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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for March 2017

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The Sun

All is delightful and growing even more so this month in your emotional or relational life. A disappointment does come your way as far as a particular loved one is concerned and yet you will work to turn that around to form a victory. Although there may be someone who will battle with you over this victory, you will overcome the odds and realise your hopes.
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Seven of Cups

It's all about imagination and creativity with you, dear Cancer. Your success will always be based on those two gifts, accompanied by your natural incentive to keep working, even when it looks gloomy or impossible. There will be those who will try to deceive or control you, but you will see that coming and overcome it. Destiny has divined your success well in advance of your efforts. Keep faith in yourself.
Go to Top Finance
Seven of Pentacles

You and a partner have done the work and are waiting and watching for the money to come in. Something occurs that puts your expectations under threat; in fact it will look like a bit of a disaster. You will juggle your finances while taking steps to turn this misfortune around and you will be victorious. Yet, you may have to take some casual work to tide you over till the money comes rolling in.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The Star

Because of the obstructive events in your sector of career, you will have taken to battle for your rights and will have successfully established renewal of your hopes around the remuneration for the project in question. Your hopes are truly going to be fulfilled. You may still need to take casual work for a wage for a while yet, but stay strong and keep creating, because you will soon be gratified for your faith.

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