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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for August 2015

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Harmony, love and some very good news bring about a strength and purpose in your family in August. This has you feeling that with the unstinting backing of your loved ones you can achieve anything. It's a happy and prosperous home and family that brings you the great joy you find in your heart.
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Five of Wands
There will be trouble in the workplace this month, Cancer. Certain people will attempt to manipulate and intimidate others. You may well be one of those 'others' being targeted. You'll find friends or a partner standing by you, and soon this time of troubles will be over. You'll be feeling rather sensitive for some while, but prosperity, security and reason to celebrate a success will follow.
Go to Top Finance
The Star
You have every reason to have great hopes around your financial advancement. That ruckus in your career sector will however threaten to affect the realisation of those hopes. Once again we can assure you that certain others will assist you to battle for what is yours by right. You'll come out of this battle both wealthier and wiser.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Three of Wands
There's every chance that you'll undertake a significant change this month. The attraction to working with people you have faith in and who function in harmony with you and each other will be strong after the troubles in your usual arena of work. The changes you make will actually find you wealthier and happier than before.

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