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by Suzanna Collins

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Cancer Monthly Forecast for September 2017

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Crabs start the month with the Sun in Virgo, your 3rd house of communication. Be sure to have all information and facts clarified, as Mercury is retrograde. You may experience problems with the car, transport, phones and computers. Day-to-day tasks will be slower to achieve as the influences divert your thoughts to other things and see you side-stepping issues that occur. Otherwise, your interests will centre around local news, chatting with neighbours, or making phone calls to siblings and other relatives. You may need to catch up with emails, letters, messages or pick up on short course you have been thinking about. Be sure to correct mistakes and misunderstandings, especially in financial documents and considerations.

Meanwhile expansive Jupiter is advancing through stylish Libra, your 4th house of home and family. This is a time of good fortune, giving you the opportunity to improve your lifestyle. A parent may be beneficial by living with you, or assisting you in setting up a comfortable home. From the 1st to the 17th, you may decide to expand your home in some way, spend money on the home or even relocate to larger premises. You could be caught up in giving too much of yourself and your possessions.

Jupiter will remain in your 4th house until October 9, when the Lord of Fortune moves into desirable Scorpio, your 5th house of romance, creativity and speculation. That said, there will be something of a drawback from the 21st to October 7th, when mighty Jupiter and disruptive Uranus are in opposition. Events from last March will come to a head, when unexpected changes are likely on the home front or with family members. From the 8th to the 11th, you will undergo positive transformations on the home front, linking your relationships, real estate and family members. From the 13th to the 15th, added work responsibilities, relationships with the boss or work colleagues are not exactly the greatest. Health issues and routine procedures could leave you feeling miserable.

The Full Moon on the 6th occurs in compassionate Pisces, influencing your 9th house of the higher mind. For the month of September, it is known as the Harvest Full Moon and is nearest to the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, the Vernal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere (vernal denotes "Spring"). In some years the Harvest Moon occurs in October depending if the Full Moon occurs closest to the Autumn Equinox. The Full Moon aids the harvest by providing more light at the right time.

This Full Moon will bring out your sensitivity, so avoid those negative influences or people. You might be caught up in daydreams, or overreact to situations by misunderstanding the context of information. There's danger of being self-deluded and detached from reality. However, some of you may gain great insights into spirituality, religion, healing and metaphysics. At the same time, don't lose sight of what is going around you, particularly if you are travelling, making connections with people from overseas, and dealing with venues that you have planned to attend. Avoid being caught up in dubious schemes, as the potential for being hoodwinked and told the wrong information is high.

The 20th sees a New Moon in Virgo, your 3rd house. This the right time to get your communications back to normal. The New Moon arrives as Mercury the Divine Messenger steps out of a retro shadow phase, and fortunate Venus swings into your 3rd house. It promises a delightful time to clear misunderstandings, noting that between the 19th and 21st will be tricky, with the potential for delusion and deceit surrounding you. Be totally up front and clear when communicating. Hear what others have to say, but avoid making commitments, decisions or signing documents. In the meantime, you'll start to make progress with your ideas, being able to speak your mind on important matters and connect with other people in a pleasant way. Social engagements, taking short trips, and expressing your emotions more openly are favoured.

On the 22nd at the Equinox, the Sun moves out of Virgo and into attractive Libra, your 4th house of home and family. Over the coming weeks you'll move away from neighbourhood dialogue and start concentrating on what is happening on the home front. Jupiter will be departing from your 4th house, so take up opportunities to improve relationships with family members, or beautify the home in some way. Some of you may build on extensions or move to a larger home. Reunite with the clan, invite close friends over and entertain at home.
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At the start Mercury is retrograde in regal Leo, your 2nd house of personal earnings, so it will be necessary to finalise any financial negotiations and agreements that have been left in abeyance. From the 1st to the 10th, you'll display more enthusiasm and energy in making changes to your career path, long-range plans and personal earnings. However, past disagreements are likely to surface.

On the 5th, Mercury turns direct in Leo before re-entering Virgo on the 10th. Also on the 5th, Warrior Mars also rolls into your 3rd house, so there'll be an urgency to be heard, expressing those ideas that have been pent-up over the past few weeks. You'll be a hell-raiser if things haven't been done according to plan, but at least this will give you an energetic boost.

On the 20th, with the Cosmic Messenger building up speed and Venus on the doorstep of your 3rd house, there's a New Moon in Virgo so you'll be ever so charming, but handling matters with an iron fist in a velvet glove. Between the 15th and the 18th, Mercury clashes with Mars, bringing up past differences, problems with machinery, motor vehicles and road accidents. From the 22nd to the 23rd, talks and agreements in relationships, business partnerships, and dealing with opponents and legal issues could see progress. From the 24th to the 26th, it's back to serious discussions on the work scene, sealing a difficult deal and meeting with authority types. On the 30th Mercury speeds into Libra, your 4th house, when you will divert your focus to home and family.
Go to Top Smell The Roses
Goddess Venus remains in commanding Leo, your 2nd house of personal earnings, values and possessions. You'll hardly be able to help yourself when it comes to spending money! Buying jewelry and indulging in fine clothes, beauty products and artistic material are all indicated. Even if you don't have surplus cash, you'll find a way of buying items that catch your eye. This is a good time to make extra money, negotiate on finances, and show off your possessions as you climb the social ladder. From the 12th to the 14th, business affairs should do well, and you'll be in favour with the boss. Take a practical and conservative approach to work and the people you deal with. From the 14th to the 16th, good fortune may come your way through a family member, real estate, or property. Take time for a fun and relaxing time with family and friends. From the 17th to the 19th, unexpected success is likely through your career, professional life and public image.

The 20th sees loving Venus dancing into Virgo, your 3rd house of communication. This is an ideal phase for using your charm and persuasion to convey your feelings to those around you. You'll be able to smooth over any recent debacles and compromise, so spend time talking with a smile on your face. Enjoy local social get-togethers or meet up with friends. It's a perfect time to do creative writing or other art form where you can use your expressive side. Day-to-day activities should be less burdensome. Take time to smell the roses.
Go to Top Be Patient
Warrior Mars remains in Leo, your 2nd house of personal earnings, giving you the urge for spending, battling debts and unforeseen bills. On the 5th, the Warrior marches into Virgo, your 3rd house, which will accentuate your eagerness to be direct, using less tact and more action. Your daily schedule will be much busier, but use your nervous energy wisely rather than heading for heated debates over controversial topics with neighbours, relatives and friends. You will not suffer fools gladly and may be too blunt, critical or sarcastic at times. Pay attention when driving, avoiding road rage and accidents through hasty actions. Be patient, slow down, take a few breaths and all should be well. From the 23rd to the 26th, you'll think about your self-worth, but don't paint a picture of lies to impress others. It's not a time of ego-building, rather one of doing compassionate work for others. Centre your mind, alleviate negativity and face reality without being consumed with doubts. Take a look at your spiritual concepts. Are you being carried away with illusionary beliefs?

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