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More on Gemini, the Twins

Gemini Gemini Tarotscope for March 2017

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The Empress

Lovely! Once you investigate a deception, perhaps even a self -deception, you attain a state of wonderful emotional peace and relational abundance. This inner harmony allows you to drop any defensive attitudes spawned of insecurities, and to achieve a general state of compassion and understanding of all you are involved with. It's an almost impersonal ability to love, purely because Love is the energy that is driving your life.
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The Devil

There's something about your career that is not doing you any good. You are deeply attached to the position you hold professionally and this makes it harder for you to see the situation as it truly is. The best thing you could do is arrange to move away from this professional arena that is like a swamp of quicksand to your finer sensibilities. This will also bring about your realisation that your identity isn't what you DO, your true identity is simply who you are. Know thyself.
Go to Top Finance
Four of Wands

Your finances are sitting pretty. You even have money invested in such a way that it works for you in an ongoing way. You are actually in a financial position to undertake that change advised in your sector of career. It would actually come as a surprise to you how very well you'll manage financially as a result of a change of work. You will start to realise your deeper hopes and dreams in financial safety.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Two of Wands

You could be rather too vulnerable to pressure that ties you further in at your work, dear Gemini. This would be accepting a deceit and manipulation from someone that would see you even further burdened than you already are. Just be aware that the part of you which sees your work as your identity would find it altogether easier to accept this imposition than to reject it. Stand up for positivity in your life rather than this negative bind. You are actually worth it.

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