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by Suzanna Collins

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Gemini Monthly Forecast for December 2016

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Go to Top In the Long Run
The entertaining Twins start the month with the Sun in forthright Sagittarius, your 7th house of significant commitments. Your efforts will turn to improving your long-term commitments, relationships, partnerships, marriage and business alliances. It hasn't been the easiest phase to deal with as Saturn, also in your 7th house, has brought restrictions, restructuring and enforcing a mature vision of determining your role within relationships and obligations. There may be litigation, contractual disagreements and negotiations that appear to hamper your progress. Try to promote harmony and goodwill; solidify existing bonds. Balance your needs with that of your partner and offer peaceful resolutions.

Some of you will make a firm commitment under this influence, while others could break away from the traditional values of relationships. Perhaps it's the time to settle disputes with an open enemy, or legal issues that have been getting a bit long in the tooth. From the 1st to the 2nd, your ambitions, relationships and long-term objectives may be confusing, so hang tight until you are clear-minded in making decisions or signing agreements. People may be elusive or deceitful in some way. From 8th to the 11th you may suffer anguish over a litigation outcome, the end of a partnership, or making a commitment; this however may prove beneficial. From the 11th to the 13th, your network of friendships or groups will lift your spirits. Perhaps an unexpected invitation to an event is just what you need!

The 14th sees your Personal Full Moon in Gemini, your 1st house of personality. The Full Moon for December is known as the Cold Moon, the Yule or Christmas Moon. Snow Moon, Peach Moon or Long Nights Moon are also terms of endearment. In the Northern Hemisphere, December is the month when coldness of winter fastens its hold and nights are at their longest and darkest. The mid-winter Full Moon has a trajectory across the sky because it is opposite a low Sun. Of course it is quite the opposite in the Southern Hemisphere.

This Full Moon represents the culmination of events that began in June this year. It is usually an emotional time for many during the festive season, when you want to portray self-confidence, cheeriness, a good self-image, and make an impressive social appearance. It will influence your area of friendships, relationships, partnerships and commitments. The time leading up to the Full Moon is very potent, with stern Saturn in residence in your 7th house reminding you of past commitments and obligations. Meanwhile reformative Uranus remains in your 11th house, giving you the gee-up to meet new people, have fun and excitement, and enjoy the social atmosphere at year's end. Past differences and responsibilities with dramas ensuing could upstage your need for freedom. It could be the parting of the ways for some, whereas for others it will be the time to reinforce loyalties, strengthen existing bonds and bring new structure into your relationships.

On the 21st at the Solstice, the Sun moves out of fiery Sagittarius and into ambitious Capricorn, your 8th house of sex, death and taxes. During the next four weeks, your main focus will be to sort through your financial obligations, investments, business partnership ventures, superannuation, taxes and legacies. It's the time to renegotiate loans; analyze debts, priorities and income from other sources, including joint resources with other people. Your reserved feelings in close relationships could raise psychological fears and suspicion in money matters. From the 22nd to the 31st will be a good time to negotiate, thanks to your increased energy, self-confidence and ability to take action with important career matters. You might find yourself involved in the public arena, being with influential types and impressing employers.

The 29th sees a New Moon into earthy Capricorn, your 8th house. The next few weeks will put you in a position to scrutinize your financial affairs, particularly if outstanding matters have become rather too long in the tooth. You will need to review your options in handling money, joint resources and possessions. With this, your ideas and plans may be held over until January given retro Mercury, the negotiator, could delay discussions. Control the urge for impulse-spending; review your binding obligations and business partnership speculations until you have firmer grounding and decisions in place. You'll be able to express your feelings within close relationships and friendships, which may prove worthwhile in determining your future goals.
Go to Top Mercury Retrograde
Mercury, your life-ruler, remains in Sagittarius, your 7th house, at the start before moving into Capricorn, your 8th house on the 2nd. Talk about your finances, and gather information and facts. You might decide to apply for a loan, a credit card, or sort out debts, but be quick or delays are likely to hamper your progress over the holiday break. You might contemplate the deeper side of yourself as well as others, with interests in the occult and life after death.

The Cosmic Messenger turns retrograde on the 19th. Finances may be harder to obtain, or you may need to undergo a more business-like approach to the way you handle other people's money. Finances need careful scrutiny, or require further input from January earlier this year. Fine tune any detailed business ventures, or problems with inheritances; concentrate on revising your budgetary plans for 2017. Mercury briefly re-enters Sagittarius on January 4th, before going direct on January 8th, then back into Capricorn on January 12th. Tie up loose-ends and work towards resolving any misunderstandings, including the way you relate in close relationships. From January 28th will see a clearer path in problem-solving.
Go to Top Time to Indulge!
Attractive Venus remains in Capricorn, your 8th house at the start. This is a favourable time to attract money, apply for loans, benefits, or unexpected gains through joint resources, inheritances and taxes. On the 7th, the Goddess dances into friendly Aquarius, your 9th house of the higher mind. This is the perfect time to take a holiday, travel, enjoy staying with the in-laws and relatives or people from overseas. There may be sight-seeing involved, enjoying places of beauty and lovely architectural design. You might decide to market and publish creative written works, search for different forms of art, socialise outside of your normal haunts and eat delightful ethnic foods. Legal developments are likely to be in your favour. The 24th to the 29th sees a great time to indulge a little with close friends, meet exciting new people, find pleasure and enhance your love life. Have a Merry Christmas!
Go to Top On A Quest
Mighty Mars remains in affable Aquarius, your 9th house. Whether you go on a quest of self-enlightenment, seeking knowledge, or just broadening your horizons, you are bound to discover a new experience. Travel is again accentuated; pay attention to details with bookings and your itinerary as you are apt to do things hastily. Looking for a different perspective? Voicing your ideals and political viewpoints could lead to a confrontation. With Venus travelling into your 9th house on the 7th, you'll be able to smooth over issues that arise. However, consideration needs to be given to others of a different nationality and their point of view. The 1st to the 4th marks a good time to expand your personal growth. New relationships will be stimulated, as will existing ones. You need to release some of your physical energy through sports activities. From the 5th to the 8th, you'll feel the urge for new experiences and exciting things to do, whether with friends or groups you belong to.

On the 19th, the Warrior steams into sympathetic Pisces, your 10th house of career and ambitions. Over the coming weeks you will have greater motivation and enthusiasm in projecting your career. With this in mind, don't overdo your eagerness for action by upsetting your employer, those in your profession and authority figures. This is the time to watch your reputation, and avoid quarrelling, especially in the public domain. Your restlessness and eagerness for action could irritate others.

From the 19th to the 31st you'll want to break away from conventional activities and traditional structures. Things may not go your way with relationships, partnerships and close friendships. Merry Christmas, Gemini!

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