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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for January 2017

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Queen of Swords

If you're feeling the weight of responsibility for your loved ones, both near and far, you also feel a little impotent to fulfil those obligations. But it's not in your spirit to give up, or lose hope. A major surprise event will turn the corner about this circumstance. After taking time to restore your energies after the said event, you will find you have all you need to fulfil those hopes and wishes around loved ones.
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Eight of Cups

Although concerned about money, you have worked away from a work situation that has truly lost any appeal to you. You've had to defend yourself strongly about this move, yet those truly close to you have faith in your intent and will stand by you. You live under a lucky star, so your hopes and wishes about endeavour for income will be realised and soon you'll be celebrating a success.
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The Star

See what I mean, you've got a guiding star that delivers your hopes into reality. You'll be juggling finances for some while yet and fighting those judgements from others who cannot understand your overall intentions for monetary security, or at least the inflow of plenty in what form and time span it takes. Stick to your guns over your professional ambitions. Good things will come your way.
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King of Cups

You are strong, but you're still prone to times of both nervousness and feeling fed up with the struggles of life. Know that you have good things coming to you as the hand of destiny helps you realise your dreams, but it will not always be an easy road you walk. Faith in yourself and your lucky star will grow and help your confidence in your self.

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