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by Rob Tillett

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Leo Leo Daily January 2017
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Daily forecasts for January 2017 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopSun Jan 1: Happy New Year!
You will need to remove emotions from your decisions today Leo, as a new romantic attachment may not be in your best interests. There is a strong romantic energy, so the possibilities of meeting a new love are high but a case of opposites attracting may not last the distance. Enjoy the romantic rush, but do not allow passion to rule your choices. Happy New Year!
Lucky colours are nutmeg and saffron.
Lucky numbers are 5 and 10.
Go to TopMon Jan 2: New Information
What was yesterday is now today! New information gives a different perspective Leo and you are able to see much more clearly the right direction to take. Still be wary of new romantic interests and attempt to remove emotional thought from any choices they may give to you. You are in a more stable mindset and can be certain of the outcome you desire.
Lucky colours are jasmine and opal.
Lucky numbers are 12 and 16.
Go to TopTue Jan 3: More Intense
Joint income and social status are likely to surface this month, with Venus in Pisces. It's more intense with regard to romance or sexual encounters, especially the psychological motivations and behaviour patterns involved. If there are no obvious impediments to prevent you, this is a good time to ask for loans or favours, as well as to collect what you are owed.
Lucky colours are ocean blue and sea green.
Lucky numbers are 8 and 26.
Go to TopWed Jan 4: Love Or Lust?
Life can never keep your Leo energy down now can it? You rode the storm of yesterday and found a new and positive direction which will bring its own unique set of choices. Who and what will you follow today? Or will you entice them to follow you? New interests bring new individuals and someone unique may just catch your eye. Love or lust Leo? Let us make this your daily challenge.
Lucky colours are plum and green.
Lucky numbers are 27 and 8.
Go to TopThu Jan 5: Impress Only Yourself
Your will-power is tested today as someone attempts to change your decisions or direction. You will impress yourself with your own power and inner-strength by remaining firm with your choices and courageous in the face of disapproval. Follow your instincts towards your own righteous path.
Lucky colours are smoky quartz and raspberry.
Lucky numbers are 24 and 7.
Go to TopFri Jan 6: Truth Revealed
The honest facts are revealed about a situation or an individual today Leo, which is upsetting to say the least. Don't focus on what has been lost. Remember that learning the truth now has saved you from further hurt at a later stage. False illusion will hurt you no more. Chin up!
Lucky colours are vanilla and magenta.
Lucky numbers are 19 and 15.
Go to TopSat Jan 7: Focus And Progress
Your present focus is intense right now Leo. You are somewhat withdrawn from the social life you may have once enjoyed and more determined to maintain a calm structure. It is time to complete unfinished projects. The focus turns to the connection between spiritual beliefs and emotions, so this is a positive time to bring meditation to your daily routine. If you are studying or travelling, you can achieve your best.
Lucky colours are pearl and mushroom.
Lucky numbers are 19 and 13.
Go to TopSun Jan 8: Important Decisions
There have been some silly but irritating misunderstandings between you and loved ones recently, but you get the chance to sort them out from today. It may only take a couple of minutes or you might have to put in a lot more effort than that, but as Mercury turns direct it will feel good to get things back to normal. You might also make an important decision now about a child or creative project.
Lucky colours are pistachio and coffee.
Lucky numbers are 5 and 10.
Go to TopMon Jan 9: New Love
There are fantastic opportunities for single Leos to meet a love interest through daily routine. This may be at work, leisure or even a past love making a grand entrance. If the last few days has brought tension to your relationships, both business and romantic, today is a far more relaxed energy to find compromise and positive resolution. You will not enjoy feeling constricted though Leo but will find far less aggressive ways to state your point.
Lucky colours are dark blue and rose quartz.
Lucky numbers are 33 and 68.
Go to TopTue Jan 10: Social And Sensual
You are much more outgoing as you are on the prowl for new and exciting experiences. You will find that you are easily able to express your needs and wants as you feel very in touch with your own desires. This is a great day to socialize and mingle but play safely Leo, play safely.
Lucky colours are fawn and blue.
Lucky numbers are 29 and 15.
Go to TopWed Jan 11: Work? What Work?
Your mind will be miles away today as you daydream of that perfect job or that perfect romantic connection. No nine to five or typical white picket fence for you in these visuals. No, no, no! These will be exotic and romantic, a connection of alternative, creative and unusual. Enjoy the visuals! You will also find that you are extremely in tune with your friends and will offer an extremely sympathetic ear if they need you.
Lucky colours are blue and yellow.
Lucky numbers are 11 and 42.
Go to TopThu Jan 12: Full Moon
You are introspective this month Leo, exploring the past, the world of your dreams, your intuition and your daily life. A past love or past work opportunity may reappear at this time or this may all be an internal process. We go back to move forward and should be wary of staying in the past for too long. Take what you need and return with new energy Leo; don't allow the romances of the past mar the potential of your romantic future.
Lucky colours are coffee and pink.
Lucky numbers are 12 and 71.
Go to TopFri Jan 13: Looking Deep Within
You run the risk of being far too judgmental, or withdrawing from emotional connections. On the surface, you are business as usual and taking care of your responsibilities with ease but deep down, a storm may be brewing. Your opinion of love and sex is highly romantic at the moment and you may be reflecting on a past love with rose coloured glasses. Be realistic about loves from the past.
Lucky colours are gold and silver.
Lucky numbers are 21 and 49.
Go to TopSat Jan 14: Cleaning Out Dead Wood
You will have the energy to rid yourself of what is not working for you Leo, and the emphasis is pointing straight to romantic connections. You have a firm drive at the moment to achieve exactly what you want and if your interests are not fitting into that equation, it will be quite easy to separate yourself from them today.
Lucky colours are peach and jade.
Lucky numbers are 39 and 32.
Go to TopSun Jan 15: Shy And Retiring
Your usual enthusiastic energy is missing today. Dealing with others is a touch difficult as you are somewhat pessimistic, irritable even overly defensive. It is not a great day to enter into critical discussions regarding your emotional and career life. This energy is best used to look hard at self and your desired eventual outcomes from an objective point of view. Even though you may crave attention and desire to meet new people it may prove more frustrating than pleasurable.
Lucky colours are apple blossom and navy blue.
Lucky numbers are 2 and 52.
Go to TopMon Jan 16: Smiles Return
A much easier day for communications, Leo where dealing with those at home and in the workplace is much more pleasant. For those of you who are seeking career advancement or change, organize those interviews for today, so that your natural style and determination to succeed will absolutely shine. Attached Leos will find that their partners seem just so much sexier and more romantic than yesterday.
Lucky colours are rose and blue.
Lucky numbers are 11 and 56.
Go to TopTue Jan 17: Passionate Energy
There is so much passionate energy now, allowing you to achieve something truly special today. A career opportunity or business dealing answers your financial prayers or a fascinating individual crosses your path totally sweeping you off your feet. You are able to communicate your needs beautifully but your impulses could take over so what is the passionate storm of today may end up being the hurricane cleanup of tomorrow. Enjoy the passion, watch the finances and have a blast!
Lucky colours are amethyst and rose quartz.
Lucky numbers are 36 and 40.
Go to TopWed Jan 18: Good Times
You feel physically energetic so this is a great time to start to that fantastic exercise program! You are feeling exceptionally fine and will enjoy spending time with family and close friends, possibly even reconnecting with someone you haven't seen for quite some time. This is a great day for Leos to display their natural leadership skills and their project completion abilities. Get those dreams off the ground Leo as the day is truly yours.
Lucky colours are ultramarine and orange ochre.
Lucky numbers are 35 and 71.
Go to TopThu Jan 19: Focus On Others
As the Sun swings into your seventh house, the influence you exercise over other people occupies your mind. Do others see you as strong, independent and forceful? Should you be married or living with someone, you will most likely assess your role in the union from a rather egocentric viewpoint. Do you dominate your partner, or is it the other way round? Does the partnership help, or impede your personal growth? Has your monetary potential or social status been improved by the relationship?
Lucky colours are violet and white.
Lucky numbers are 7 and 25.
Go to TopFri Jan 20: Fantastic Unions
The great energy continues today where you have the positive influences to bring long-lasting connections into your romantic and career life. You are chasing the financial benefits but will not settle for materialistic desires alone. Despite the desire to improve your overall life connections, you will be focused on the needs of others as well as your own. Within your romantic desires, you will endeavour to spend your time with emotional and intellectual equals.
Lucky colours are cream and hazelnut.
Lucky numbers are 38 and 62.
Go to TopSat Jan 21: New Connection Ideals
Balance, dedication and stability are your aims but you will definitely find yourself attracted to unusual individuals and unique career options right now. The wonderful element of this energy is that despite the fact that you are aiming high it will be essential that your daily routine and all of your connections carry a deep compassion for the world and the people within it.
Lucky colours are champagne and purple.
Lucky numbers are 7 and 12.
Go to TopSun Jan 22: Underlying Tensions
Although you seek peace and balance within your close communications, you may find that a female in your sphere is not quite on the same page. Avoid this possible conflict at all costs today; remain focused on the larger picture and do not allow what you may deem as quite petty behaviour to affect your overall mood and energy.
Lucky colours are auburn and primrose.
Lucky numbers are 29 and 36.
Go to TopMon Jan 23: Switch It Off
Even though you desire to rectify any tensions, this may prove difficult in the public environment. It is best to utilize this energy by finding solace with your loved ones, where support is strong and loving. If you have recently formed a new romantic connection, it would be wise to avoid making any permanent decisions until the external tension eases, as this is quite an emotionally conflicting day for you. Take comfort where you can, and do not take any criticisms too personally from external sources.
Lucky colours are azure and pineapple.
Lucky numbers are 18 and 36.
Go to TopTue Jan 24: In For The Night
The comforts of home beckon you Leo, so plan a romantic dinner with your partner, or enjoy quiet time with trusted friends. It's easy to express future plans involving your long-term relationships, business connections, so take the initiative in these areas and take a serious step forward. Be wary of a female whose intention is to cause conflict within the home or work environment.
Lucky colours are mulberry and silver.
Lucky numbers are 19 and 5.
Go to TopWed Jan 25: Explore Business Opportunities
With such a strong creative influence, a healthy humility combined with a realistic perspective of your own talents, this is a great time to explore alternatives regarding possible career options. Romance is also on the agenda, with exploration of the sensual on the minds of attached Leos, whilst singles will find themselves attracted to the unique and unusual. You will also find yourself drawn to children with this energy and thoroughly relish their desire to learn and explore the world at large.
Lucky colours are lime and grey.
Lucky numbers are 30 and 6.
Go to TopThu Jan 26: Sensitive But Determined
You're feeling the energy of all who cross your path today, from your love, potential loves and your business connections. At best, you will be able to nurture and comfort their fears and worries but at worst, you may find yourself at the whim of draining emotional influences. Avoid negativity at all costs and focus only on what you know is best for you and those you love.
Lucky colours are grape and blue.
Lucky numbers are 39 and 38.
Go to TopFri Jan 27: Limitations And Balance
The energy today is enlightening, even if it seems harsh Leo and you will discover the areas of self that you allow to hold you back. This a serious energy, an honest energy and providing you are able to avoid too much negative reflection, it is a time when you will be able to dissect the essential elements to turn these restrictions around to a more freeing and acceptable environment.
Lucky colours are ginger and white.
Lucky numbers are 23 and 68.
Go to TopSat Jan 28: New Moon
Rather than focusing on the restrictions and limitations of the last few days, this phase finds you preferring to be generous with your family. Do something completely outrageous as a way to bring fun and laughter into the fold. You may dream of exploring some faraway land, and if you can travel, go for it. Most of you will likely just explore in your head, read about foreign places, try exotic cuisine, watch foreign films, or meet people from other cultures. This can be a good time to learn something new, take a class, or go back to school. You may feel restless if you force yourself to stick to traditional ways. If a new romance has recently begun, look for any hidden details that reveal the true intent of this interest, as you may be far more romantic than this romance actually is.
Lucky colours are purple and silver.
Lucky numbers are 9 and 25.
Go to TopSun Jan 29: Keep Yourself Busy
After the heights of yesterday, today's Stars could dampen your enthusiasm considerably today. Old doubts and fears can return and emotions may shut down. Those who were drawn to your magnetic dynamism will be surprised at this sudden shift of attitude and cold exterior. Keep yourself as busy as possible Leo and don't focus too heavily on this one day as you are achieving a great deal and these disappointments are minor regarding the grander scale of events.
Lucky colours are oyster and champagne.
Lucky numbers are 12 and 14.
Go to TopMon Jan 30: Relax And Revamp
It will be most pleasurable to surround yourself with much loved family and friends as you excitedly discuss your future intentions. Career Leos will find launching business proposals a plus; whilst romantic Leo will decide it is time to re-ignite that loving flame. Single Leo may find they discover love in a place they frequent often and wonder why they missed all those signs in the past. A great energy to allow your natural leadership skills to shine.
Lucky colours are cream and cinnamon.
Lucky numbers are 34 and 55.
Go to TopTue Jan 31: Unusual Romance
Emotionally impulsive and craving excitement, you delve into the alternative and the unusual. Singles will roam to find that sensational sexual connection whilst attached Lions will do all to explore a variety of means to sizzle and soar to new heights of passion. There is a danger of the romantic delusion having little reality, but if you accept that, then this brief but intense influence will indeed be a day to remember.
Lucky colours are sable and cream.
Lucky numbers are 10 and 45.
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