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What is Feng Shui?

Human beings are subject to subtle energies that influence our attitudes, behaviour and health. These energies can be controlled and redirected for our benefit in our environment, whether at home or at work. The study and implementation of this art is called Feng Shui. Uma Shankar gives us a brief overview.

What is Feng Shui? Literally, it means "wind and water". It refers to the Chinese art of balancing subtle energies (chi) in our surrounding environment. Feng Shui seeks to harmonise the elements of nature by establishing a balance of energies in our environment based on directional principles, seasons and colours.
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Certain features in your external environment can adversely effect the feng shui of your building. These "poison arrows" can be responsible for ill-fortune in the form of robbery, legal entanglement or serious ailment. It is, therefore, necessary to identify the not so obvious poison arrows in your environment and to deal with them.

The poison arrow pointing at your main door could be a straight long road forming a T- junction. This brings dangerous chi into your house. Other locations where chi is too strong are houses on the dead end of a street or those on curved roads. The harmful effect of hitting chi can be neutralised by means of feng shui cures. The 'poison arrow' coming from a westerly direction can be set right by placing a spotlight above the door pointing towards the road. Whereas the cure for a south road is to place a large boulder between the door and the road.

An electric pole or a large single tree outside your main gate also acts as a 'poison arrow'. Flyovers and bridges with fast moving traffic can also generate negative energy around your house. Trouble can come in the form of a new building in your neighbourhood.

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All these 'poison arrows' can be deflected by hanging an octagonal Pa Kua mirror above your front door, though this is not without its risks. Pa Kua Image - click for More on Feng ShuiThis eight sided mirror has a convex or concave mirror in the centre, surrounded by trigrams on eight sides. Never hang this mirror inside the house. The Pa Kua mirror can harm your neighbours if it faces their main door. A better alternative to it is a 5-rod wind chime.

Inside a house, secret poison arrows are present in the form of pillars, overhead beams, open shelves and pointed corners of furniture. A corner can be softened by placing a plant or a sculpture in front of it. You will experience good feng shui (wellbeing from energetic balance) once you have neutralised the exterior and interior features which are responsible for bad luck.

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