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More on Gemini, the Twins

Gemini Gemini Tarotscope for February 2017

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Eight of Cups

There's an aspect of your life that is very burdensome and has finally lost any appeal to you at all. It is an emotional epiphany that sees you head off onto a whole new life path, away from those stressors and burdens that have enslaved you in the past. It is a very minor sacrifice you'll make in order to find new, more joyous endeavours. You will disallow any obstruction or betrayal in your new life, even if that means a legal undertaking.
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Your work life is now to be lived in peace and harmony. Your creative and intuitive capacities are exponentially expanded as a result of the peace your choices and actions have engendered. You'll be enjoying a time of plenty and those choices of yours have actually attracted more remuneration than you'd had before. You're still a little nervous about your decision to walk away from your previous career, but soon you'll receive information that tells that you left just in time to avoid a bad outcome.
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Seven of Wands

You are celebrating the changes you've made in your life, but there will be a need to apply to systems of justice in order to demand pay that is owed to you that certain people are trying to deny you. You will win and the harvest will be rich. Yet, it's those gains in peace and wisdom that come as a result of these events which add even more value to you than any material gain can.
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Knight of Swords

Well done, Gem. You have waged war against all that has kept you down and obstructed your spirit from the creative joy and inner harmony that is your birthright. But like any and all zodiac signs, we have to take action ourselves to realise the truth of who we are and what is the optimum way for us to live our individual lives and achieve spiritual growth and wisdom.

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