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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for March 2018

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Ace of Cups

How wonderful! We see our Cancerians in a state of emotional and relational peace, joy and harmony. Having improved financial circumstances, with the promise of greater ongoing security certainly has a positive effect on you and your hearth and home relationships. The hand of destiny is governing this period for you and you'll find greater wisdom is yours as a corollary to this time of happiness.
Go to Top Career
Five of Cups

Career-wise you think something is over, done and dusted. Well, it's not. There's still something left that your incisive investigation will unearth, dear Cancer, that will become the basis for a whole new endeavour which will emerge like a phoenix out of the ashes. It'll take some serious effort on your part and probably some study. The outcome will be very satisfying and suitable to your lifestyle and temperament.
Go to Top Finance
Queen of Cups

As spoken of above, an avenue of income has been lost, but you'll take the basics of that endeavour that are still up and active and you'll start something even more financially advantageous than that which has gone. There will be some up's and down's and possibly a battle or two in the start-up period, but strong backing will lead you toward a financial situation worth celebrating.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Nine of Pentacles

This is a fine topper for the rest of this reading for March. We see peace, harmony, prosperity, healthy new growth, joy, creativity, artistry and love. What more can you need? Oh! Courage and a delightfully positive attitude around everything you do.

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