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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for June 2017

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The Lovers

Nice! After a period of somewhat laborious stress the love lines open up again. The truth of your love, both specific and universal, will be shining through. Any build up of blame or judgement will simply seem silly and just wisp away as nothing. The truth of your loving attachments and the enrichment they bring to your life will be beautifully obvious.
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Two of Wands

Career matters have been a difficult juggling act for quite a while now. Well, June sees you treading a whole new path and it's all around foreign languages or cultures, or creative output. Foreign might be all about you or all about someone or something you can bring to others. There's a definite win ahead for you on this path and you will in some way formalise this work ability. Your wishes will be fulfilled.
Go to Top Finance

We see here that previous period of career juggle causing financial stress. Well, you've got a resounding victory ahead in your financial life this month that is a reflection of the conditions explained in your sector of career. You'll be harmoniously involved with two or three other people and, once again, we see the flavour of foreign influence around you leading to the victory.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Five of Cups

You are letting go of some old spiritual beliefs that have become irrational in the light of new knowledge and experiences. You will have a gentle renewal and regeneration of interest in matters spiritual, as a result of this greater understanding and information that has come to as if by chance. Well, it wasn't by chance, so look into that, Cancer.

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