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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for February 2016

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Queen of Wands
At this time your closest relationship is harmonious and mellow. You are working toward this just as that friend or partner does. But a hiccup will be a challenge to your mutual trust, and that must be understood and overcome this month. You will succeed and through this circumstance greater prosperity will be the gift to your heart, hearth and home.
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Queen of Pentacles
My but you've been shouldering a heavy work burden for quite a while now. You've done a fine job of fulfilling your responsibility, but now you're tired. It's time for you to arrange a break for yourself. Trust that you'll maintain your work opportunities if you do and you'll come back to your work responsibilities after a good rest truly refreshed and at peace with yourself and your career life.
Go to Top Finance
The Sun
Without the Sun nothing on Earth would flourish and grow. This card in this sector means that you are truly in alignment with the higher Sun, the nurturing energy that protects your material needs in being fulfilled. Although you must work and toil hard at times for this providence and although there is a season for planting seeds and another for harvesting, know that at all times you will be materially protected.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Ten of Wands
This is a message to encourage you to come to terms with those work and financial obligations you have undertaken on this Earth. Be at peace with this period of your life, when tending to the needs of others, mostly family, is your appropriate purpose. It's a matter of choice as to whether you attend to your responsibilities with joy or resentment. Joy would be your best choice and it's within you to create this. It's mostly a matter of attitude and you are the sovereign creator of your own attitudes.

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