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You Get...
As You Give!!

Astrological researcher Ram Ramakrishnan describes his experience of ignoring the astrological indications as pointed out by his family. He proceeds stubbornly with his intention, despite clear pointers to the contrary. He shows that ignoring the aspects can lead to our peril!

Those not part of our tribe would be of the grossly incorrect opinion that practising astrology will be the easiest of all possible professions. No investments. No special equipment. No elaborate office space. No specific dress code or attire. All that one needs to do is look into a piece of paper with a lot of gibberish, spit out some more compounded gibberish playing on the emotions of the solace seeker and hey presto! The pockets are warm, bulging and jingling!! With a little luck, all orders get converted to eternal repeat orders, so no marketing effort either.

Let me assure you folks nothing can be farther from the truth. Practising astrology can be as dangerous as the most hazardous profession. At least in the acclaimed professions of the unsafe and treacherous kind, one can aspire to be a hero - should things get tough. One's chest can balloon out with pleasure and a sense of achievement. Not so in ours. On our day of reckoning, we can get clobbered, beaten to pulp, walloped mercilessly. And we would not have a scratch on us to show to the world to earn a few shreds of sympathy, let alone commendation. Worse, the antagonists would not be the likes of Mike Tyson or one of the WWF hulks, but could be our own kin. Not convinced?? Let me narrate what I went through just the other day.

Go to Top All Narratives Need a Background

All narratives need a background, a reference upon which they are mounted. This one has two (just to emphasise that our profession is doubly as hazardous as compared to any other!). The first gives a bird's eye view of how we blokes operate. Astrological analysis is very akin to swimming. When dealing with the past, the waters are quite shallow. No risk of drowning. One just wades out, conjures up any number of imaginable theories to fit a situation and firmly asserts that it was only due to this that all that happened. Beguiled laypersons lap it up and place halos on our heads (which we anyway believed were always there!).

Shark in the Water

Gazing at the present, the choices (of yarn-spinning) narrow down. The waters are deeper. Threats of sharks, octopus, squids or surfacing submarines are higher. A regular can yet hold his or her own and also valiantly hold on to the halo earned in safer climes. There is always some straw—bales of them in fact if one is sharp and alert—to cling to, when in trouble. It is when dealing with the future that we are completely exposed to the elements. Typhoons, storms and .. and … Tsunamis …… Can any other profession boast of such unfriendly and potentially fatal conditions?! Many have met their Waterloo (how wonderfully this term fits us, rather than Napolean Bonaparte!) in such conditions.

Coming down to my swimming expertise, I have always taken pride in telling all those poor sufferers who come to me seeking succour and relief that I am a very frank person who believes and revels in calling a spade - a spade (as if it can be called by other names!). They tremble and quaver at my oratory that leaves them in a much worse condition than what they were in, when they came to me.

It wasn't long ago when a family friend had come with his daughter's chart saying that she was extremely adamant. The case was a cinch. I imposingly pointed to Mars placed on the ascendant and told him that being inflexible was her birth-right. People with such a position of Mars exhibit a strong streak of obstinacy and believe that whatever they think and do is always right even when there is visible evidence all around to the contrary. He seemed satisfied. He did not say so explicitly but the fact that he has returned to me several times after this incident, makes me conveniently believe so.

There was this other case of a person who was depressed with life generally though there were no tangible reasons for being so. Saturn was placed in his fifth house and the period in question was ruled by this celestial which was giving vent to its depressing influence, I said. All that I did was stating facts in astrological terminology which provided them a reason beyond their ken for their circumstance. That was the trick! (Hey, I have let out the secret guys!) The inclusion of a possible date of deliverance at the end of the sermon gave them hope to look to the future.

Go to Top Day of Reckoning

In the background of the above, we come to my day of reckoning. The morning began with forebodings. It was cold and the water-heater wouldn't work. No wash and shower. The milkman hadn't come. No hot tea to begin the day. Some foreign dignitary was on a state visit and there were road blocks everywhere in the city. The telephone bill had to be paid as this was the last day for doing so. I was in a state. My wife casually mentioned to my daughter that perhaps Saturn was transiting my fifth house making me a mental wreck. It was an unexpected and sharp Upper Cut. And this was not from a Mike Tyson, but my dear wife.


I was scheming to beat the cops blocking the roads to get to the telephone office. My son attempted to stop me saying that it would be futile and that the telephone people will understand the situation and accept payment the following day. But I went and returned defeated (and humiliated by the cops that I did not reveal at home). “Oh, Mars will be on his ascendant today. That is why he behaves so”. He came like a butterfly and stung like a bee. It wasn't Mohammed Ali. It was my darling son with that devastating Left Hook. I fell in a heap and was knocked out.

The following day, when I looked at my chart to figure out the cause of the happenings of the day before, they were there sure enough—Saturn on my fifth and Mars on my ascendant!

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