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More on Gemini, the Twins

Gemini Gemini Tarotscope for October 2016

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Queen of Swords

This is a condition that Gemini sits with quite well. Solitude works well for Gem's emotional wellbeing, whereas some other signs would find such a condition to be loneliness. For those who have lost faith in close or intimate relationships, you might just find that this position comes up against a challenge. A rich emotional harvest remains yours for the picking. So, while you sustain your personal position, be sure to harvest that which will be enriching to you.
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Three of Cups

What is it you've been hoping for in your career, Gem? Because, in October, you're going to be celebrating a success in that sector. You'll find you have to stand strong and withdraw from some aspects of an offer that comes your way, but the outcome will be rich with joy and wonder. Your creativity and your depth of intuitive vision will advance exponentially.
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The Magician

As your intuition and creativity is ramped up to the max, so is your ability to overcome obstructions facing the concretizing of plans and actions. It will be easy to fulfil new projects, probably in partnership, and bring them into a very viable financial fruition. The harvest will, in time, be greater than you think. Unexpected opportunities will be offered as soon as you begin to take action.
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Three of Pentacles

Okay. Chances are that you little Gems have more than one avenue of output for remuneration. Although this would seem to be more in place in your sector of finance, the fact is that your spiritual development depends on your work choices at this time. It's important you choose the path that enriches you most creatively and you'll be surprised as to how that actually advances your financial situation, rather than diminishing it. You will have to stand strong against the objections of those close to you and accept that they won't understand that it's being in emotional and spiritual harmony that induces greater material wellbeing.

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