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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for October 2015

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The Magician
A period of harmony and joy has inspired you to make some changes within your primary relationships. Taking time to reconnect with your loved one on a more romantic and less mundane level will bring about a regeneration of the amazing and nourishing aspects you once enjoyed. It will be as if the sun is shining upon your relationship again. Marvellous surprises of a new nature will emerge.
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Seven of Cups
For many of you there will be a disappointment concerning your work world. Don't let this worry you, because it's your imaginative, creative strengths that will always see you through. As you find you've the time to concretise those artistic plans you've percolated, yet not acted upon to date, contentment and prosperity will be yours. Have faith in that, dear Cancer.
Go to Top Finance
Three of Pentacles
Your hopes of making money through your creative endeavours are closer to coming to fruition than you imagine. You have two, possibly three different creative forms to undertake and utilise as income streams. Work them. Work them all. There's victory waiting for you when you really take concrete action.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The Hierophant
Your heart is hoping, yearning to re-engage with matters spiritual at this time. Your initial response to this will be to turn to whatever religion you were born into, or brought up within. The outcome will be disappointment. What you once accepted as gospel, shall we say, no longer fits your more mature and informed being. You will initially become rather angry about this. Don't waste your time in anger. Search further for a spiritual reality that makes sense to you.

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