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More on Gemini, the Twins

Gemini Gemini Tarotscope for August 2017

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Ace of Cups

This is a time of gentle joy for our Gems. The healing powers of nature will be playing a large part in this state of calm strength. There's nothing like the countryside for calming that Mercurial mind. Unfortunately there will be some strife in the background, where someone is not telling you a whole truth, but this too will be outed and overcome without challenging your equanimity.
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Ten of Wands

Although you work with others, it does seem as if the bulk of the work burden has landed on your shoulders. Fortunately the general workload will soon diminish, giving you the chance of a breather. When new and growing options start up the speed need again, your wishes pertaining to work will come true. You will demand greater balance and fairer remuneration and you'll get your way.
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Two of Wands

There's something about foreign climes that is influencing your finances at this time. Just what that connection is remains unclear, but the possibility of deceit being involved is high. The outcome will actually be just fine, but you will be carrying something of a financial load for a while until all is sorted -- and sorted it will be.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Nine of Swords

Minor sorrows arising this month will be swiftly overcome, as new and exciting options are opening up for you at a fast rate. Although there will be reason to defend your rights and actions, you will find there is such strong support behind you that only a win is possible. Prosperity and contentment will be yours.

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