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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for August 2016

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Nine of Pentacles
Worry about money has been a factor in the peace and harmony of your home life and love with your special ones. August promises relief in relation to money matters and to the degree that your prosperity and contentment blossoms so will matters of the heart for our Cancerians. I see joyous contentment, creative sharing and prosperity bringing out the very best in you and your loved ones.
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Nine of Wands
Nice! Your career wishes are soon to come true. Not only creative satisfaction but definite financial satisfaction will be yours before the month is out. This pattern of success will open the way for you to tread a new path hat has held attraction for you for some while now. The hand of destiny is also arranging the possibility of travel and reunion with family and other loved ones later in the year.
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The Sun
Oh! You have every manner of prosperity at your finger tips: money earned, money owed you, money won, money given. But it's the money you've earned that gives you the greatest joy, because it confirms your aim to have independence around your earning capacity and the beginning of solid self-employment rather than waiting on other people's choices around you. This even brings about greater harmony in your lovelife as financial stresses are no longer an issue.
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The Lovers
This truly is a time of great harmony, love and joy for our sensitive Crabs. News comes your way which proves that a chance taken a while back has come to blossom, bringing you enough money to make purchases that will improve your home and family circumstance considerably. There's nothing like an atmosphere of love and prosperity to have you really feeling the loving protection of divine providence.

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