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Capricorn Capricorn Tarotscope for February 2017

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It seems that its about time you ceased the emotional juggling that you've been burdened by and gather the strength to make a decisive move. For better or for worse, it's the wisdom to understand that it's the vacillating around this situation which is doing you emotional harm, rather than the situation itself. Make or allow a major change in your relational life, then take a wild chance elsewhere and your hopes will be realised.
Go to Top Career
Seven of Pentacles

Your career is gathering speed as a judiciously established creative idea you've recently formulated gathers traction in the eyes of your work colleagues and superiors. You may be a little nervous about your idea being accepted, but working with a professional colleague will bring harmonious establishment of your idea as policy. Ultimately, after a bit of sorrow and redemption, you'll be celebrating a success.
Go to Top Finance
The Lovers

You will have experiences around this time that will not only encourage you to establish greater independence in your financial life, but also the ideas or information as to how to do this become obvious to you. A new venture or method of investment will have its initial ups and downs, but will ultimately be financially very successful.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Queen of Cups

After a time wherein you've carried quite a burden, both practically and emotionally, you will reach a state of emotional harmony and contentment. This is certainly the right time for relaxation and meditation and an investigation into life's mysteries. A deep sense of harmony will lead you to give away long held beliefs and to embrace a gentler philosophy for yourself and others to enjoy.

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