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More on Gemini, the Twins

Gemini Gemini Tarotscope for August 2016

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Eight of Cups
Well Gem, you choose to walk away this month from a relationship or friendship that no longer holds delight for you, as the temperament of the person concerned is rather manipulative and prone to troublemaking. This choice brings with it a backlash from the person concerned, but this troubles you little as it's exactly the sort of knee-jerk reactivity that is the reason for you withdrawing from the relationship in the first place. You'll feel a sense of great relief at this juncture.
Go to Top Career
Eight of Pentacles
You are working away quite happily in August, especially as you've recently heard news that your career hopes are coming closer to actualising. Soon what has been on the backburner in relation to your job will have percolated to the front and you'll be gaining a much stronger position. It's your reputation around past good work that has brought about this circumstance that sees you enjoying greater security, prosperity and contentment.
Go to Top Finance
Nine of Pentacles
Couldn't be better Gem. The new career opportunities you've chosen to take will see you in a much better financial position. Yes, you'll be carrying a heavier work burden, but it will certainly be financially worth it. The degree of creative and intellectual enjoyment you'll gain from work changes is equally worth your extra efforts. The gains for our Gems will supersede your expectations.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Four of Swords
You've recently been feeling some degree of constriction in your attempts to meditate or develop your spiritual side. Be patient Gem and continue with whatever is your spiritual practice, because even if you don't have any obvious interest in matters spiritual there will be something of an epiphany as the month progresses. An event will occur that advances your understanding, so those feelings of constriction will soon release.

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