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by Rob Tillett

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Capricorn Capricorn Daily August 2016
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Daily forecasts for August 2016 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopMon Aug 1: Full Of Beans
You're full of beans today, which makes it a great start to August. You're also full of enthusiasm about all sorts of topics, and this will rub off on whoever happens to be around. If you want to talk someone into seeing things from your point of view, or joining you on a forthcoming adventure, you'd better get chatting to them today while you're in full flow. Lucky colours are peach and aquamarine. Lucky numbers are 5 and 55.
Go to TopTue Aug 2: Make It Grow
If you want to put your money to work, start thinking about how you can make it grow. Maybe you should seek some expert advice if you aren't sure what to do, or perhaps you're now ready to make a decision and hope that it turns out well. This is a good day for setting the ball rolling, provided that you know what you're doing and you don't take any foolish risks. We cannot change the way others behave, but we can alter and control our reactions. As Mars moves behind the scenes, you are likely to be more secretive about what you do. Lucky colours are maroon and basalt. Lucky numbers are 4 and 69.
Go to TopWed Aug 3: Stay On Track
This isn't a good day for starting any new negotiations or agreements because they could hit snags and fizzle out. Far better to concentrate on arrangements that are already in the pipeline, and to steer them through to a successful conclusion. You should also avoid making a date to see someone today because, once again, it could all come to nought. Lucky colours are russet and mango. Lucky numbers are 3 and 5.
Go to TopThu Aug 4: Talk It Through
Someone may be dear to your heart but they're being rather unapproachable today, making it hard to establish any sense of intimacy with them. Try not to take this too personally because there could be reasons for their behaviour that have nothing to do with you. Maybe you should talk to them and find out what's going on, but don't be pushy or needy. Lucky colours are burnished brass and avocado. Lucky numbers are 34 and 14.
Go to TopFri Aug 5: Light And Easy
Today should be fun, light and easy, so enjoy the happy vibes. Your intellect and spiritual awareness will reach a monthly peak as the Moon and Venus travel through your ninth house of the higher mind. Let it flow. Dealings with foreigners and cultured types are also favoured. Romance heats up as well, so do something special for your beloved. You may do well through travel and artistic pursuits too. Lucky colours are bronze and raspberry. Lucky numbers are 9 and 27.
Go to TopSat Aug 6: Upbeat And Cheerful
Everything goes well today. You're feeling upbeat and cheerful, so you attract positive situations and good outcomes. You might want to continue what you started yesterday, or perhaps that's all out of the way and it's time to enjoy yourself instead! If you're going shopping, you'll be drawn to status symbols and other items that will enhance your reputation. But make sure you can afford them! Lucky colours are lemon and nutmeg. Lucky numbers are 10 and 13.
Go to TopSun Aug 7: Daredevil Mood
You're in quite a daredevil mood today, although you'll draw the line at doing anything that's very foolhardy or dangerous. Even so, you're ready to take a few risks and to have a good time in the process. If you've got some spare time you'll enjoy visiting somewhere new or taking off on a mini adventure with some kindred spirits. Lucky colours are salmon and gold. Lucky numbers are 26 and 21.
Go to TopMon Aug 8: Change Of Heart
You aren't sure of yourself today, so don't make any important commitments in case they turn out to be big mistakes. In fact, it's a strange day because you feel unsettled and uncertain, and you could even have a change of heart over something that has always been really important to you until now. It's probably only a temporary blip, so don't take it too seriously at the moment. Lucky colours are viridian and white velvet. Lucky numbers are 4 and 22.
Go to TopTue Aug 9: Clarify Your Thoughts
If you're still feeling unsure of yourself after yesterday, talk to someone who knows you well and who's willing to listen to you pouring your heart out. You'll gain a lot from talking things through, because it will give you the chance to think aloud and to work out exactly where you stand. If you've got no one to confide in, clarify your thoughts by writing everything down. Lucky colours are mahogany and green. Lucky numbers are 37 and 4.
Go to TopWed Aug 10: Back On Track
After the uncertainties of the past couple of days, you're ready to make commitments and get things back on track. This is an excellent day for being practical and efficient, and for making things happen. If you're at work, you'll feel you've achieved a lot and you could win the approval of a boss or superior. Lucky colours are mango and banana. Lucky numbers are 31 and 9.
Go to TopThu Aug 11: Muted Atmosphere
The emotional atmosphere is rather muted today. You might feel sidelined if a loved one has other things to do besides seeing you, or there could be an air of constraint between you. Try not to impose your opinions on other people, especially if you disapprove of the way they're behaving. This isn't the day for giving someone a finger-wagging, unless you don't mind alienating them completely. Lucky colours are jasmine and sepia. Lucky numbers are 31 and 67.
Go to TopFri Aug 12: Tearing Hurry
Someone is in a tearing hurry today, making it difficult to spend much time with them because they keep looking at their watch or trying to chivvy you along. They may also be spoiling for a fight, especially if things haven't been going well for them lately. If you start to feel edgy too, it will help to do something physical and therapeutic, such as going for a jog or kicking a football about. Lucky colours are lavender and spearmint. Lucky numbers are 8 and 6.
Go to TopSat Aug 13: On The Warpath
A certain someone is on the warpath today, so woe betide you if you get on the wrong side of them. Be prepared for a dressing-down or some uncomfortable home truths. If you're upset about something, get it off your chest, otherwise it will eat away at you and make you difficult company. Lucky colours are dark grey and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 40 and 20.
Go to TopSun Aug 14: Change Of Mood
You need plenty of variety and spontaneity in your life today, otherwise you'll get bored and restless. Although you don't always feel comfortable around people who are very unconventional, you're more in the mood for them today than usual. You also need to demonstrate your own individuality rather than be one of the crowd. Lucky colours are mahogany and passionfruit. Lucky numbers are 28 and 3.
Go to TopMon Aug 15: More Accessible
It isn't always easy for you to show your deep emotions but they're more accessible than usual today. Let your feelings flood out, especially if you can do so with one of the special people in your life. It's the day to talk about things you normally bottle up, which will do you the world of good and help you sort out your feelings. Lucky colours are rich cream and lapis lazuli. Lucky numbers are 6 and 8.
Go to TopTue Aug 16: Communications Return To Normal
During the past couple of weeks there have been times when you've struggled to make loved ones understand you. For some reason they couldn't grasp what you were talking about. But all that starts to change from today, when communications begin to return to normal. They may still need a nudge in the right direction from you, however, so don't automatically assume that it's a case of least said, soonest mended. You may need to do a bit more explaining than that. Lucky colours are grey and raspberry. Lucky numbers are 10 and 2.
Go to TopWed Aug 17: Influential
Try to spend some time with older friends and relatives during the next few weeks. You'll really value their company and get a lot out of talking to them. There's a good chance that you might start a romantic relationship with someone who's either much older or much younger than you, or you could get involved with someone who's influential and powerful. Lucky colours are honeycomb and orange. Lucky numbers are 34 and 69.
Go to TopThu Aug 18: Full Moon
Today's Full Moon picks up yesterday's financial theme, and tells you what you need to concentrate on during the coming two weeks. Yes, it's money! You need to do some serious economizing or rethink your priorities and values in life. Perhaps you need to remember that money and status isn't everything. Not even for a Capricorn! Lucky colours are ivory and yellow. Lucky numbers are 20 and 72.
Go to TopFri Aug 19: Don't Fret
Money worries threaten to put a crimp in your day. You might be waiting for a cheque or payment that hasn't arrived, or you could be faced with a big bill and be left wondering how on earth you're going to pay it. Try not to get bogged down in fretting about things you can't change and concentrate instead on those things you can do something about. Lucky colours are crimson and sable. Lucky numbers are 15 and 22.
Go to TopSat Aug 20: Chin Up
Try to spend time today with someone whose company you really value. They'll help you feel good about yourself, especially if you've felt knocked about by the events of the past few days. They will certainly help to restore your self respect and confidence, even if all they do is pay you a few compliments or remind you of some of your recent achievements. Lucky colours are blackberry and pistachio. Lucky numbers are 14 and 69.
Go to TopSun Aug 21: Change The Subject
A certain person is very forceful, making it uncomfortable to be around them for long. They have very strong ideas about how things should be and they're keen to tell you all about them. This might be all right for a while but it will soon start to pall, especially if there are reasons why you can't tell them to take a running jump. Try changing the subject. Lucky colours are purple and avocado. Lucky numbers are 20 and 52.
Go to TopMon Aug 22: Familiar Things
You often prefer to stick with the things you know rather than to branch out in new directions, but you start to feel a lot more adventurous than usual from today and this state will continue for the coming four weeks. It will be a wonderful opportunity to try something new for a change, and it could work out a lot better than you were expecting. Good luck! Lucky colours are marmalade and black. Lucky numbers are 23 and 69.
Go to TopTue Aug 23: Realistic Projects
If you've been thinking about moving house or doing up your current home, this is an excellent day for checking that things are running smoothly or deciding what your options are. You're in a practical and sensible mood and don't want to waste your time on projects that don't stand a chance of becoming reality, so you can expect to make some excellent progress. Lucky colours are fawn and emerald. Lucky numbers are 36 and 16.
Go to TopWed Aug 24: Satisfying Day
This promises to be one of the most enjoyable and satisfying days in August for you, so be prepared to make the most of it. It's ideal for broadening your horizons, whether mentally or physically. You might also be offered a wonderful opportunity, even if it doesn't look all that good at first. Ideally, you should do something sociable too, preferably in the company of some of your favourite people. Lucky colours are gold and raspberry. Lucky numbers are 2 and 30.
Go to TopThu Aug 25: Energy To Burn
You're blessed with an abundance of energy, so make good use of it. You certainly shouldn't sit around doing nothing unless you have no choice in the matter, because that will soon start to make you feel agitated, restless and irritable. Even going for short walks or running up and down stairs will help to burn off some of your excess energy and keep you sweet-tempered. Lucky colours are silver and navy. Lucky numbers are 33 and 35.
Go to TopFri Aug 26: Word Weapons
Someone's being awfully snappy and crotchety today, using words like weapons, so try not to get in the firing line. If you're the one who's shooting from the hip and giving everyone a hard time, do your best to work out what's bugging you and then do something about it. But you won't have any friends left if you carry on like this! Lucky colours are caramel and coffee. Lucky numbers are 20 and 38.
Go to TopSat Aug 27: Get To Grips
This is a brilliant day for getting on with chores and making sure that everything in your life is running smoothly. Get to grips with any paperwork that's hanging around and demanding your attention, make any phone calls that are overdue or pay some bills. It's also a good day for having a general tidy-up and chucking out anything you no longer need. Lucky colours are pale purple and lapis lazuli. Lucky numbers are 2 and 7.
Go to TopSun Aug 28: Putting Up Obstacles
This is a tricky day because you feel as though you're stuck and can't make any progress. Maybe someone is standing in your way or objecting to all the suggestions you make. If so, you might decide that they're deliberately being awkward because they want to make life difficult for you. But why? You won't be able to answer that question yet, but keep it in mind. Lucky colours are ebony and fuchsia. Lucky numbers are 39 and 27.
Go to TopMon Aug 29: Get In Touch
Spend time with other people today because they'll make you feel good. It's perfect for getting together with someone who's on the same wavelength as you or who shares some of your beliefs. If you haven't heard from someone who lives far away or in another country, get in touch with them so you can find out how they are. Lucky colours are pale blue and champagne. Lucky numbers are 40 and 27.
Go to TopTue Aug 30: Good Graces
The planet of love enters your tenth house of career and reputation, helping to put you in the good graces of your elders and superiors. You may even get a pay rise or promotion during the next few weeks, so don't be afraid to ask for what you need. Relationships with your parents and authority figures should also improve under this influence. Lucky colours are garnet red and pewter grey. Lucky numbers are 8 and 10.
Go to TopWed Aug 31: Be Wary
It's hard to get at the truth today, partly because you're in a bit of a state and partly because other people aren't being as straightforward as you'd like. Mercury is entering a retrograde phase, so be especially wary of anyone who insists they're telling you the truth because it probably means that they aren't. Watch out, too, for anyone who wants to brainwash you into signing up to their own set of beliefs, whether these are religious, political or environmental. Lucky colours are grey and orange. Lucky numbers are 17 and 20.
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