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by Rob Tillett

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Gemini Gemini Daily January 2018
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Daily forecasts for January 2018 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopMon Jan 1: Hopes and Dreams
Happy New Year to the Twins! There could have been some emotional ups and downs from the night before. Even if the celebrations didn't go according to plan, keep the dream alive for the coming year. The mood of this day will pass and you will still have every reason to be optimistic about the months to come. Try to avoid disputes or ill feelings with co-workers. Make light of any slights that come from that direction. Daydreams of an exotic lover may preoccupy you. Lucky colours are blue and yellow. Lucky numbers are 9 and 17.
Go to TopTue Jan 2: Full Moon
Today's Full Moon, the first of two this month, could have you checking your transaction records if the card gets shot back out of the slot. Something that is owed to you might be blocked or monies due might not arrive in your account at the scheduled time. You could get an unexpected bill or some domestic failure could generate a bit of revenue for someone in trade. Don't get into niggling situations with women or children or you could find yourself somehow at a disadvantage and wishing you'd never opened your mouth. Lucky colours are blue and gold. Lucky numbers are 2 and 7.
Go to TopWed Jan 3: Hot and Cold
You might start out liking today. Communication is in order as is mobility, two of your favourite things. But, what starts well may falter as you strike unexpected snags or are blocked by encounters with obstinate people. Difficult situations could take you by surprise. Be ready to think on your feet. Respond graciously to interruptions or interference. Pressure is building. It might last for a few days so just grin and bear it. Don't carry on blithely as though it's beneath you to notice it. Lucky colour isaquamarine. Lucky numbers are 13 and 29.
Go to TopThu Jan 4: Spiritual Message
You may feel drawn to some spiritual or religious group under the Leo Moon, and you could meet someone of the same sex who impresses you greatly. Twins with respiratory problems need to monitor this condition carefully, and consider a visit to a health professional. Try not to get into any heated discussions or arguments, as this will only exacerbate any physical problems. Lucky colours are sparkling orange and lime green. Lucky numbers are 15 and 19.
Go to TopFri Jan 5: Fog Descends
Clear thinking could be a faraway friend. Mark this as a day when nothing is going to go right and just leave it at that. Practice the detachment of the Buddha and match it with the patience of a saint. In amongst the fog of poor thinking and hazy communication, there could be some nice creative inspiration if you sit back and let it come to you. Lucky colours are red and green. Lucky numbers are 11 and 39.
Go to TopSat Jan 6: Home Improvement
If there's anything that needs doing around the house, today's the day to do it with the Moon in Virgo in your solar fourth house. Get on with all the nagging little jobs that you leave because you secretly feel they're beneath you. If there's pressure from partners or loved ones to perform in the home improvement department, then this is all the more reason to get on. If you don't give into the pressure things will get worse. Don't buck the system today. Just smile and blow with the wind. Lucky colours are brown and green. Lucky numbers are 17 and 41.
Go to TopSun Jan 7: Fun and Entertainment
This can be a good day to get right into things and enjoy yourself immensely. Socialize, take a lunch with friends. You'll not only find pleasure in their company but you could also meet important new connections as well if your luck runs true to form. Don't lose the thread of work and working matters. Keep a weather eye on where everyone is and what they're doing. The one thing to be careful of is work-related travel or communications. These could be a little hazy or lacking in focus. Lucky colours are blue and purple. Lucky numbers are 3 and 36.
Go to TopMon Jan 8: Fun and Entertainment
This can be a good day to get right into things and enjoy yourself immensely. Socialize, take a lunch with friends. You'll not only find pleasure in their company but you could also meet important new connections as well if your luck runs true to form. Don't lose the thread of work and working matters. Keep a weather eye on where everyone is and what they're doing. The one thing to be careful of is work-related travel or communications. These could be a little hazy or lacking in focus. Lucky colours are blue and purple. Lucky numbers are 3 and 36.
Go to TopTue Jan 9: Networking
All indications are that this will be a very good day. Your influential contacts will give a big boost to your confidence and perhaps your financial position as well. Friends play an important part in your happiness today. A possible dinner invitation will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to put your skills to use as a born networker. Lucky colours are ruby red and mink brown. Lucky numbers are 17 and 27.
Go to TopWed Jan 10: Dance through the Day
You can dance through the day. This doesn't mean that everything's good however for there maybe things or people you'll just have to dance around. Keep on the move and nothing will hold you back too much. People figure strongly in the pattern. Meeting, talking, moving on, all of which are among your favourite pastimes. Watch for a change of mood and focus as we get into early evening though. The Moon dives deep into Scorpio, calling attention to matters of routine and practical attention. Lucky colours are green and violet. Lucky numbers are 27 and 30.
Go to TopThu Jan 11: Strategic Withdrawal
This is a day that could begin full on, but the wisest move will be to plan a subtle but effective series of backsteps that will draw you away from the action and back in on yourself. The Twins are not prone to giving in to worry but there's something brewing in the back of your mind and you need space to explore it. Silence and contemplation as the day comes to an end will be the best goal to aim for. If you leave yourself with too much to say and do by then, you won't have the heart for it. Lucky colour islavender. Lucky numbers are 9 and 28.
Go to TopFri Jan 12: Fireworks Display
Pick a bunch of your favourite friends and organize a bit of mayhem. The Moon's in wild and fiery Sagittarius, so make the most of this vivid intensity. Vigorous discussion and an adventure or two could be just the tonic that you need. You can be brilliant today and as witty as you want to be. One thing though, just be careful on the roads. This is a day for dangerous jokes and risky conversations but not for dangerous driving. Go for exotic cuisine for the evening meal but take a cab. Lucky colours are silver and green. Lucky numbers are 19 and 35.
Go to TopSat Jan 13: Spring Cleaning
Don't let your stubborn attitude ruin things for you. Your financial future looks bright at the moment but you must put an investment plan in place - preferably one where you can't touch the money for a while. If you've been considering moving house, now is a good time to start looking. If someone is holding you back from something you know you should be doing, perhaps it's also time to re-evaluate that relationship. Lucky colours are candy pink and scarlett. Lucky numbers are 9 and 15.
Go to TopSun Jan 14: Sticky Fingers
Energy keeps swirling around inside you and urging you to move and do at least until you hit mid afternoon. Then it starts to ebb away as the Moon moves into Capricorn and your solar eighth house. Things could get a bit more serious here. Watch and see if anyone's trying subtly or otherwise to manipulate you or get their fingers into any pie of yours. If they are, resist it with equal subtlety but don't play the game too long. Deep thoughts or feelings will occupy your consciousness. Lucky colours are crimson and green. Lucky numbers are 5 and 44.
Go to TopMon Jan 15: Time For Action
It is time for action -- no more words, Gemini. Recent influences have given you power, strength and understanding and today is good for communication. Financial issues demand a fresh start, so take advantage of the aspects. You have talked the talk, now walk the walk. You may be misunderstood with your verbal communications, so show the world with actions what you intend to do. Lucky colours are butterscotch and black. Lucky numbers are 24 and 44.
Go to TopTue Jan 16: Good News
Good news is on the wing, with interesting developments relating to people or organizations based abroad. Your work day proceeds smoothly, but there could be a lot of hectic activity that will leave you tired at the end of the day. A mild viral infection cannot be ruled out. Lucky colours are sage green and desert sand. Lucky numbers are 2 and 11.
Go to TopWed Jan 17: Money Muscle
Use today's New Moon in Capricorn to set up new financial dealings or arrangements. Lock your sights on a new opportunity, but don't try to hurry things. Joint finances or investments need scrutiny. Are they giving you the freedom that you need? There's benefit to be had if you put new arrangements in place. Matters of lust and desire need consideration. What do you really want? Lucky colours are terracotta and avocado. Lucky numbers are 22 and 42.
Go to TopThu Jan 18: Looking Sweet
Life is looking pretty sweet from where you're standing, and you want to celebrate. If you can't think of any other reason to raise a glass or go out on the town, celebrate the fact that Venus enters Aquarius today! It's a favorable time to plan a long journey. You may even meet a potential love who is of another culture.You certainly won't need much encouragement to go out and have a good time, but the only problem will lie in knowing when to stop. Lucky colours are copper and dark brown. Lucky numbers are 28 and 56.
Go to TopFri Jan 19: Problem Solving
If you've woken recently in the night, sweating over the answers to your questions, then this could be the morning when you have the solution. The problem is, you may not like the answer! There is no easy way out: just plain, old, hard work. A path of growth and expansion lies before you. Learning is important for the balance of the year, so use today to set that pattern in motion. Look around for options. Disruption or surprises are on the cards today. Lucky colours are yellow and green. Lucky numbers are 7 and 38.
Go to TopSat Jan 20: Great Possibilities
The coming four weeks promise to be a time of great excitement for you, in which you'll be offered all sorts of possibilities and opportunities that you can't wait to explore. These might take the form of travel, further education or a spiritual quest, or something else that will make you see the world in a new way. Don't stifle this urge to broaden your mental and physical horizons. Lucky colours are blood red and peacock blue. Lucky numbers are 37 and 69.
Go to TopSun Jan 21: Boom! Boom!
All guns are firing today, some of them in your direction but you may not be up to ducking as quickly as you normally do. Your inner thought processes may be drawing you back from an external focus, but the outside world will be demanding your attention. Look around you. You may have misunderstood or misread some signals or situations in the last few days. Take stock while everybody in your vicinity goes ballistic. Even though it's all chaotic, you may get a clearer picture of what's going on. Lucky colours are lavender and crimson. Lucky numbers are 21 and 40.
Go to TopMon Jan 22: Marked Improvement
The Moon is in Aries and your solar eleventh house today, so there's lots of opportunity to get out and get on with things, especially where networking and social contacts are concerned. You may have had to revise or change plans recently. This could have kept you on the back foot. Now the energy begins to free up again, although there are still important matters to be dealt with. Don't step back from the hard work but keep the process and your approach light. You can do it! Lucky colours are grey and red. Lucky numbers are 17 and 39.
Go to TopTue Jan 23: Sparks
Sparks are flying today, but most of them will be good for you. You've got good ideas and they mix well with the ideas of others. There's chemistry in the air. You may have exciting meetings or make interesting new connections. Set a good pace and watch your energy levels. You don't want to burn out early. There are lots of exciting things that can be achieved in the near future, if you just keep working away at them. The night is made for social pleasure. Get out with friends and enjoy. Lucky colours are red and amber. Lucky numbers are 32 and 41.
Go to TopWed Jan 24: Out... Then In
Charging here and charging there, one of you doing something while the other is thinking about something else all together. Oh, what it is to be the twins! Scorpio keeps secrets from the world but you can keep them from yourself. Never let the left hand know and all that. As evening comes on, your mood shifts. Perhaps it's time for a little more of an inner cycle in which you can contemplate what it is that makes you tick. You might have to drift a bit to find the answer. Lucky colours are garnet and silver. Lucky numbers are 23 and 29.
Go to TopThu Jan 25: Mood Deepens
The mood deepens as the day lengthens so it would be good to give yourself some time to slow down. You may even want to retreat so that you don't have to talk to anyone. You may have found yourself out of sorts and overreacting anyway. Pick a path through the highways and byways of your busy unconscious self and see what fascinating creative ideas might lie at the bottom of whatever trough you're in. They'll be good ones! Lucky colours are purple and lavender. Lucky numbers are 7 and 27.
Go to TopFri Jan 26: Mixed Blessing
As Mars hits the ground running in Sagittarius, your house of partners, serious relationships will be something of a mixed blessing during the next few weeks. Be prepared for some ups and downs. You'll feel the urge to put your energy into your relationships but don't get annoyed and impatient if you suspect that some people don't share your eagerness and commitment. Bullying or shouting won't get you what you want, so forget that tack. Accept that your needs don't always coincide with those of the special people in your life. Lucky colours are sable and apricot. Lucky numbers are 6 and 12.
Go to TopSat Jan 27: Wit and Spirit
Come into things with a high good mood today. The Moon in Gemini makes you ever so You! Prepare to take on the challenges and overcome them all with wit and spirit. You might find yourself at odds here or simply heading in different directions. With Venus in Aquarius, cultural matters are featured and it will be important to focus on relationships, creative projects and matters of the higher mind. Does all that has happened in the day tell you something about where you're going? Or not going? Lucky colours are green and mauve. Lucky numbers are 10 and 22.
Go to TopSun Jan 28: On the Rocks
You might start the day with forces ranged against you or could hit some serious opposition early in the proceedings. Don't take evasive action or try to ride on over it. Negotiate your way through whatever's blocking you. It might take a while to get the result that you want, but any other road will just make the situation worse. Try to reconcile any differences with partners or close associates in particular. Don't play for sympathy if you're in trouble and don't be underhand. Be straight. Lucky colours are green and purple. Lucky numbers are 38 and 19.
Go to TopMon Jan 29: Resourceful and Practical
Go over the budget and look carefully at your spending and how you're managing things. These matters need consideration even if you don't feel like giving it. If the books are balanced then spend something on a small gift for a friend, or perhaps spoil yourself just a little. Are you looking after yourself and your home? A little bit of home care followed by a nice cool bath and a bit of relaxation could do wonders if you'd let it. Contact with women or women friends will bring joy today. Lucky colours are blue and green. Lucky numbers are 3 and 11.
Go to TopTue Jan 30: Bargains Galore
It is time to count your pennies as the Moon moves through thrifty Cancer and your second house of personal finances. If you want to buy something beautiful for your home, you may find just the thing on sale today. Yes, go on a shopping spree and blame the stars! A bargain is out there, you just need to go out and find it. Lucky colours are copper and green. Lucky numbers are 11 and 20.
Go to TopWed Jan 31: Brighter Prospects
Mercury the Messenger skips into Aquarius and your solar ninth house at today's Full Moon in dramatic Leo. This will bring brighter prospects and opportunities and certainly liven up the field of communications. The phone will be ringing. You'll be chocka with texts and emails. Overseas connections could call or make their presence felt. Unexpected encounters just happen. Make the most of this. And, if you need to talk your way out of trouble, today's the day to turn the trick. There's nothing you couldn't get away with. Lucky colours are yellow and grey. Lucky numbers are 8 and 26.
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