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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for April 2015

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Romance and Relationship
The Hermit
Now is a time when Cancer would be well-advised to take all opportunities available to withdraw from the swings and roundabouts of the outside world. Spend time with family, and in meditation and reflexion. A lot has happened in the recent past and a lot has consequently changed in your life. Family life has required a certain sacrifice from you, so you need to find rest to restore your more adventurous nature.
Three of Wands
There's been a big change in one aspect of your career in recent times, and this change has far from pleased you. The good news is that with the assistance and engagement of two, maybe three other people, you'll be able to reconstruct that aspect of your working life. You'll most likely find that persons from your childhood or background will be involved. There are new things to learn and work to be done; and this will enhance your home and inner creative life.
Page of Wands
Behind you is struggle and strife around your finances. There are people who are giving you a rather hard time. In April, news comes your way announcing a circumstance that has you celebrating. Yet, there remains someone in your life who would continue to attempt to deceive you. You will choose to walk away from this person when you realise their intentions and this will lead to far better financial terms. Undertaking further study in your profession will also help.
Focus of Soul or Being
Ace of Wands
Beautiful new growth has emerged from a circumstance that had in the past caused you grief. The careful attention given to these new and tender buds will furnish not only greater prosperity, but greater emotional joy. Your hopes are to be fulfilled, dear Cancer and this will be of advantage to family members as well as to yourself.

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