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by Suzanna Collins

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Cancer Monthly Forecast for January 2017

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Go to Top Happy New Year!
The Crab begins the New Year with the life-giving Sun in loyal Capricorn, your 7th house of important commitments. The start of the month will see you facing unexpected hurdles within relationships. It won't be particularly pleasant as current structures break down and new ones begin. Avoid partying too hard at the start of January and beware of tricksters, deceit, and going overboard with drinking and gambling. January 6th to the 9th indicates a clash of egos with power struggles as the Sun clashes with dark Pluto. If control issues arise, resist the urge to place too many demands on your partner. Talk through any agreements and come up with a peace offering. Over the coming months new people may enter your life whilst old ties may gradually vanish, allowing for future personal development and growth. Certain difficulties will need to be faced, as you confront difficult emotions and situations whilst breaking down old habits. The month then unfolds after a shaky emotional start.

The Full Moon on the 12th blooms in your sign, making it doubly noteworthy for you. The Moon is your planetary ruler, dear Cancer, so whatever occurs with regard to the Orb of Night has a particularly significant affect on you and your life. This Full Moon brightens your 1st house of personality and self-image, so certain choices need to be made. These depend on how you react to situations that bring on emotional dilemmas. Look at your own feelings of inadequacy, which could be triggered in part by the image you project of personal identity within a relationship. Memories of the past come forward, affecting your comfort zone as insecurities slip into relationship problems. It is, however, a good time to shine, as you enjoy the energy by concluding issues and fulfilling your personal needs.

On the 19th, the Sun steps into innovative Aquarius, your 8th house of death, sex and taxes. Review your management of joint resources, business finances, superannuation, taxes and inheritances. You may even come up with an ingenious way to handle other people's money, let alone your own. Why not? The stars are on your side here. Your ego becomes involved for the next month or so with the money and status (or lack thereof) gained through inheritance, business partners or marriage. Payment of debts, or debt collection are other concerns. Develop skills to make you more independent in financial and other ways. A medical emergency may arise, or you may decide on elective surgery during this period.

On the 28th the New Moon will also occur in Aquarius, marking a time to initiate new plans when it comes to dealing with other people's resources, including taxes, debts and possessions. Review your credit limits on cards, loans, and mortgages. Avoid going overboard with commitments that you cannot pay back. Joint possessions and property may come under question, with issues as to who controls what, whether it is yours or your partner's and what to hold dear for sentimental reasons. You may be confronted intellectually, psychologically, or physically with sexual matters and situations. Increased determination and willpower can make you more demanding and critical. It may be more difficult for you to compromise, but your focus and concentration can contribute to progress in research and investigative projects, or help you acquire a deeper understanding of psychological motivations and behaviour.
Go to Top Mercury Retrograde
Mercury begins the month retrograde in Capricorn, your 7th house, disrupting significant commitments, relationship discussions, business partnerships, and dealings with opponents, contracts and agreements. This is what's left of the Mercury retrograde phase that began last year on December 19th in your 7th house of significant commitments. Although Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn at the start of January, the Trickster briefly re-enters Sagittarius, your house of work and health, on January 4th. You'll be in touch again with issues that arose at the start of December 2016. Given the holiday break, work routine will be slower than usual; at least it will give you a chance to sort through the backlog of paperwork. Saturn advises you not to neglect your dental and doctor's appointments; give them a call, particularly if you have any health issues that need attention.

The Cosmic Messenger turns direct in Sagittarius on January 8th, and moves forward into Capricorn again on January 12th. Resume talks that have been left in abeyance affecting relationship agreements, legal issues, and other business partnership deals. Make sure you read the fine print, and understand any commitments so there is no room for error or misgivings. After January 28th, you'll be able to work out any misunderstandings, come to an agreement and finalise decisions.
Go to Top Overseas Affairs
Sensual Venus begins the month in Aquarius, influenced by the Cosmic Messenger in cordial and pleasant communications. Love relationships will experience a deeper sexual intensity and Crabs will be also be successful in attracting money, just at the right time. On the 3rd lovely Venus pirouettes into Pisces, your 9th house of the higher mind, so expand your creative and artistic talents as you explore the finer things in life. It's a fortunate time to travel. You may take a trip, or someone you meet abroad may kindle a sparkling flame.

An opportunity may arise to enroll in a course of advanced study, take up a language, or other option connected with overseas colleges. Publications, articles and written works are likely to get favourable reviews, or gain popularity. Legal proceedings should be successful and romance, marriage, or any type of cooperative venture involving a foreign country or someone of another culture or race is stimulated. Issues connected with a second marriage, or a court decision may also arise.
Go to Top Pursuit of Knowledge
Mars begins the month in Pisces, your 9th house of the higher mind, so you feel the urge to be creative in intellectual areas while defending your belief and ideals. This phase is opportune for following through with advanced study, taking on rigorous outdoor sport, or expanding your mind with philosophy, spiritual teachings and the pursuit of knowledge. Thanks to sensual Venus also enlivening delightful Pisces, your desire for physical pleasures, music, literature and beauty in all forms is magnified. Aggressive tendencies may be muted by the elegance, charm, and amiability you encounter in others. New partnership, alliances and joint ventures may be established, and existing ventures benefit from renewed energy and enthusiasm. Your willingness to cooperate is enhanced, and you are just as likely to receive generous assistance with your own projects. Interactions at all levels are more invigorating.

On the 19th, you could be mesmerized, or experience a spiritually uplifting sensation. Illusions will be in play, so it won't be the time to make pie in the sky decisions or take risky actions. The difficulties and delays are likely to be caused by a lack of preparation, planning, and organization --either on your part or that of others. The maddening thing is that even if you are the most careful individual, you are apt to be caught just when things are in disarray, or, just when you need something, it cannot be located in time. Bad timing is, in fact, one of the biggest obstacles to progress. The best part is the potential that you will eventually succeed, even if it is because maturity and experience dictates that you keep on going until everything goes as it should.

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