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More on Gemini, the Twins

Gemini Gemini Tarotscope for September 2017

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Ten of Wands

You're carrying a rather heavy emotional burden at this time with some big changes going on. It will serve you to look at just how much of this burden is self-created. You're feeling very vulnerable and a little confused, and yet it's all around telling yourself a story about how certain relationships have panned out that are not really exact or true. If you reset your perspective you'll realise that actually, no one has done you wrong and then you'll feel much better.
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Page of Pentacles

There's money all around you, Gem, but there are also signs of obstruction where your career is concerned. Yes, you're working in an area that does rake in the money, but you'll soon feel that the area is not in accord with your nature and spirit. With the help of a colleague, you'll find a more independent avenue in which to ply your profession and this will be a relief to you.
Go to Top Finance
The Magician

As is stated in your sector of career, a new work path opens to you that is significantly more to your liking and yet one that you'd never contemplated entering into before. This holds your financial wellbeing in good strength while satisfying your Geminian taste for diversity and creative living. You're going to surprise yourself this month.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Three of Swords

This sector is expanding on issues in your sector of romance and relationship. You've made some moves that are financially constructive, but emotionally trying. So, right now your inner doubts are causing you stress, fatigue and self-doubt. Please reconstruct your perceptions around a specific relationship and then you'll be free of the major part of stress-inducing emotions and you'll feel far better about your current path's appropriateness.

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