colours are yellow and blue. Lucky numbers are 23 and 32.
Go to TopFri Sep 22: Olive Branch
The Sun cruising into Libra marks the start of a lengthy phase in which communications will be emphasized. This means everything from the way you put across your ideas to your use of computers and telephones. Get creative! You can express yourself in writing, or in a blog. During the coming four weeks you'll enjoy making contact with close relatives and neighbours, especially if this gives you the chance to offer an olive branch or two. Lucky colours are peach and ivory. Lucky numbers are 3 and 4.
Go to TopSat Sep 23: Practice Humility
You may have the overwhelming urge to dominate your family members today: you may feel it is in their best interests, but they are unlikely to agree with you. Leo is a natural leader, but you cannot force others to follow. Express your thoughts and ideas with a dash of humility and you are more likely to get others to join you willingly. Lucky colours are green and cream. Lucky numbers are 20 and 40.
Go to TopSun Sep 24: Wakey, Wakey
You may feel like curling up with a good book on your favourite couch today, because cosy and comfy is just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, duty may call as the Moon moves through your fourth house of home and family. Try not to argue with family members over petty matters and strive to see the love and beauty in little things. Lucky colours are coral and grey. Lucky numbers are 15 and 20.
Go to TopMon Sep 25: Deceptive Neptune
The next two days may be intense ass many of you will be involved in a subtle power struggle. Whether this occurs at work or in more personal matters, you need to strive for balance. Remember that your reputation and integrity are equally important as the outcome. Lucky colours are black and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 9 and 45.
Go to TopTue Sep 26: Expect The Unexpected
Be ready for the unexpected as the Moon and Uranus clash; those with children need to keep a close eye on them today. Hidden expenses may begin to show up in your budget, so take a look at where your money is going. You can have a good time today, but be sure to use reasonable caution and be on the lookout for accidents waiting to happen. Lucky colours are gold and copper. Lucky numbers are 42 and 43.
Go to TopWed Sep 27: Playful Sense
Have fun and express your sense of playfulness as the lighthearted Moon activates your fifth house of pleasure and creativity. This day was made for recreation, so drop whatever you are working on and let a spirit of joy and freedom fill you. If the weather allows, get outside and enjoy nature's beauty and majesty. Be inspired! Lucky colours are lavender and gold. Lucky numbers are 23 and 33.
Go to TopThu Sep 28: The Muse Visits
Your creative genius is apparent as the Moon triggers the influence; don't be afraid to communicate your ideas, as the muse visits you. If you need to take a chance, today is your day. Romance is also favoured, so go ahead and make the first move. Those of you with children will find them especially rewarding now. Lucky colours are blue and gold. Lucky numbers are 11 and 42.
Go to TopFri Sep 29: Elbow Grease
If something is bothering you, get to work around the house and apply some old fashioned elbow grease. You'll be surprised how therapeutic 'Level One Activities' can be: scrubbing the bathtub, cleaning toilets, washing the dog - after that, gardening is pure nirvana! Try not to think too much today - you're better off doing things that take more brawn than brains and you'll feel elated, once you see everything what you have accomplished. Lucky colours are blue and beige. Lucky numbers are 14 and 44.
Go to TopSat Sep 30: Simple Togetherness
With the Moon entering Aquarius and your seventh house of marriage and partnerships it's time to connect with your partner. Just enjoy simple togetherness. There is no need to do anything fancy - tea for two or a walk hand-in-hand should do the trick. Single Lions can find pleasure hanging out with a close friend. The key is to enjoy those relationships in which you feel both understood and appreciated. Lucky colours are coral and teal. Lucky numbers are 7 and 16.
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