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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for March 2015

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Romance and Relationship
Queen of Wands
You've undertaken much in the way of personal sacrifices in recent times and, although you're very aware of that which you can no longer enjoy to the level you used to, you're well and truly compensated by the richness of relationships that your sacrifices have engendered. Yet, a sudden change in your circumstances, which will initially startle you, will actually advance your wellbeing and allow you to engage more in some of those recently sacrificed activities, but for considerable remuneration.
An important renewal or regeneration of a previously enjoyed career aspect will be yours by way of others recognising your broader talents and skills. This circumstance will allow you greater independence in your earning capacity. This may not replace your primary avenue of earning, but it will certainly add to the coffers and give you creative satisfaction.
Nine of Cups
A wish is soon to come true and you have a win of some sort, quite out of the blue! What more could you need in your sector of finance? So, why are you still feeling a little nervous and vulnerable? Old habits tend to die hard, but the degree of prosperity coming your way will sweep away that pessimistic streak and it's a very contented Crab we see by the end of the month.
Focus of Soul or Being
Four of Wands
There's certainly a spiritual journey for you this month and it's very probably connected to an actual physical journey you make. Abundance is very much a matter of attitude. Acceptance of abundance is too. A feeling of low self-esteem can actually sabotage the flow of abundance you crave. Mind you, self-esteem is based on right action; it's something to be earned, it cannot be bestowed. So, follow the trail of your emerging abundance back to your better self.

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