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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for February 2018

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Six of Wands

You've recently set yourself up for a major victory over negative energies that have created disharmony and imbalance in hearth and home. This allow for a huge change in your personal or family life, which may well come about more suddenly than you would have chosen. There's a strong connection with someone overseas and this also brings about further changes, all for the god.
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Seven of Swords

There's some deception afoot around your work place. It will affect you financially so you will have to stand your ground in the face of it. The good news is that this circumstance brings about the necessity for a change and it has all been in the hands of destiny in order to guide your life plans toward your greater good.
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Ace of Cups

Everything in your sector of finance is in fact terrific. You're feeling fabulous. That which you are struggling toward will see a resounding victory. Yet, even with the hand of destiny holding a very positive energy over events, actual money won't be seen for quite some time. You know this influx of prosperity is to be yours, so you're very relaxed in the meantime.
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Nine of Pentacles

Creativity, prosperity and joy of the heart will be the primary experience for our Cancerians this month. The more troublesome issues that arise won't be able to seriously burst your happiness bubble. In fact you'll almost relish dealing with the challenges that arise. It's a time where you will begin to see more of the life pattern destiny has planned for you.

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