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More on Gemini, the Twins

Gemini Gemini Tarotscope for June 2017

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Ace of Cups

What more can one want? The overflowing of joy and peace is the greatest gift of all and it's companioned with the card of wisdom, which is always the basis of any real, sustained emotional inner peace. This is divine justice being imparted to you. A sudden event will lead you toward your hopes being further fulfilled and new paths of opportunity will become obvious to you.
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Ace of Cups

Oh wow! Peace joy and love is yours again in your sector of career. We see money being gifted to you, or excellent contractual conditions offered. Your career may take a something of a detour that will actually serve you very well, as it extends your creative and artistic abilities and output. Yet the foundation of your current career activities will sustain well.
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Seven of Wands

It seems that you will have to defend your rights as the financial boon comes your way this month. You really will be celebrating this boon, so the process of defending yourself will simply mean a little pause in the party while you attend to such business. While this is occurring the money will still be rolling in.
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The Magician

Your creative and innovative spirit will be blossoming as the result of events in June. You'll be learning new skills in order to maximise this period of artistic inspiration. You'll be virtually channelling images and ideas faster that others can keep up with. This period of inspiration will also have a distinct healing effect on your physical form as well as your spiritual understanding.

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