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Part of Fortune (Fortuna) – Table of Dignities


The Arabic Parts (also known as "Lots") provide the "inner" meaning of the horoscope, going beyond the "outer" evaluations stimulated by the arrangement of the planets, signs and houses. The Part of Fortune (Latin: Pars Fortunæ) is not a planet, but a sensitive, calculated point in the horoscope that shows in effect where the Moon would be, were the native to have been born at sunrise.

There are a large number of Arabic Parts, but the best known is the Part of Fortune, the Part of the Moon. It has survived the ravages of time because it is the strongest of them all, due to its engagement with the Ascendant, the Sun and the Moon. Its house represents an area of life where happiness, prosperity and natural tranquillity are manifested, along with any innate abilities. It indicates an area wherein the self is easily expressed. Moreover, as the name implies, it signifies the physical health and material wellbeing of the body, as well as the potential for growth of the soul.

As with all Arabic Parts, it is also valuable to look at the position of its dispositor. Fortuna’s dispositor can provide important clues about how we obtain our wealth. To identify its dispositor find the position of the classical ruler of the sign in which Fortuna is placed.

Part of Fortune (Fortuna; Pars Fortunæ) is calculated in Diurnal Charts by adding the longitude of the Moon to that of the Ascendant and then subtracting the longitude of the Sun. In Nocturnal Charts it is calculated by adding the longitude of the Sun to that of the Ascendant and subtracting that of the Moon. See our section on Arabic Parts for more detail on how to calculate the position of the Part of Fortune in a horoscope chart.


The Part of Fortune The Part of Fortune

Strengths Score Weaknesses Score
In Taurus or Pisces 5 In Scorpio, Capricorn, or Aquarius -5
In Libra, Sagittarius, Leo, or Cancer 4 In Aries  0
In Gemini 3 Partile conjunction Saturn or Mars -5
In terms of Venus and Jupiter when in Virgo 2 Partile opposition Saturn or Mars -4
Beseiged by Jupiter and Venus 6 Beseiged by Saturn and Mars -6
Partile conjunction Jupiter or Venus 5 Partile conjunction Moon's South Node -3
Partile trine Jupiter or Venus 4 In terms of Saturn or Mars -2
Partile sextile Jupiter or Venus 3 In 12th House -5
Partile conjunction Moon's North Node 3 In 8th or 6th House -4
In 1st or 10th House 5 Combust -5
In 7th, 4th, or 11th House 4 Conjunct Caput Algol -6
In 2nd or 5th House 3 Conjunct other Fixed Star of Infortune -4
In 9th House 2 Partile opposition to Fixed Star of Infortune -4
In 3rd House 1 Partile square Fixed Star of Infortune -3
Conjunct Regulus (Cor Leonis) 6    
Conjunct Spica (Alpha Virginis) 5    
Conjunct any other Fixed Star of Fortune 4    
Neither Combust nor Under Beams 5    

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