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More on Capricorn, the Sea-Goat

Capricorn Capricorn Tarotscope for April 2017

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Two of Pentacles

After a period of profound personal renewal, you are surprised to find yourself having to juggle your emotions all over again. A person whom you assumed all conflict even contact with was over reappears in your life, but it seems they have such anger that they feel the need to dump on you. You successfully assuage the situation while standing firm around your boundaries. Even when the person is no longer in your life again, it's self-doubt that creeps in. You will process this effectively and swiftly.
Go to Top Career
Two of Cups

You're pleased with the inspiring and harmonious relationship with someone associated, not necessarily directly, with your career sphere. This will turn into a partnership of some sort that will be very advantageous to your career. It could actually develop into a more personal and private relationship. Initial uncertainty will soon be overcome and both personal and professional life will flourish.
Go to Top Finance

The Devil

Your finances are actually quite strong, but it appears that something unfair and inappropriate is soon to come as far as your basic income circumstances are concerned. You will be expected to work twice as hard and long for the same, or less, emolument. This forces you to take a chance by standing up for yourself and probably your whole profession. This leads to a new and better path for you to tread that will further secure a just and stable income.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Ace of Pentacles

After the proverbial fall, as indicated in your above sector of finance, this card indicates your success in overcoming the unjust changes that are being imposed on you. Some information comes your way through an offshore or foreign-associated person that will help your spiritual understanding immensely and turn the brief situation of rebellion into deeper wisdom and self understanding.

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