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Capricorn Capricorn Tarotscope for August 2017

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There is quite sudden and unexpected change in your life at this time and, although it takes you very much by surprise and throws your plans out of whack, it seems there is nothing but good to come from it. New relationships will be primed and ready to bloom and events will be pleasing to your bank balance too.
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Six of Pentacles

You are very happy with your career and equally happy with the emolument received for your efforts. Yet there's something to do with children, or family members that finds you overworked. You must rectify this situation and make whatever the changes are before your energies are truly overtaxed. If you don't find life and work balance for yourself, your own body will do it for you. Protect your strengths, dear Capricorn. Oh, and save some time to investigate a possible new love interest!
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Page of Cups

You're feeling a bit delicate about money, as you've recently undertaken some serious expenditure and have been wondering if your diminished nest-egg can keep you safe and financially viable. Family of origin are close by and willing to help you out if you need it, but you'll find you won't actually need a bailout as you'll refill your coffers perfectly well by yourself. This independence serves you well.
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Ten of Cups

There's joy to be had in hearth and home this month. Yet there will be a few niggling annoyances where work done around the home needs correction. This will be burdensome for you, as there will be a bit of arguing to and fro about who's financially responsible, but it will all sort out soon to your satisfaction.

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