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by Rob Tillett

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Capricorn Capricorn Daily May 2016
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Daily forecasts for May 2016 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopSun May 1: May Day
It's May Day, so the boys are a-boppin and the girls are all gaa-gaa. Yay, it's May Day, when fiery festivities and frolicking fun are good for the Goat. Even though you have been down in the dumps, with Mars retro in your twelfth house, make the effort to get out and enjoy yourself. If you are not in the mood for fun, spend time in quiet relaxation, perhaps investigating the secrets of the ancient times. More on May Day. More on Beltane. Lucky colours are pale violet and sage green. Lucky numbers are 12 and 18.
Go to TopMon May 2: Potentially Combustible
It's another potentially combustible day because you're feeling impatient and irritable. Everyone is moving too slowly and deliberately for your liking, or perhaps you're simply in a tearing hurry. It's easy to lose your rag over the smallest little thing, but try not to get heated over trivial matters that wouldn't normally bother you. If you do start to get really irritable and can feel yourself getting out of control, channel all that nervous energy into constructive physical activities. Lucky colours are jade and olive. Lucky numbers are 31 and 72.
Go to TopTue May 3: Moral Support
Things start to calm down again today, which is just as well after the irritations of the past few days. It's a wonderful opportunity to set the record straight with someone you've fallen out with recently, so long as you're sincere about apologizing and putting matters to rights. You may also be asked to give someone your moral support so they know you care about them and have their best interests at heart. Lucky colours are violet and pistachio. Lucky numbers are 14 and 5.
Go to TopWed May 4: Building Bridges
It's another good day for building bridges, especially if things have been rather dicey between you lately. This is also a fantastic day for making your contribution to a discussion or negotiation about something that you consider to be important. You may not want to hog the conversation but what you do say will be valuable. Lucky colours are fawn and taupe. Lucky numbers are 39 and 64.
Go to TopThu May 5: Familiar Faces
Surround yourself with loved ones and other familiar faces because that's exactly what you're in the mood for. You may have to get some work out of the way, but resist the temptation to hurry through it so you can enjoy yourself more quickly. After that, you can relax and spend the rest of the day in the way you want. Lucky colours are brown and white. Lucky numbers are 19 and 14.
Go to TopFri May 6: New Moon
Today's New Moon brightens up your life, and you could do with some sunshine after the difficulties of the past few days. Happily, the next couple of weeks will be full of enjoyment, laughter and entertainment if you play your cards right. Start arranging some social events that you can look forward to, or book up a few treats such as a visit to the theatre, cinema or your favourite restaurant. Lucky colours are yellow and sable. Lucky numbers are 19 and 31.
Go to TopSat May 7: Scaled Down Scrooge
Someone is behaving like a scaled down version of Scrooge today. What a misery. Is there really something sour to say about everything? Don't let this old sourpuss get the better of you. If you can't think who fits this description, make sure you aren't the guilty party. Lucky colours are rod and aqua. Lucky numbers are 32 and 59.
Go to TopSun May 8: Mothers' Day
If you have to cope with a low-key atmosphere and someone who seems to take delight in dowsing everything in cold water, negative and carping comments can start to get you down after a while. Maybe you should give them as wide a berth as possible. Why not go see your mother, as after all it's Mothers' Day. If the nay-sayers tell you a few home truths these won't make for comfortable listening because they could be more accurate than you'd like to think. Ouch! Read more about Mothers' Day. Lucky colours are cream and cinnamon. Lucky numbers are 10 and 23.
Go to TopMon May 9: Do Something Enjoyable
Do something enjoyable and relaxing today, even if you can only devote a short time to it due to pressing concerns. It's important that you give yourself a treat at some point, or you'll feel as though you're missing out. Today also presents a wonderful opportunity for making a fuss of someone you really care about, whether it's a special day for them or you simply want to celebrate having them in your life. Lucky colours are magenta and copper. Lucky numbers are 22 and 21.
Go to TopTue May 10: Hair Down
After yesterday's endeavours it's time to have some fun. Yes, even steady Sea-Goats can let their hair down once in a while! The stars favour plans of all kind today, so put some in place. Surround yourself with your favourite people or you might just want to spend time with one special person. If you've set your sights on someone who seems aloof, things could change radically today. Lucky colours are orange and cream. Lucky numbers are 25 and 47.
Go to TopWed May 11: Have Your Say
Have your say about things that concern you at home or at work, but do not try to dominate the conversation or insist that you get your own way at every opportunity. You simply want things to run as smoothly as possible and will take satisfaction from expressing your opinion, so everyone knows what you think. Lucky colours are amethyst and marmalade. Lucky numbers are 38 and 40.
Go to TopThu May 12: Using Your Brain
During the coming fortnight you'll enjoy using your brain, whether for business purposes or purely for fun. You'll certainly enjoy pitting your wits against those of other people, so how about taking part in a pub quiz, so you can show off your general knowledge, or entering a competition. You're feeling lucky right now and, after all, someone's got to win. Why shouldn't it be you? Lucky colours are honeycomb and banana. Lucky numbers are 15 and 59.
Go to TopFri May 13: Meet Your Mentor
Spend time today with someone you consider to be a mentor or guide, because they'll be able to give you so much. For a start, they might give you some excellent advice based on their own wealth of experience, and they'll also give you moral support so you don't feel as though you're on your own. Your conversation will be no-nonsense but affectionate. More on Friday 13th. Lucky colours are auburn and violet. Lucky numbers are 14 and 7.
Go to TopSat May 14: Smoothing The Path
You're keen to enjoy yourself today, whether you're at work or at home. Make sure that everyone else has a good time as well; do your best to give them little treats or keep them amused. If you are at work, it's a good opportunity to talk to colleagues about things that might be bothering them and also for discussing how to make everything run more smoothly. Lucky colours are spearmint and grape. Lucky numbers are 2 and 13.
Go to TopSun May 15: Be Sensible
If you are determined to do exactly what you want today, this could make you very unpopular, especially if you want to draw a lot of attention to yourself by being wildly unconventional or controversial. Watch out because you may also be slightly accident-prone. If you're driving, stick to the speed limit and don't be tempted to try any clever moves in case they don't work out the way you wanted. Lucky colours are tan and pistachio. Lucky numbers are 13 and 43.
Go to TopMon May 16: Thundery Outbursts
The emotional temperature is steadily climbing, leading to storms and thundery outbursts. What's the cause of all these tempests? Are you over-emotional and overwrought, in a state and ready to snap over the smallest little thing? If so, it's highly likely that you're feeling jealous and caught up in a situation that you can't control. But sulking or yelling won't make things better. Lucky colours are coffee and quartz. Lucky numbers are 3 and 5.
Go to TopTue May 17: Medicine - Laughter!
You aren't in the mood for work today, which is a problem if you have to keep your nose to the grindstone. All the same, you'll do your best to ensure that even work is good fun, rather than one step up from slave labour, which may mean keeping your workmates amused and generally having a good laugh. Do your best to get all the important work out of the way to avoid getting ticked off, and then relax by enjoying yourself at every opportunity. Lucky colours are red and ebony. Lucky numbers are 1 and 7.
Go to TopWed May 18: Great Ideas
You've got some great ideas today. The question is whether you dare to put them into action. If you're hesitant about this it's because you suspect that your plans and opinions are too off-beat or unconventional, but are you sure that's true? Discussing them with people you trust could reveal a very different picture and make you realize that you've got your finger on the pulse. Have the courage of your convictions! Lucky colours are avocado and primrose. Lucky numbers are 5 and 28.
Go to TopThu May 19: Sociable And Outgoing
This looks like being one of the nicest days in the whole of May, so enjoy it. You're feeling sociable, outgoing and friendly, and all you really want to do is have a good time. Get together with people who always make you laugh, especially if they happen to be some of your favorites as well, and give yourself a treat. It's also a super day for making exciting travel plans, such as arranging a forthcoming holiday or weekend break. Lucky colours are beige and parchment. Lucky numbers are 25 and 53.
Go to TopFri May 20: Quick Off The Mark
You're quick off the mark today, not only physically but mentally too. There are no flies on you, Cap, and anyone who tries to get the better of you in a discussion will soon have to retire to lick their wounds. It's not that you'll be rude or aggressive, simply that right now you can run rings around other people and you've got a clever answer to virtually anything. Lucky colours are vermilion and avocado. Lucky numbers are 6 and 12.
Go to TopSat May 21: Full Moon
You're under a lot of pressure today, which makes you rather tetchy and tense. Even so, you should try to channel your nervous energy in constructive directions because then you'll achieve a tremendous amount. If you'll be seeing someone you fancy from afar, there will be plenty of sparks flying between you. But what do they mean? Lucky colours are auburn and avocado. Lucky numbers are 19 and 46.
Go to TopSun May 22: Important Decisions
There have been some silly but irritating misunderstandings between you and loved ones recently but you get the chance to sort them out from today. It may only take a couple of minutes or you might have to put in a lot more effort than that, but either way it will feel good to get things back to normal. You might also make an important decision now about a child or creative project. Lucky colours are pistachio and coffee. Lucky numbers are 16 and 70.
Go to TopMon May 23: Take No Risks
Don't take any risks when handling your finances today, because there are strange things going on. Someone may not be as straightforward and honest as usual, or can't explain themselves properly, which leads to misunderstandings and false assumptions. If you're spending money, make sure you're charged the right price and given the correct change. And don't let your wallet or purse out of your sight, in case you mislay it or someone nabs it. Lucky colours are chocolate and apricot. Lucky numbers are 34 and 20.
Go to TopTue May 24: Brighten Things Up
It's time to put some harmony into your working environment, Goats. Venus heading into healing Gemini improves relationships with colleagues and employees. An office romance, or a social event connected with co-workers is likely. Beautify your workplace: anything from major renovations to adding fresh paint, plants or artwork to brighten things up. It's time to get your diet and fitness together too. Beauty treatments, dental work, and cosmetic surgery are favoured. Lucky colours are terra cotta and sage green. Lucky numbers are 6 and 24.
Go to TopWed May 25: Sort It Out
If you need to get someone organized, this is the day to do it. You'll sort things out without sounding bossy or patronizing, and you'll also get co-operation instead of resistance. It's a good day for having a serious chat with a child, perhaps because you've got to explain something and you want to make sure you do it properly and in a way that doesn't create confusion or fear. Lucky colours are sable and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 4 and 26.
Go to TopThu May 26: Pat On The Back
Someone is awfully pleased with themselves today and it's probably you. You're perfectly justified in patting yourself on the back and feeling proud of what you've achieved. Leave it at that and don't be tempted to draw anyone's attention to your achievements by bragging or boasting about them. Right now it's better to retain a modest silence and let them discover your talents for themselves. Lucky colours are blackberry and blossom. Lucky numbers are 5 and 3.
Go to TopFri May 27: Mars Retrogrades Into Scorpio
It's another day when tensions are rife and you feel stretched to breaking point. You might even totally lose your temper with someone, instead of merely snapping at them as you did yesterday. Passionate Mars does the retro stomp into Scorpio today, so it would be better to clear the air now with a row, and then forget all about it, rather than allowing bad feelings to accumulate and fester inside you. Lucky colours are tartan and grape. Lucky numbers are 29 and 66.
Go to TopSat May 28: Your Daily Schedule
The coming fortnight will be a great opportunity to think about your daily schedule. Does it suit you? Or are you bored with it and looking for ways to liven it up? This will also be a good time to read up on any health matters that might concern you, to get the advice of your doctor or dentist, or to take your pet to the vet for a check-up. Lucky colours are amber and mulberry. Lucky numbers are 17 and 12.
Go to TopSun May 29: Emotionally Vulnerable
There's a lot going on under the surface you don't want to admit to. Maybe you're really worried about one thing, but you're deflecting your anxiety on to other topics instead. Take care, because you're in an emotionally vulnerable state and problems will assume massive proportions if you let them. Talk to someone who will understand. Lucky colours are rose and violet. Lucky numbers are 7 and 25.
Go to TopMon May 30: Get Motivated
Things promise to go really well for you today, especially if you're at work. But you'll have to put in some effort in order to get results, so don't imagine that sitting back with your feet up will do the trick if you're supposed to hard at it instead. The trouble is that you're feeling very laid-back, so it will be hard to get motivated. But if you can get started, the results will be more than worth it. Lucky colours are lime and lavender. Lucky numbers are 11 and 9.
Go to TopTue May 31: Conventional Mood
You're in a conventional mood today, happy to follow tried and tested patterns of behaviour rather than to strike out in bold new directions. That means you might prefer to meet up with old friends you've known since the year dot instead of people you're still getting to know. If you're involved in a discussion or negotiation you'll take a traditional approach, especially if it's one that's worked for you in the past. Lucky colours are gold and grape. Lucky numbers are 5 and 11.
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