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More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer Cancer Tarotscope for January 2015

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Romance and Relationship
King of Cups
Effectively this is a month of emotional peace and joy for you, Cancer. The only cloud on the horizon appears because there's a sad farewell to be embraced. Just when you think the joy is lost you'll realise that the sweet memories you are left with have the power to lift your spirits, even in the absence of the loved one who's no longer beside you. Harmony will settle your heart. You will see the person who has departed yet again.
Knight of Pentacles
Well, you've found your work life to be quite a juggle in recent times, but now it's due to settle down. Your work will actually expand as the month progresses, because new worlds of opportunity will open up to you. With this comes more in the way of income earned quite enjoyably. Also a work-life balance will evolve that's much more family friendly than in your recent past.
The World
Sounds good, and it is. After a period of restriction and high expenses, those opportunities we told you about that would open for you in your sector of career will make quite a difference to your income. This however is no time to go out buying new toys. Be temperate and hold back. Basically this means save your extra money and it will grow to far greater prosperity, bringing peace of mind for the future.
Focus of Soul or Being
Knight of Wands
New information and new feelings for you this month will bring about a distinct change in your understanding of matters spiritual. A wealth of new understanding about how to seek and receive the universal truths will open up the spiritual quest you were born both to and for.

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