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by Rob Tillett

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Capricorn Capricorn Daily September 2016
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Daily forecasts for September 2016 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopThu Sep 1: New Moon
Today brings an exciting New Moon - it will open the door to lots of opportunities for you in the next two weeks. You get the chance to do some travelling or to welcome visitors from overseas, or you could get involved in some sort of international project. The coming fortnight will be a great time for increasing your knowledge of the world, perhaps by signing up for a class or course. This New Moon is also an Annular Solar Eclipse visible in parts of Southern and Central Africa from Ghana to Mauritius. Lucky colours are violet and sapphire. Lucky numbers are 14 and 10.
Go to TopFri Sep 2: Objectivity Or Insight?
Someone isn't being very logical today. They've allowed their feelings to get caught up with their ideas, so they've lost their objectivity and insight. This could make them difficult to deal with, especially if you're talking about topics that are bound to arouse heightened emotions or stir everyone up into a frenzy. Do your best not to get swept up into this maelstrom of emotion yourself, although that will be easier said than done. Lucky colours are lime and vermilion. Lucky numbers are 23 and 21.
Go to TopSat Sep 3: Reward Yourself
All you're really interested in today is having a good time. Hard work simply isn't an option, as far as you're concerned, even though it may be expected of you. If there's no way to wriggle out of your obligations you'll have to get on with them as best you can and then reward yourself for all your endeavours when you stop work for the day. Lucky colours are pearl and rose. Lucky numbers are 30 and 74.
Go to TopSun Sep 4: Facts And Figures
You're full of curiosity about the world, and it will take a lot to satisfy you. As a result you'll want to explore all sorts of facts and figures, and your idea of heaven will be to relax with a good book or to talk to people who really make you think. If you've been toying with the idea of learning a new language, this is the perfect time to start. Lucky colours are fruit and indigo. Lucky numbers are 3 and 14.
Go to TopMon Sep 5: Teamwork
This is a great day for working in partnership with someone, provided that they know what they're doing and you don't have to cover for them. This teamwork will go very well, and you'll manage to achieve a lot. At some point today you should also go through your finances and make sure that you've paid any outstanding bills and credit card statements. Lucky colours are salmon and vermilion. Lucky numbers are 27 and 17.
Go to TopTue Sep 6: Expansive Mood
You're in a very expansive mood today, which will win you lots of fans. Being so cheerful makes you feel good, so you'll enjoy the day and attract some positive situations and people. Feeling enthusiastic? This will quickly rub off on the people around you. Don't be surprised if you're very popular today, Capricorn! Lucky colours are mandarin and yellow. Lucky numbers are 10 and 35.
Go to TopWed Sep 7: Mood To Indulge
You're in the mood to indulge yourself today, my lovely Sea-Goats. This isn't very good news if you're supposed to be keeping your nose to the grindstone, so work hard while you have to, then relax by doing something enjoyable and which makes you feel pampered. A pleasant encounter with someone in a position of power is in the stars. It's obvious how much they like and admire you. Lucky colours are sapphire and marzipan. Lucky numbers are 14 and 10.
Go to TopThu Sep 8: Sense Of Reserve?
Prepare yourself for a rather difficult day. Other people are hard work and you don't have as much energy as usual. If there's a slight sense of reserve between you and a friend or close partner, you might feel neglected and lonely. Try not to make too much of this, because it will pass quickly, leaving you wondering what all the fuss was about. Lucky colours are fawn and sepia. Lucky numbers are 4 and 7.
Go to TopFri Sep 9: Fortunate Development
Mighty Jupiter moves forward into Libra, your house of career and public image. This brings a yearlong phase of remarkable good fortune, and of aid from important people. Make sure you go for what you want, because you deserve it! Your career and public position will expand, and a family member may also receive recognition, which in itself will be beneficial for you, as you begin to actualise your long-term plans. Success may seem to fall in your lap, but don't take your luck for granted. Whatever you gain with ease may just as easily be lost, if you do not take the responsibility, or ownership. Lucky colours are gold and butterscotch. Lucky numbers are 10 and 17.
Go to TopSat Sep 10: Moral Support
Someone needs your moral and emotional support today, and you'll be happy to give it. Maybe they're going through a hard time and they need to know that you'll be there for them, or perhaps they aren't very well and you have to do some chores on their behalf. At some point in the day you'll appreciate having some time to yourself, so you can get your breath back and enjoy your privacy. Lucky colours are maroon and apricot. Lucky numbers are 29 and 47.
Go to TopSun Sep 11: Social Energies
You get on really well with colleagues and customers today, which makes work go with a swing. You'll enjoy chatting with them too, but not too much otherwise you might receive some sharp words from your boss or some other authority figure. This is also an excellent day for taking part in a meeting or doing anything else that will enable you to get your thoughts across to other people. Lucky colours are strawberry and brass. Lucky numbers are 9 and 12.
Go to TopMon Sep 12: Fabulous Day
This is a fabulous day for mixing with people you feel comfortable with. Enjoy their company... they'll cheer you up if you're slightly down in the dumps. If you're planning a surprise for a friend, you'll enjoy giving it plenty of thought now, so make it special and memorable. Lucky colours are blackberry and gold. Lucky numbers are 32 and 5.
Go to TopTue Sep 13: A Red Letter Day!
It's a red-letter day, because some wonderful opportunities could soon come along. Keep your eyes peeled and don't be complacent. You may not get another chance to make the most of them. If you're feeling lucky you might fancy a small bet or gamble, but don't play for high stakes or risk anything you can't afford to lose. Lucky colours are champagne and marigold. Lucky numbers are 32 and 9.
Go to TopWed Sep 14: Moral High Ground
Be careful of anyone claiming to occupy the moral high ground, or who thinks they've got all the answers because they'll be a complete pain in the neck today. They may also want to convert you or save you in some way. Make sure you don't behave in a similar fashion. Try gentle persuasion if you want folks to see things from your point of view. Lucky colours are strawberry and grape. Lucky numbers are 27 and 2.
Go to TopThu Sep 15: Good News
There's good news about your career and reputation today. You might receive a small bonus or pay rise, or someone might pay you the sort of compliment that's in danger of making your head swell to twice its normal size. If you're out shopping, enjoy buying things that will increase your confidence, or items you need for your job. Lucky colours are parchment and hazel. Lucky numbers are 19 and 71.
Go to TopFri Sep 16: Full Moon
A Full Moon comes tonight and it's a Lunar Eclipse. It's a rather gloomy day emotionally, regardless of what the weather's doing. You're feeling very vulnerable and as a result, you're worried that your relationship with someone isn't going as well as you'd like. Is this really something to worry about or are you reading too much into the situation? Try not to make mountains out of molehills. The eclipse is penumbral, so will not be particularly impressive, but will be visible in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It will not be seen in the Americas, except for eastern Brazil. Lucky colours are pink and violet. Lucky numbers are 27 and 45.
Go to TopSat Sep 17: Burn Up Energy
Keep busy and fully occupied today, Cappies. There's a lot you want to achieve and you know you won't be able to do that if you simply sit around and stare into space. Try to include physical exercise in the day because that will help to burn off any excess nervous energy. Consider walking instead of taking the car, or fitting in a quick trip to the gym around all your commitments. Lucky colours are hyacinth and saffron. Lucky numbers are 10 and 67.
Go to TopSun Sep 18: No Flies On You
There are no flies on you today, Capricorn, as anyone who tries to engage you in a discussion will soon discover. Your thinking is very sharp and you aren't going to let anyone run intellectual rings around you. It's great for defending your views and opinions, because you can do so without sounding too strident or full of yourself. Lucky colours are pineapple and indigo. Lucky numbers are 15 and 21.
Go to TopMon Sep 19: Generous Capricorn
You need to keep everyone happy today, not only at work but at home too. Don't worry because you'll manage it quite easily, unless someone is being possessive or they're trying to restrict your freedom. That won't go down very well at all, as you'll make very clear. You're feeling very generous right now and happy to help others, but not if it's expected of you. Lucky colours are aqua and tan. Lucky numbers are 3 and 17.
Go to TopTue Sep 20: Ambitious
If you're a typical Capricorn you're always thinking about how you can achieve your ambitions and get ahead in life. Well, you need to spend even more time on such thoughts now because this will be a great opportunity to work out how to improve your status or reputation in some way. You might also consider increasing your qualifications or retraining for a new career. Lucky colours are topaz and navy. Lucky numbers are 4 and 65.
Go to TopWed Sep 21: Emotional Gaps
You're very conscious of the emotional gaps in your relationship with certain people and this is another day when such rifts seem very obvious. But are you sure they're as immense or threatening as you imagine? Maybe the people concerned are simply busy with other things at the moment. Don't make yourself miserable by brooding on all the terrible outcomes that could happen. Stay positive! Lucky colours are golden topaz and mulberry. Lucky numbers are 9 and 4.
Go to TopThu Sep 22: Confident In Your Abilities
An emphasis on your career and goals becomes even stronger from today, as Mercury turns direct and the Sun enters Libra. During the coming four weeks you'll feel much more confident about your abilities than usual and you'll want to prove them to yourself as well as to other people. Travel, political and philosophical confusions begin to clear too. This is no time to be a shrinking violet or unduly modest, Capricorn. Lucky colours are silver and olive. Lucky numbers are 25 and 43.
Go to TopFri Sep 23: Smooth Social Life
Your social life will take up more of your time as Venus slips into Scorpio, and you'll enjoy getting together with friends. If you're single at the moment you might even fall for someone with whom you have a platonic relationship right now, or you might get involved with someone you meet through a group activity. Lucky colours are sapphire and pink. Lucky numbers are 19 and 21.
Go to TopSat Sep 24: Care With Cash
Be careful if you're spending money today because you could be persuaded to part with more of it than is strictly necessary. For instance, if you're in a shop you might misread the label on something and only realize how much it costs when it's too late to do anything about it without covering yourself in embarrassment. You should also avoid anyone who is obviously more interested in your bank balance than in you as a person. Lucky colours are obsidian and lazuli. Lucky numbers are 23 and 9.
Go to TopSun Sep 25: Methodical Mind
You're at your most sensible and practical today, so don't let this methodical frame of mind go to waste. It's a marvellous opportunity to get to grips with a complicated subject that has perplexed you lately or to catch up on your workload. If you want to examine your finances, do it now while you're in such a logical and efficient state. Lucky colours are vermilion and purple. Lucky numbers are 7 and 9.
Go to TopMon Sep 26: Break the Ice
A certain someone makes your world go round today. They're being friendly, sweet and affectionate, and you love them for it. It would be a shame to spend too much time by yourself now because you're in such a convivial mood and you'll love being sociable. If you'd like to get to know someone better, this is a brilliant day to break the ice and invite them out for a drink or a meal. They'll probably be delighted. Lucky colours are grapefruit and cocoa. Lucky numbers are 20 and 8.
Go to TopTue Sep 27: Emotional Powerhouse
Mars exalted in your sign can make you an emotional powerhouse. Try to maintain a positive attitude and a good mood; if you get angry, you're likely to overreact and say things you'll regret later. Use this energy up in a positive fashion; sports, crafts, and other personal hobbies will help you focus on your aims, short and long term. Lucky colours are crimson and cream. Lucky numbers are 19 and 28.
Go to TopWed Sep 28: Hard To Settle Down
It's difficult for you to settle down to anything before you get bored and want to start something else. You're very impulsive, especially when it comes to forming opinions, and will jump from one conclusion to another according to your whim. Make no radical pronouncements because you might change your mind about them half an hour later. Better to reach your conclusions and then see how you feel about them tomorrow before publicising them to all and sundry. Lucky colours are pale blue and amber. Lucky numbers are 11 and 56.
Go to TopThu Sep 29: Very Imaginative
Although you normally have a mind like a steel trap, it isn't working that way today. Instead, you're in a very imaginative state and it will be difficult to concentrate on anything for long without your brain wandering off into goodness knows what highways and byways. So try to postpone anything complicated or important until you're more in the mood for it, and concentrate instead on dreaming up new ideas and concepts. Lucky colours are copper and raspberry. Lucky numbers are 30 and 40.
Go to TopFri Sep 30: A Special Rapport
It's another day when you're feeling cheerful and it's easy to get on well with the other people in your life. You'll enjoy a special rapport with older friends and relatives, as well as intimate partners or people with whom you share money or other resources. It's a good opportunity to talk about any potentially difficult topics, because they're less likely to cause ructions. Lucky colours are amber and treacle. Lucky numbers are 12 and 23.
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