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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for April 2017

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Four of Swords

It seems all is in stasis for you at the moment, Cancer. Relationships, although stable, aren't exactly joyful, because your focus is on the basics of survival and ascertaining what exactly are your obligations. It's a toss-up for you as to whether you follow your heart or follow your work obligations. Once you solve this inner dilemma, the joy of the love in your life will begin to heal you.
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The Star

Your career hopes and wishes will come true, just not necessarily in the form you expect. Continue to put your intentions into concrete actions and do this sooner rather than later. Once you're out there fulfilling your intentions, you'll attract offers that 'word of mouth' has engendered, that will take you further, albeit in an unexpected direction.
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The Lovers

Whatever you do that is independently driven, along with a partner or loved one, will prove to be successful. There are those who doubt your choices and tend to put a negative energy around your ambitions but it's important that you do not allow them to undermine your confidence in yourself. Money will come to you through pursuing your original skill sets in a most pure and dedicated way.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Higher Consciousness
Seven of Pentacles

You've started something new and you're watching to see that which you've invested in the project so far bear fruit. You are carrying a feeling of financial burden and trying your best to establish greater security. You will do well to accept that no one avenue of endeavour will be enough, but the combination to three or more differing work avenues will prove perfectly adequate, if a little exhausting.

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