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Click to read Malvin's bio Malvin Artley has been a practising astrologer for more than a decade. He is an accredited member of the American Federation of Astrologers.
Malvin is the author of Bodies of Fire: An Exploration of the Lesser Chakra System. He has authored numerous articles and was a member of the faculty of the University of the Seven Rays, a non-profit organization dedicated to the teaching of the Trans-Himalayan tradition as expressed through the books of Alice Bailey, Helena Blavatsky and others.
His primary focus over the past 25 years has been on the sciences as they express occultism and with bridging work between the two. His special interests are the human subtle energy system and all the chakras, or energy centres, physics and technology, astronomy and all aspects of Chinese occultism. He has done extensive work with Chinese astrology and the cycles they use and seeks to synthesize the great Western and Oriental systems on such matters.
Malvin lives in Adelaide, South Australia. He also works in the engineering trades and sends out periodic emails about astrological happenings and developments. Click here to subscribe to Malvin's periodic letters.

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At the Threshold of a Dream [part two]
subtle meanings of the Full Moon in Cancer

In part two of this article, Malvin looks at the concept of Venus as Lucifer, the Light Bearer, the esoteric symbol for the ensoulment of the spark of Divine Consciousness in the the human body. The relationship between the body, soul, mind and spirit is revealed through this allegory. Venus as the Morning Star stands for the struggle of the human mind to emerge from the fiery pit of the world into the divine light of consciousness. Christmas is the time when that spark is renewed, each year in the hope of the perfection of the Human Spirit through the renewal and rebirth of the light of love.

Venus... and Lucifer, the Shining One

Venus has been equated with Lucifer, the Bright Morning Star. This is true both in symbolism and throughout all cultures, though worded in different ways. Since most readers of this letter come from a Christian tradition, perhaps the following facts will shed a little light on a few things that have troubled the Christian world for almost its full duration and hopefully go a ways toward showing some of the deeper meanings behind astrology, religions and life on this planet in general.

I have spoken along these lines before, but a bit more needs to be said on the matter of Venus and Lucifer, and it is through Capricorn that the mystery of this is finally solved. Capricorn is associated with the mental plane, with the element fire, with the Will to manifest, and rules the Hierarchy called The Crocodiles, or Makara, the Mystery. We all know the story of how Lucifer was cast into Hell, there to suffer for eternity because of his sins, because he thought he knew more and better than God, because he incited rebellion and because he ceased to love God more than himself. What most people don't realize, though, is that this story is actually the story in allegory of how all humans gained their personalities and how we all eventually come back to the heart of God and leave the fires of Hell forever, being richer for the experience and able then to act as wise agents of God's Will, forever and always.

Lucifer... Cast into Hell?

Lucifer being cast into Hell is an allegory for Venus being the Lord of the mental plane. It is an allegory of a time, far in our past, of when the great Lords came to our planet what we now know as the higher Self took bodies among the most advanced animal-men of the time. We were then given an angelic body that would stand as sentinel of our progress, as receptacle of our garnered wisdom, as an outpost of the higher Self, as an eye through which that higher Self could view and interact with the lower worlds and which would eventually usher us into the angelic worlds and which would be to us the closest thing that we could call “Heaven on Earth”.

That body is what we call the causal, or Soul-body. The fires of Hell are simply the matter of the mental realm. The fiery pit is what the clairvoyant would call the causal body—our Soul-body. Eternity is symbolic of the period of time it takes for us to evolve back to the heart of God and to leave the cycle of birth and death as humans. That period is millions of years, which is an eternity to the little human Mind. The wailing and gnashing of teeth in Hell is simply the hard road of experience as through life after life we build in all the experience necessary to be fit instruments of service to God and saviors in our own right. And, Saturn—Satan—is the lord who spurs us onward to the goal through the tasks and struggles he puts in our path. It is through the mind that we manifest our little worlds and make the choices that govern the path of our experience. It is through the pain of mistakes and the joy of achievements that we adjust ourselves more and more each passing day toward God's image and slowly climb out of the smoking pit of our own illusions toward the supernal Light of the Heaven worlds and the bliss of omnisciensce and at-one-ment with the higher Self—and thus with all Selves.

Venus represents both the causal body and the Self that brought it into being. It is through this causal body that we build in that mysterious thing we call “personality”. The story of Lucifer's fall from Grace is a story that resides in the subconscious of any Capricornian type, and Saturn ill-aspected in a person's chart can bring spectacular falls from grace. It is a poignant reminder and a warning that the ethic of the Soul must be remembered and adhered to. Material ambition, for which Capricorn is famous, must give way to selfless service and a giving heart. And if the person strays from “the path of righteousness”, then Saturn, as karma, soon sets things right. So, the story of Lucifer's fall is the story of every person. So, too, is the story of Jesus—a story that is, again, universal through human culture, though clothed in differing words. The story of Lucifer's fall is the descent of humanity into materiality. It is the story of infant humanity. The story of Jesus, or any world Savior, is the story of humanity that has achieved thorough the long ages of struggle, and who has earned the right to sit once again at the right hand of God. It is the story of humanity matured. In the story of Lucifer, the human is born from the beast. In the story of Jesus, the human is born among the beasts, but is not of them, and is accompanied by wisdom, the wise Ones seeking him out.

Long Pilgrimage as Souls

So, throughout our long pilgrimage as Souls, and especially through the experience of Capricorn, we enter into experience through the influence of Saturn, we struggle and achieve—our best achievements most often coming through the hardest times—and then we withdraw, assess things and make the necessary adjustments prior to moving into fresh activity. This time of year is replete in all cultures with this type of activity. In the West we see this in the secular tradition of New Year's resolutions. We see it in Christmas stories and in Christmas songs, as well as in the Christmas religious tradition. Even the silliest of Christmas songs and the classic secular Christmas tales speak of this periodic re-evaluation of one's activities, of trying to set wrongs right, of awakening to a spirit of giving and of being as “good” as a person can be. Let's have a brief look.

“You'd better watch out! You'd better not cry! You'd better not pout—I'm telling you why—Santa Claus is coming to town! He's making his list and checking it twice. Gonna find out who's naughty or nice. Santa Claus is coming to town. He knows when you've been sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows when you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness' sake!” —with the promise being that, if you are good, you get a present (you are rewarded for achievement—either way). I don't know—sounds a bit like the Lords of Karma (Saturn) at work to me with Venus (Santa Claus) as the Silent Watcher. Then there is the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, the classic materialistic Capricornian type—and with his classic Capricornian saying: Bahh! Humbug! (Who thinks up all this stuff, anyway?)

The Grinch
The Grinch that Stole Christmas?

Scrooge (or the Grinch that stole Christmas, for that matter) is a perfect Capricorn story. Here is a man who has hoarded material things all his life, who exemplifies some of the worst in human expression, who is cold-hearted, unfeeling to those around him, careless of all except himself, but has achieved great material wealth. But the karmic Lords have plans for this man and one night he is taken into a state of deep reflection and shown his past, how that past has lead him to his present circumstance and how he is really affecting people in the present, and where that will all lead him in the future if he continues on his present course.

I won't spoil the story for you, but it has a happy ending. :-) Hopefully, you get the point. The real point to be made here is that whether people believe in astrology or not, the fact is that the Lives who work through these signs affect us all powerfully through our stories, our shared heritage, our art and our unconscious. The symbolism of life is a powerful language to those who can decipher it, and the seasons of the year, the Sun moving through the signs and the motions of the planets remind us constantly of the impact of those Lives and the gifts They all present to us.

In part three of this article, Malvin goes more deeply into the astrological implications of the symbolism of the degrees of the Capricorn Full Moon on December 26, 2004. He points out that despite its reputation for causing sorrow, Saturn also brings opportunity at this threshold of a new year.

Read part three of At the Threshold of a Dream

Yin Yang Malvin Artley is an accredited member of the American Federation of Astrologers. His primary focus over the past 25 years has been on the sciences as they express occultism and with bridging work between the two. His special interests in those fields are the human subtle energy system and all the chakras, or energy centres, physics and technology, astronomy and all aspects of Chinese occultism.
He sends out periodic emails about astrological happenings and developments. These letters are sent out as a gift and a service. If you wish to be added to or deleted from the mailing list please let me know. If you feel inspired to pass them on please do so, but do so without alteration or charge. They are sent to people of many persuasions, not just astrologers. Blessings. Click here to subscribe to Malvin's periodic letters.

Threshold of a Dream: Part 1 | part 2 | Part 3 | Thanksgiving | Festival of the Quickening | Festival of the Law

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