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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for October 2016

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Ten of Pentacles

You work hard for your money, yet you can expect a break this month. Money will come your way other than that which you earn. You may have to overcome some opposition around this circumstance, but as you carry through and greater prosperity comes to you, your choices will be vindicated. Why is this information coming through to your sector of romance and relationship? Because your relationship life will be considerably better as more money rolls in.
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Nine of Pentacles

See, just as I told you in your above sector of romance and relationship, your career is about to take a triumphant turn this October. I think you'll accept that creative abundance could, along with greater prosperity and a lot more fun, be yours for the taking. Many aspects of your life will become more harmonious and joyful as the events beginning in October come to maturity.
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Nine of Cups

Well, your financial wishes are soon to come true. This is underscoring the information in both your above sectors. Be sure to undertake due diligence where contracts and accounting is concerned. It's better to sacrifice a little than to have legal strife of any sort. So, there's more creative joy and prosperity ahead for you.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Six of Pentacles

Actually, the very fact of having a period of time where you have greater material ease is going to work toward changing your deepest attitude toward materialism itself. Being in a state of greater inner peace will allow you to judiciously review your previous attitude toward material gain. This may be a rocky shift for you, but you'll certainly come through with greater inner peace as the inevitable ebb and flow of material life on Earth proceeds.

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