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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for December 2016

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Six of Cups

Both your greatest joy and your greatest anxiety revolve around your family. It may be family of origin or family of construction, probably both, that holds your major focus this month. Your anxiety is around the financial demands upon you regarding family needs. The joy is in how your heart swells with joy when you see how rich your family life is. You will have to apply your wisdom this month toward defining your priorities as to just where you place your energies and resources.
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Two of Wands

Your work has the flavour of foreign shores about it. Even though this avenue is rather burdensome for you, most probably due to lengthy travel and difficult hours, it's your best bet for income at this time. It may not be your favourite style of work, but it is in the field you do crave to work. If an opportunity comes up this month of a longer journey for work than usual, take it. It will lead to a victory you hadn't expected.
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Knight of Wands

Wisdom would have you keep striving on the path suggested in your above sector of career and take your chances in the field you enjoy and have a standard of excellence in. It's all for your family and even though you are nervous about adequate income it will come to you. This is not a time of great prosperity, but it is an adequate amount you'll be earning and it's within your spirit's scope of satisfaction.
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The Hierophant

Yes, there is a degree of sacrifice for our Cancerians where money is concerned. You can focus on the inconvenience involved in your work avenue, or you can focus on the fact that you're making a living in your field of choice, if not in the exact sector of the field that you'd prefer. Your work world will be generally happy and there's a significant financial win to come your way as you persist down the time line.

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