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The Energy Doctor

The Five Essences
of Successful Feng Shui

The Energy Doctor is based on the groundbreaking ERA – Energy Recovery Awareness – approach to health, relationships, work, creativity, happiness and spiritual development.

"...what you have shared with us is certainly the most profound and powerful approach to feng shui I have experienced in 8 years of study and practice." – Janice Kyd, Italy

Penelope White read in a book that she should place a red vase in the south west corner of her bedroom – which would increase her partnership qi – in order to meet Mr. Right. Three weeks later, Mr. Right turned up at a friend's party and Penelope promptly became a "feng shui bore" by telling everyone she saw that, "feng shui really works."

Peter Black heard what Penelope had to say and decided to place a waterfall in the southeast corner of his kitchen in order to increase his wealth qi. He also worked out his personal kua number and made a few other changes around the house in order to increase his chances of success. Six months later, Peter was no wealthier than before and, in fact, he'd even run into some financial difficulties. Peter concluded, "feng shui doesn't work" and, "Penelope just got lucky."

The nice thing about simplicity – like, "red in the south west increases partnership qi," or "waterfalls are good for your wealth energy" – is that it's easy to follow. However, the problem with simplicity is that it rarely reflects the energetic reality of most situations.

This is because successful feng shui has to address five key variables. These are your:

  • Home Qi – the energies of your home
  • Personal Qi – your own energies
  • Place Qi – the energies of the culture and place where your home is located
  • Time Qi – the energies of now
  • Action Qi – the energies of what you do
Go to Top The Qi of Your Home

When Penelope placed a red vase in the south west of her bedroom, she actually increased a flow of energy (that comes to all of us from the south west) into her bedroom then into her crown chakra while she was sleeping. This energy, partnership qi, increased in Penelope's crown because

  1. she was asleep – during which time, her crown opened up like a flower in order to re-energize her energy body – and
  2. Penelope already had a high degree of receptivity to partnership qi.

Similarly, Peter's waterfall actually increased the flow of an energy – wealth qi – (that comes to us all from the south east) into his kitchen. Unfortunately, Peter's crown chakra lacked the receptors to receive any more wealth qi, so just increasing it in his environment didn't help. What's more, his crown chakra was, in fact, becoming less and less receptive to wealth qi, which eventually led to his financial difficulties.

Go to Top The Qi of Your Energy Body

Penelope was lucky as she already had enough partnership qi for the additional bit, supplied by putting the red vase in the south west of her bedroom, to make the critical difference – Voilà. Mr Right! If she had had less partnership qi flowing through her, she might not have experienced any result for months, years or forever, depending on the other variables involved. As it was, Penelope already had most of what it took, energetically speaking, to find Mr Right, and the red vase just supplied the finishing touch.

Peter's wealth qi was, of course, another story. Think of your crown chakra like a pot on top of your head. This is your "satellite antenna dish" for receiving from the world all the different forms of qi which the quality of each area of your life depends on. As far as wealth qi was concerned, Peter's crown chakra pot was full of holes – so his wealth qi was leaking out even faster than it was coming in. In other areas of his life – partnership, work, health, etc. – Peter's crown was in good shape, but his wealth qi-receiving ability needed some major repair work.

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Go to Top The Qi of Your Place

Where you are, at any given time, can make a profound difference to your well-being. No matter which area of your life you consider, your location can make all the difference between wealth and poverty, health and disease, a perfect partner and isolation; and so on. The more you develop your awareness of your life energies, the more clearly you see that where you are, even from one hour to the next, makes an enormous difference to your energy and thus your life, over time.

This is just as true in the practise of feng shui. It's not just a matter of the hills, trees, roads and lamp posts but also of how well *your* energies fit where you are. At any given time in your life, there are certain places where your energy belongs – and a lot of places it doesn't. The more you spend time where your energy doesn't belong, the less your life will change for the better in the ways you most need it to. The phrase, "follow your heart" isn't simply about how you feel. It's also about getting in touch with what really works for you – including, where you need to be.

Go to Top The Qi of Time

When Peter placed a waterfall in his kitchen, he didn't realise that, although it may have been the right object in the right place, it was the wrong time to do it. Time is, itself, an energy that, like the qi's of life, is also constantly entering your crown chakra. Your time dictates when you need to do something – and when you should avoid doing it.

There's a right time to cross the road, to eat, to go on holiday or to do anything else. Get the timing wrong and you could get run over, exhausted or even caught up in a hurricane!

Feng shui is as much about when you start doing something – and when you stop – as it is about what you do where. If Peter had waited to use the waterfall until he needed to use it, it would have had a much more positive effect.

Go to Top The Qi of Actions

Whenever you do anything, you affect your energy. It doesn't matter if you're walking down the road, breathing too shallowly, having a happy thought or saying the wrong thing – everything you do increases or decreases one or more forms of qi in your energy body.

Supposing Penelope had worn the dull beige outfit to the party – maybe Mr. Right wouldn't have paid her much attention. Or supposing Peter had accepted a rather low offer on his house and then moved to a place where his wealth qi would have shot up... our actions are critical to our fortunes.

Some people say, "God helps those who help themselves." Certainly, the more you commit actions that are, themselves, energy-enhancing, the more you are living a "feng shui life" – one that is bringing you more and more into harmony with the energies of the world around you.

Action qi is the "key qi," because it's such a fundamental determinant of the quality of your relationship with your world. How much your actions are resonant with the energies of your environment determines not only the power of your feng shui but also of your awareness of what your world is constantly showing you.

Go to Top The Qi of Awareness

Feng shui didn't begin with books, classes and magazine articles. It started with certain people having awareness of environmental energies and their effects on human life energies. Everyone can develop this awareness. And, by developing this awareness through cultivating your action qi, by doing the 'right things', you will discover that achieving a certain result through feng shui is the least exciting part of it...

All feng shui rules and techniques are best seen as steps towards developing your own feng shui or environmental energy awareness. And this awareness opens up a whole new world for you – a world that is always showing you what you need to do, that is always offering you the help you need and that is always your wise and empowering friend and guide.

This is the essence of feng shui – entering into communion with the living spirit of the world – a spirit that increasingly appears in response to your moment to moment choice to live in harmony with your life in all possible ways.

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© Stephen & Lynda Kane

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Since 1982, Stephen and Lynda Kane have offered empowerments for awakening hidden talents, essential creativity and awareness of human, environmental and spirit energies. They have also helped many clients overcome personal health and life issues in Energy Solutions consultations and enabled students develop their energy awareness in the popular Living With Energy Awareness Training. To contact Stephen and Lynda, please click here. Their Hidden Secrets of Real Health, for restoring and protecting your health, awakening your healing talents and developing your energy awareness is available through They share practical examples of living with more energy awareness in the *free* Living With Energy Awareness newsletter.Click to go to RealHealth
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