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More on Gemini, the Twins

Gemini Gemini Tarotscope for September 2016

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Although this card is also covering events in your sector of career, it's the outcome of these events that are going to have the most dynamic effect on your relational or emotional life. As things change in your career as you stand up for your rights and refuse to be further exploited, paths are opened to new options and opportunities that will pertain to ongoing connection to family and loved ones. This is an eruptive time for you, but it is also the best, most refreshing opportunity for you to walk new paths, sail new seas and fly with new joy.
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Page of Cups
Quite understandably Gem, you're feeling rather nervous within your work arena, as a result of putting the brakes on exploitation by a work superior. You are virtually growing a whole new you as you confront these work issue via the necessary channels. You are rebelling against a circumstance that on so many levels keeps you confined to behaviours that are in many ways anathema to you. Stand strong Gem. This is important for your life lessons learnt.
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Page of Cups
You've been entirely victorious around the events predicted in both the above sectors. Yet, that nervy aspect of your Gemini self is still feeling nervous. This time it's about money. Well, the good news is that the feeling of relief you're currently feeling is telling you true that you've no need to worry about money. A work circumstance that has ceased to hold any charm for you is to be jettisoned and yet we see you more happy, relaxed, creative and prosperous than ever before. Trust is what you need now. You've done the right thing.
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Eight of Cups
Well, the big 'walk away' from that which has held you in thrall for many working years now, is part of your spiritual development. Yes, it's very much a part of you getting to know just who you truly are and what you stand for. This has stood as an unconscious conflict for you and you'll hardly know yourself when relieved of that unconscious conflict. The change will feel sudden and a little scary, but what sunshine it will bring into your life. A life which will look very different and very pleasing in a short while.

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