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by Rob Tillett

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Capricorn Capricorn Daily January 2018
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Daily forecasts for January 2018 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopMon Jan 1: Bare Your Soul
May the coming year bless all you Goats! Today's the day for speaking from the heart about what ails you. Take the time to listen to what's said in response to this but remember that the floor is yours. Don't feed too much sugar to the neighbors' children, but a little childlike romping with the wee ones could also do your heart and soul some good. Stay relaxed and don't try to move out of the comfort zone. If you get a cry for aid from the outside world, it could be a false alarm. Lucky colour isgreen. Lucky numbers are 14 and 21.
Go to TopTue Jan 2: Full Moon
Some thread or link with family or loved ones may be stretched or even broken with today's Full Moon in your seventh house of marriage and partnership. This could be an emotional time and there may be adjustments to make or changes to accept. The circumstances that surround all this could have a sudden or unexpected quality to them. Somehow a friend or acquaintance may be involved or drawn into what's happening. Prepare to say goodbye to a cycle or pattern from the past. In the end, good comes from such things. Lucky colours are vermillion and green. Lucky numbers are 7 and 39.
Go to TopWed Jan 3: Stuck in a Holding Pattern
You will have matters pressing in on you and an urgency building up within you but this is not the day to charge forward in pursuit of new developments. Effort spent in trying to advance matters will be wasted. With Lady Moon under pressure from Saturn, your ruler, a quiet or reflective mood may sneak up on you as the day progresses. However, you will need to talk things through, preferably with a reliable friend so make an effort to lift yourself up and do so. Lucky colours are red and gold. Lucky numbers are 23 and 40.
Go to TopThu Jan 4: Do Not Dither
Communications could go haywire and travel plans could be disrupted. Be wary of making any avoidable commitments today, because you may not be able to keep your promises. Don't dither over decision making: your instincts are likely to be right the first time. There may be unexpected expenditure as well. Lucky colours are burnt orange and butter yellow. Lucky numbers are 9 and 43.
Go to TopFri Jan 5: Complications
The day could start on a complicated or intense note. There might be hidden or unexpected factors that creep up to delay or even defeat your purpose. There could be tension or conflict with contacts that you need to get things done. This will consume valuable time and perhaps push you to think on your feet and try to change your plans. This also may come into the 'not such a good idea as it seemed' class. Sigh a deep sigh and just get on with the process of getting as much done as you can. Lucky colours are green and blue. Lucky numbers are 16 and 21.
Go to TopSat Jan 6: Unclear Thoughts
With the Moon in Virgo today making a harmonious aspect with your solar first house, you can get things down, organized or sorted. But, you will be best to concentrate on the action theme and not involve too much complicated thinking in the tasks of the day. Mercury the messenger is about to join with Neptune in Aquarius in your solar second house. This could fog up the brain cells and cause stress or confusion in even the simplest of cerebration. Stick to simple action. You'll get a lot done. Lucky colours are red and pink. Lucky numbers are 9 and 24.
Go to TopSun Jan 7: Matters Of Work
Personal relationships at work could be something of an issue or a matter for consideration. How are you getting on with work colleagues? Are there things that need to be worked out that you're avoiding? If so, Goats must avoid them no longer. Inspired change is what you need. Try to come at things from a different perspective or direction. It's not always easy for you to change the way you do things, but that could be the theme running through any problems connected with work. Lucky colours are blue and orange. Lucky numbers are 23 and 8.
Go to TopMon Jan 8: Matters Of Work
Personal relationships at work could be something of an issue or a matter for consideration. How are you getting on with work colleagues? Are there things that need to be worked out that you're avoiding? If so, Goats must avoid them no longer. Inspired change is what you need. Try to come at things from a different perspective or direction. It's not always easy for you to change the way you do things, but that could be the theme running through any problems connected with work. Lucky colours are blue and orange. Lucky numbers are 23 and 8.
Go to TopTue Jan 9: Surge Ahead
Fortunate circumstances may bring honor, recognition and just plain good luck. Ego-gratifying experiences are what Jupiter's influence is all about. Your ambitions and goals expand and there is an excellent chance you will succeed in attaining them. The sphere of your personal influence grows with hardly any effort on your part. If you want to attain a position of leadership, this is definitely a time to surge ahead. Lucky colours are pale gold and royal purple. Lucky numbers are 6 and 10.
Go to TopWed Jan 10: Crossroads
You could be feeling at a bit of a crossroads today, either wondering which way to go or what you should do from here. It may take time to make up your mind, for the picture isn't clear as yet. You could be at odds with yourself over the difference between what you'd like to do and what has to be done, this latter being special territory of yours. Someone influential in your life might be difficult to deal with. Try to pour oil on troubled waters. Further conflict isn't worth the effort. Lucky colours are blue and yellow. Lucky numbers are 16 and 38.
Go to TopThu Jan 11: May The Force Be With You
There's energy today to spend on people and trying to get a grasp of the big picture, but it may end up an uncertain exercise. The minute you get something done or set, it'll change and then change again. You might clash with associates or end up on a different track. Towards the end of the day you might be wondering just where all this is going. A heavier mood may set in because it may seem as if you're not going anywhere or likely to get what you want. It'll pass. Lucky colours are red and green. Lucky numbers are 23 and 29.
Go to TopFri Jan 12: Conflict Management
There may be disputes or difficulties between colleagues today and you'll be directly or indirectly involved. Everyone might seem to have a hair trigger so just try to wend your way through the pattern of things, in order to keep things going. Where everyone else is frisky or fractious, you might feel as though you just don't want to be there. It would be good to give yourself a little time to withdraw. You'll need a moment for your private thoughts or to deal with some personal matter. Lucky colour isblue. Lucky numbers are 28 and 39.
Go to TopSat Jan 13: Love Blooms
Financial and business matters prosper, but there may be some kind of political interference in your daily activities. Avoid unnecessary arguments, as they will damage your self-esteem. Friends and colleagues will be at your side for support. The fruits of your hard work will be realized today, for you are heading for good fortune and happiness. Lucky colours are golden amber and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 11 and 33.
Go to TopSun Jan 14: Changing Gears
Start the day slowly, even though there may be a natural urgency in others or in the air. Just let them do what they want to do and you keep your own pace. This is a natural process with the Goat anyway. After lunchtime things seem to get into gear for you and you'll be able to put some real momentum into the tasks at hand. Pressure will be building over the next little while and there's lot of attention to be given to money matters. This is the gear change that sets up the week. Lucky colours are blue and brown. Lucky numbers are 39 and 21.
Go to TopMon Jan 15: More Clarity
Enough is enough! You are looking for change and the Moon in your sign is the inspiration you have been looking for. There will be much more clarity with this energy and you will have a firmer grasp on what you wish to explore. Your imagination is ignited. You will be happier to put your thoughts into action rather than to sit around discussing them. Lucky colours are strawberry and blue. Lucky numbers are 1 and 11.
Go to TopTue Jan 16: High Finance
With the Moon in your sign, it's a good day for commerce and related activities. Astral influences are auspicious for forming new business partnerships. Investments made at this time will be extremely profitable, and the same goes for any assets that you purchase now. Your personal finances should be in reasonable shape but if you need a loan, you stand a good chance of getting approval today. Lucky colours are electric blue and iridescent green. Lucky numbers are 16 and 17.
Go to TopWed Jan 17: New Moon
Today's New Moon falls in your sign and your first house. Make plans for where you want to go and what you want to do. Set new ventures in motion. Be inspiring. Take a different tack or a new perspective on the matter of your future. Discuss ideas with partners or close associates. Focus especially on the creative. There are books and songs waiting to be written. Don't be put off by discouragement from family members and don't let matters of the home hold you back. Go forward. Lucky colours are red and grey. Lucky number is30.
Go to TopThu Jan 18: Leave Your Wallet Home
Today Venus, the planet of love and money, enters your house of income. You can expect to see money coming to you and your self-worth is ultra-positive now. But better leave your wallet or purse at home if you're going anywhere near the shops, because it's one of those days when your willpower is non-existent. It will be great fun at the time, of course, especially if you buy some status symbols or designer clothes, but you may not feel quite so cheery when you add up how much you've spent. So be warned! Lucky colours are sable and tangerine. Lucky numbers are 14 and 68.
Go to TopFri Jan 19: Busy Day
There's a lot going on that needs to be attended to so just keep working through matters at hand. With the Moon in your own sign, you are at the hub of everything and everyone wants something from you. You could shine if you have a moment to spare but that may not be likely. Remember that after today's business is dealt with you'll need sometime to withdraw, spending it in seclusion or with loved ones. Sleep is important to restore the worn spirit. Lucky colours are lilac and violet. Lucky numbers are 23 and 40.
Go to TopSat Jan 20: Even Better
If you felt good yesterday you're feeling even better today, which is very good news. You're in the mood to enjoy yourself and will manage to do this whatever you have planned. What's more, your happy-go-lucky attitude will rub off on everyone else as well, making you a very popular person to have around. Listen out for some good news about a child or loved one. Lucky colours are nutmeg and honeycomb. Lucky numbers are 32 and 36.
Go to TopSun Jan 21: Keep Your Cool
There are resounding impacts coming from all around you today. Colleagues and associates might be up in arms, at odds with each or just running about in a crazy fashion. Keep a cool head and try not to be swept along by the excitement. Even you could be feeling a little hot under the collar. A shift in attitudes or values is what is called for to deal with the situation. Step back and have a look then step in and take action. Work around the feelings of others. Don't challenge them. Lucky colours are red and blue. Lucky numbers are 7 and 16.
Go to TopMon Jan 22: Emotional Matters
With the Moon in Aries there could be matters of pressing importance with regard to home and emotions. Attend to whatever needs to be done in the domain of your home life. Look at the list of little jobs with regard to improvement or cleaning up. Strangely, you may not all that much like getting down and doing them at first. Once you get started though, you can make some headway. How are the folk around you feeling? Don't just make things a matter of work. Spend time with loved ones. Lucky colours are blue and lavender. Lucky numbers are 4 and 19.
Go to TopTue Jan 23: Out of Sorts
Are you out of sorts with family members today? Or they with you? How much attention is being exchanged to keep the flow of your emotional ties going? It could be important to look at this side of your life and put a little more energy into it. Children especially (if you have them) may need something from you. There's energy around and a sense of that much can be or needs to be done. Make sure you leave time in your busy schedule for your emotional life. Lucky colours are blue and terracotta. Lucky numbers are 16 and 25.
Go to TopWed Jan 24: Don't Get Irritable
You might be at cross purposes with yourself or with loved ones. This could show up as frustration or just plain irritability. Don't give into it, but do let it move through your system. Breathe deeply. Express what you feel then let it go. The mood shifts as evening comes around. Lady Venus favors you with contacts and communication, visits and social gatherings. All the hot blood passes, especially if you're in good company. People may want you to lend an ear. Do! You can do them good. Lucky colours are green and brown. Lucky numbers are 6 and 14.
Go to TopThu Jan 25: Little Things
It might seem to be just a day to cruise through (though cruisy is not always everyone else's first first choice of descriptions for the goat). But there you are, just working away and bang! Little things that blow or go wrong or get in the way. Just weave you way through and around and everything will get done in the end. The mood of the day may finish on a more sober note than the one on which it began. But, sober consideration is your specialty after all. Lucky colours are yellow and grey. Lucky numbers are 6 and 33.
Go to TopFri Jan 26: The Flesh Is Weak
Don't be surprised if it's difficult to get motivated during the next six weeks. With Mars the Mauler in your twelfth house, the spirit might be willing but the flesh weak. You may feel a lack of confidence during this phase. Alternatively, you might be working away behind the scenes without revealing your game plan to anyone. Either way, it will be hard to push yourself between now and late June. Lucky colours are sable and jade. Lucky numbers are 1 and 20.
Go to TopSat Jan 27: Expansion Begins
Ho, you Goats! It's going to be a beauty today. There's no time to be the severe and sombre being that you can sometimes be. This is a day for the wild mountain goat whose energy is boundless and who can change tack at the drop of a hat. You'll need to anyway so why fight it? Talk over some big ideas and put yourself into the risk-taker class as you think about how to move forward from here. Expansion is the name of the game so just think big, talk big and act big. Most of all enjoy! Lucky colours are green and black. Lucky numbers are 9 and 21.
Go to TopSun Jan 28: Work, Work, Work
The Moon in Gemini and your solar sixth house is just calling your attention to the raft of things that need to be done, most of which are different and some of which will require an entirely different approach. Remember, people come into this category too. Sometimes you goats would just like to see everyone moving as efficiently as the structure of things demands. Life does not always support these fantasies of yours, so for the moment it's time to be flexible and inventive. Lucky colours are green and black. Lucky numbers are 9 and 31.
Go to TopMon Jan 29: Family Matters
With the Moon in Cancer activating your seventh house, the emphasis goes onto your emotional life and how partners or loved ones are feeling. What you're doing may have to be adjusted to them and their needs. There could be friendships and connections that come through family or partners that will enhance today and make it more pleasurable. Putting effort into a common purpose could generate some very enjoyable feelings. Lucky colours are green and brown. Lucky numbers are 10 and 24.
Go to TopTue Jan 30: Lend An Ear
Emotions run high between partners today; it may seem impossible to live with or without your mate, best friend, or business partner. Use this energy to grow closer rather than break apart. It is time to sit down together and work things out calmly and with respect. There is so much you can accomplish if you are willing to listen as much as you speak. Lucky colours are teal and mauve. Lucky numbers are 2 and 16.
Go to TopWed Jan 31: Disturbed by Dollars
With the Full Moon in Leo awakening your eighth house and Mercury moving into Aquarius in your second house, you may have money on your mind. There could be some problems to solve financially and there may be unexpected developments or realizations regarding your position. Discussions with colleagues at work will be of help and there may be an avenue or opportunity to put matters on a better footing quite quickly. Stay at the helm of the ship. Lucky colour is blue. Lucky numbers are 23 and 29.
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