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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for November 2015

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Eight of Wands
A certain relationship has lost its allure for you, and you have chosen to walk away from not only the person concerned, but also the advantages the relationship has offered you. News or communications comes your way this month that shows you clearly how to transform your circumstances without compromising your relational boundaries, while maintaining those advantages that you assumed you'd have to accept loosing. Travel will likely come out of this news as well as money.
Go to Top Career
The Lovers
Love is the empowering energy that supports your career intentions. Love of the work involved and love of the person most prominent as a partner. You're definitely in process of turning your financial fortunes around. You'll find you need to defend your stance with work and your rights to express yourself as you choose. You and the near and dear ones involved with your career aspirations will have reason to celebrate a marvellous victory by the month's end.
Go to Top Finance
King Of Wands
Basically, Cancer, you're waiting for the fruits of work already done to come forth as money. You have faith in the project you established as an avenue of revenue and as the month progresses you'll see the beginning of the flow you'd hoped for. Although you'll remain in a cashcropping job that feels like anathema to your spirit, not only will extra money start rolling in, but new offers will also come your way.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Ace of Swords
You have been experiencing some pretty wild changes in your understanding of matters spiritual for quite some time now. This has seen you cut through a lot of the restricting beliefs that were part of your religious training in your childhood. You wish for more concrete proof of some of the new assumptions you're taking on board, and that wish is to come true. Light will soon be shed upon those questions you're ruminating about.

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