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Capricorn Capricorn Tarotscope for September 2016

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This is quite a transforming time for Capricorn where the emotional life is concerned. You are contented and enjoying peace and harmony with those who are dear to you and in this state of harmony you are learning much. Where there has been vacillation and confusion comes understanding and firm decision. You'll probably splash out with a bit of money in celebration of the peace, decisiveness and clarity you've attained.
Go to Top Career
Five of Wands
Trouble and fights arise in your work arena this month Cap. Yes, this will be upsetting and yet I also see you enjoying quite a financial win at the same time. Where the troubles are concerned, you'll be supported by the love and knowledge of a friend or partner. Standing your ground, as you must, could mean taking an entirely new work-path. Divine Justice will be yours in time.
Go to Top Finance
Two of Wands
September isn't the most financially comfortable month you have experienced, Capricorn. No, you won't be penniless, but the stability of your income is in question. You'll actually be given money from some quarter, and you'll find there's more owing to you than you'd expected. Recovery from these events has something to do with foreign climes. You could even find you travel overseas in order to re-establish your career.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Six of Wands
Pertinent to all information in your above sectors, you will actually be victorious over all obstructions and dissentions. The hand of destiny is supporting you through this series of events, which in themselves are destiny drawn. It is the honing of inner strength that is actually going on here. The challenges you'll face are all there to show you how strong you really are.

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