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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for February 2017

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Two of Swords

You're feeling the pressures and fatigue that's involved in your responsibility to family or loved ones as the month begins. Then you get information that engenders a great and sudden change and the events concerned serve to reignite love in your life. Destiny is guiding these events, bringing you closer to joy and gratitude. Someone will be travelling later in the month. It may or may not be you.
Go to Top Career
Eight of Cups

You will walk away from an aspect of your career that has ceased to hold your interests or serve your purposes at all. As a result, you will enter a life phase that is rich, creative and financially very pleasing. This situation will allow you to assist your extended family in some way and generate the establishment of a whole new connection with loved ones.
Go to Top Finance
Four of Swords

Money expected has been either postponed or failed to manifest as the month begins. But the hand of destiny is looking after your interests, dear Cancer. Work done in the past is soon to come to fruition and earn you the income that you need at this time. Good advice from an expert in your field will assist you in running two or three avenues of work for income to advantage, allowing you greater financial independence.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Ace of Wands

After a period of feeling uncertain and undirected, you find your way to new beginnings. Your creative drive is the fuel that leads you forward. You’ll be quietly percolating new ideas for a while and, when you're ready, a project will speedily come to fruition and be remuneratively very pleasing.

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