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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for May 2015

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Romance and Relationship
Nine of Cups
In the recent past you've worked well to solve problems that had arisen in your emotional or relational life. Now, in the month of May, your wishes around the outcomes of your efforts are about to come true. As this occurs, you begin to realise that there's actually one relationship that has lost its charm for you; in fact it has become a negative connection and you'll gladly walk away from it. Instead, orient around that relationship which has realised your heartfelt wishing.
The Lovers
All is well in your sector of career, Cancer. In fact it's going to be a rather joyous time for you, with security and prosperity resulting from your career endeavours. You will be working with at least one loved one and you will be following a trail that allows for self-motivated independence, which is very much your preferred modality. A significant win of some sort will advance your endeavours considerably.
You experience a resounding victory where your finances are concerned. This brings about a circumstance where natural, spiritual justice, in accord with divine laws, secures your financial state in a way that you find both pleasing and particularly harmonious. Those with whom you are associated, where income is concerned, will be very understanding and cooperative.
Focus of Soul or Being
Nine of Wands
OK. As your circumstances change within every sector, even though the changes are each delightful in their own way, you feel nervous, maybe even scared. Well that's an unnecessary waste of your energy. It is purely based on fears founded in past negative experiences that have made you untrusting of any apparent good that comes your way. Do not fear the minor sacrifice that is asked of you, because it's all leading to joy and plenty.

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