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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for June 2015

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The Hermit
June is a month where you'll feel somewhat withdrawn, preferring to spend time alone or with close family. There is an undercurrent here, explaining your social fatigue. An ongoing fight with a younger person draws your emotional energy toward the negative. There's a lesson here for Cancerians: learn to compartmentalise your energies, so that when not in a direct confrontation, put the issue behind you and retrieve your energy for joyful experience. It is within your power.
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Nine of Wands
You're harbouring fears around your career, Cancer, and the strains spoken of in your above sector of romance and relationship aren't helping. Concerns around a person either from or in another country add to your feelings of fear and heavy responsibility. You're going to find that your fears are based on past experiences and are unfounded in the present. New joy in your work will assuage those old distresses.
Go to Top Finance
The Empress
Whatever those fears are that emerged in your sector of career, one thing is for sure: your finances are not suffering from events occurring in that prior sector. Destiny is taking care of your material wellbeing this month. New financial promise arises as a result of a more minor aspect of your work endeavour. Look forward to a fine harvest.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Seven of Wands
The rifted relationship you're experiencing in your sector of romance and relationship shows in this sector. Initially your modus operandi was simply standing your ground and refusing to be pulled down. It appears in the cards that you'll need to do more than try to avert conflict. You must speak your mind and be absolute about your boundaries. Your wish for harmony will soon come true, but it may be at the expense of a little money. The gains will overshadow the loss.

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