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Wild Angelica

Astrology and Health
through herbs to wholeness

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicine is the use of plants for medicines. Utilised since time immemorial, herbal medicine is currently used by over 80% of the world's population. Herbalism within Britain has evolved through the centuries drawing from the collective experience of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Celts and Saxons. In the nineteenth century herbal knowledge from the Red Indians (Native Americans) augmented the European tradition, while most recently it has been enriched by the influence of the Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions.

Herbalists predominantly use alcoholic extracts of herbs called tinctures to influence the body. Although the action of herbs is often slow, given time they are more effective and significantly freer from the side effects of conventional drugs. The main reason for this is that herbs are used to assist the body's own healing mechanisms rather than drugs which are designed to suppress symptoms. Herbs help the body do what it knows best.

Herbs are used not only to help counteract disease, but also to enhance the patient's health and vitality whereby the body is gently nurtured back to optimum wellbeing.

The journey back to health takes time. As a simple guide, the body takes a month to heal for every year of ill-health. Time invested in the healing process has its rewards in future well being. Health is the experience of physical, emotional, mental well being, not merely an absence of symptoms.

Health is not a static state, but an ever-evolving creative process. Herbs can greatly enrich a person's health.

Go to Top What Conditions can be Treated by Herbal Medicine?
Since the focus of herbal treatment is to enhance the body to heal itself rather than treat specific diseases, many people can benefit from herbal medicine. Herbs are especially helpful in digestive, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, hormonal, immune and skin disorders. Each individual has their own pattern of health and for this reason a large part of the skill of a herbalist lies in prescribing a combination of herbs unique to each patient. The aim is to provide the right combination that will restore a person to health.

Though initially only causing mild discomfort and inconvenience, the persistence of minor ailments over months or years should alert the patient to consider their underlying health more seriously. Minor problems can become more entrenched in the body; however, if treated herbally at an early stage. they are often easily resolved. More established illness often causes people to feel a victim of circumstances they cannot control. However, when approached positively, illness can provide an opportunity for inner growth and understanding.  The sympathetic use of herbal medicine can greatly assist the body to overcome such illness, leading people to a greater control over their lives.
Go to Top The Herbal Consultation

The first consultation takes approximately 1 hour. The consultation will mainly focus on the physical symptoms and conditions you are currently experiencing. Factors such as diet, life style, past and family illness, work pressures, emotional stress, trauma and worry are also examined, all of which can weaken one's vitality, leading to or aggravating physical illness. Health is best nurtured in an atmosphere of mutual co-operation.

The rapport between herbalist and patient should lead to a greater understanding of the disease process, which in turn leads to greater self awareness. In treating disease as part of a process of self discovery the patient can learn the practical, emotional and psychological skills to overcome the disease and enhance their state of health. Though it is understandable that people are often reluctant to admit their most intimate pains, being honest with oneself about all issues that cause pain is the surest way to start the healing process.

Go to Top Follow Up Consultations

A follow up consultation is necessary two weeks after the initial consultation, and then at monthly intervals according to individual needs. These consultations take approximately half an hour. They are important because they enable the herbalist to assess your progress and adjust your prescription according to changes in your health. These sessions can also be used to discuss any insights and emotional issues that may arise from the treatment.

Go to Top Telephone Consultations

After the inital consultation, it is often possible to conduct follow up consultations over the phone, or by email. Further supplies of medicine can be sent in the post. Full details are available at the first consultation.

Go to Top Medicines

Herbal prescriptions are unique for each person, depending upon your own individual pattern of health. For this reason the herbal practitioner cannot give herbal medicine without a consultation first. You may be given tinctures, tablets, ointments, creams, or herb teas according to your particular needs.

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Astrology and Health is a clear and easy guide to how the signs of the zodiac influence our physical and mental well-being. It covers the five elements and how they balance; sun signs and the elements; parts of the body and diseases associated with each sign; visualizations and exercises to aid healing; diseases associated with the planets; herbal medicine; and medical astrology in action. Excellent presentation and value.Astrology and Health:
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Astrology & Health by Dylan Warren-Davis

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