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Arnold Schwarzenegger with Maria Shriver
Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver

Mad About Movie Stars
Arnold Schwarzenegger — Firecat's Star of the Week!

The Firecat, one of our earliest (and most secretive) partners at AstroScope Me, has been persuaded to write a new column for us every week, featuring Movie Stars by the Stars! The Firecat will pick a Star whose Sign is the current Zodiac Sign — and the first is Arnold Schwarzenegger, a true Leo if ever there was one. Now, read on...

I'm just mad about movies and astrology, so every week I'll be writing a column featuring a famous Star, born under the current Star Sign. Today I'm featuring...

Arnold Schwarzenegger!

My Star this week is a typical Leo – strong and impressive. "Arnie" as we've all come to call him, was born on 30th July, 1947, at 4.10 AM CED in Thal, a small village in Austria, near Graz. His father was a policeman and perhaps he got his strength and determination from him.

At 18, having already studied body building under Kurt Manel ("Mr Austria") Arnold was obliged to do military service. On 1 October 1965, thanks to his father's influence, Arnold became a tank driver in the Austrian army, but, before the month was out, Arnold travelled to Stuttgart to compete in the Junior Mr. Europe contest. To do so, he had to go AWOL, but after winning the competition he was able to return to Graz and Thal as a hero and his punishment was mild.

Champion Bodybuilder

Arnie wanted more out of life however, and he thought bodybuilding was the way to do it. Determined to succeed, he won the "Mr Europe" title in 1966. Not content with this title, in 1967 he went on to win "Mr Universe". He has the record for winning the most bodybuilding contests in history, 13 (1 Mr Europe, 7 Mr Olympias, and 5 Mr Universes).

In 1968, he moved to America and decided that movies were where the big money could be made. He was laughed out of every studio because of his thick Austrian accent, but in typical Leo fashion our hunk persisted, and someone eventually took a chance on him. The rest is history.

Made It In America

He made his mark in movies and if that's not enough, he went on to marry the gorgeous Maria Shriver. With Maria, a niece of the late John F. Kennedy (former President of The United States) by his side, Arnie was elected Governor of California on 7 October 2003. He has four children, two girls and two boys. Their names are Katherine Eunice (b.1990), Christina Maria Aurelia (b.1991), Patrick Arnold (b.1993) and Christopher Sargent Shriver (b.1997).

A quick look at Arnie's chart shows us that not only does he have his Sun (inner character) conjunct determined Saturn/Pluto in dazzling Leo, but this life-force is in dynamic square aspect to his Moon (emotional personality; the public) in ambitious Capricorn.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California
The Governator

He has creative, nurturing Cancer rising, so he is at heart a family man, as well as a brilliant performer and canny, ambitious businessman, with a strong political drive.

Dramatic Turn

Why has his life recently taken such a dramatic turn, from entertainment to politics? Firstly, Arnie has recently been undergoing his second progressed Lunar Return. This has accelerated his life energies, as more achievements that he has come into this life to fulfil present themselves. He has been clearing the decks of karmic debris, in preparation for the next grand stage of the great journey of life, when he must become a truly wise and beneficient human being. This transitional phase will last until his Saturn return, which will take effect over the next few years.

His progressed Sun entered Libra (relationships; harmony) just over a year ago, and now progressed Moon has entered Aquarius (original; unorthodox), showing that he has much to achieve over the next two years and will do it in his own unique way. Stress will be placed on his marriage and various partnerships and there may be other disappointments or even scandals between now and the end of 2004. The stars suggest that he will survive these problems, due to his intense personal determination.

Childhood friends have declared that he often said his goals in life were to move to America, become an actor, and marry a Kennedy. He accomplished all three. A typical Leo, I think "He'll Always Be Back"!

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