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More on Gemini, the Twins

Gemini Gemini Tarotscope for May 2017

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Five of Pentacles

Gem, you have become so inured to the stresses and negativity in your emotional world that you've come to assess it all as normal. You really need to make a few financial sacrifices in order to redeem your peace of mind and heart. You have the strength to do this. The only thing stopping you is your erroneous assumption that all is normal and it's all there is. You will of course incur opposition from those who hold you ransom to their selfish need. Go on Gem, change your life and start to smell the roses.
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Nine of Cups

There's nothing but wins, victories and wishes coming true ahead for you this month, Gem. This is a very pivotal time in your life, although you may not realise that until hindsight makes it obvious. Many of you will undertake a major change in your work world, perhaps even retirement for some. This shift will be a part of an even deeper and more crucial liberation for all of you and is tied in with your above sector of romance and relationships.
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Page of Pentacles

This little card tells you that you'll always have enough money to fulfil your needs. You will be entering onto a whole new lifepath, which will see the dismantling of your previous financial structures. However, your courage to make these changes will be very well rewarded by your wishes coming true about your new circumstances. You'll be much better off than before if you attend to all legal needs and strong contracts.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Seven of Cups

This is indeed good news. The changes that you'll be engendering this month will mean the re-emergence of your innate creativity and a shift to garnering your income from such pursuits. If you look back to your younger years of hopes and dreams you'll find they were all about creative and artistic expression. You will actually be financially better off once you are working toward this liberating outcome.

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