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by Rob Tillett

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Cancer Cancer Daily August 2016
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Daily forecasts for August 2016 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopMon Aug 1: Precious Spare Time
This is a brilliant day for getting things done. You don't want to knock yourself out doing everything in double-quick time but you don't want to let projects go on indefinitely, either. After all, you've got other things to do today, such as getting together with a friend or devoting some of your precious spare time to a favourite hobby. Lucky colours are terracotta and bright blue. Lucky numbers are 8 and 71.
Go to TopTue Aug 2: New Moon
The past few days have been a financial muddle but today's New Moon gives you the chance to make some sense out of everything that's been going on. Do your best to marshal your thoughts over the next two weeks and work out the best possible strategy. If you need to adopt a new financial policy, start mapping it out now. Thanks to Mars, there will be plenty to do in the way of physical exercise and work on the job as well as around the house. Circumstances may put you in a position to hire others. The flow of physical energy can make you more aggressive or competitive concerning work, co-workers, or employees. Lucky colours are pink and gold. Lucky numbers are 16 and 43.
Go to TopWed Aug 3: Changing Your Mind
Try to avoid getting any personal projects off the drawing board today because they won't stand a very good chance of success. Something might go wrong with them, someone else might let you down over them or you could change your mind about them halfway through. Far better to concentrate on projects that are already up and running than to start anything new. Lucky colours are grey and green. Lucky numbers are 32 and 61.
Go to TopThu Aug 4: Strange Mood
You're in a strange mood at the moment, especially where money is concerned. You had your head in the clouds about it on Tuesday but today you've gone to the opposite extreme and are showing a distinct tendency to look on the gloomy side about everything. Try not to let money worries get you down or hamper your thought processes. Things may not be as bad as they seem. Lucky colours are aqua and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 6 and 14.
Go to TopFri Aug 5: Improved Relations
As Venus heads into Virgo, you should have no trouble gaining favours. Pleasant relations in your neighbourhood are favoured. You may also have the opportunity to increase contacts or improve relationships with brothers, sisters, cousins, and in-laws. Some of your best social opportunities this month are right in your immediate environment. Lucky colours are electric blue and silver. Lucky numbers are 3 and 21.
Go to TopSat Aug 6: Count Your Blessings
You're starting to feel a bit happier, which is good news. Even if your current financial situation hasn't improved at least you feel better able to cope, and you're also able to remind yourself that other areas of your life are going well at the moment. It's definitely a day for counting your blessings and enjoying yourself. Let's face it, you deserve some fun after the week you've had! Lucky colours are blue and green. Lucky numbers are 39 and 51.
Go to TopSun Aug 7: Let Your Hair Down
It's a day for letting your hair down and relaxing, preferably with some people you know well. You might decide to get together with people who live nearby or to spend some time with close friends and family. The specific personnel that you choose don't matter, it's the enjoyment that you get from being with them that's really important today. Lucky colours are apricot and green satin. Lucky numbers are 3 and 37.
Go to TopMon Aug 8: Second Thoughts
Look after yourself today because your confidence could take a few knocks. Someone might undermine you, especially if they do it very subtly, or you might have second thoughts about something that has seemed certain until now. It's another day when you should be careful with your money and avoid making any important decisions about it for the time being. Lucky colours are aquamarine and pink velvet. Lucky numbers are 16 and 17.
Go to TopTue Aug 9: Bolster Your Ego
You haven't had an easy ride so far this August so take the opportunity today to do something that will bolster your ego and increase your sense of physical and emotional security. It's so important for you to feel safe and secure, Cancer, so work on ways of making that happen. Maybe you need to spend time with people you know inside out and trust implicitly? Lucky colours are saffron and green. Lucky numbers are 27 and 33.
Go to TopWed Aug 10: Focus On Family
This is a marvellous day for concentrating on your home and family life. You might be inspired to arrange a big family get-together, or perhaps you'd rather that one or two special people over for a visit. If you've been considering a change of residence this is a good day to do some research, such as talking to an estate agent or seeing what's available. Lucky colours are burgundy and silver. Lucky numbers are 4 and 9.
Go to TopThu Aug 11: Chilly Atmosphere
A loved one goes all chilly and distant on you today, leaving you wondering what they're playing at. Try not to over-react or tell yourself that this is the end of your relationship, because it's highly likely that it's only a temporary blip and things will soon get back to normal. The experience may make you realize how dependent you are on this person, whether you're pleased about that or not. Lucky colours are opal and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 17 and 41.
Go to TopFri Aug 12: Erratic Mood
You're looking for some fun and excitement today. You aren't interested in doing things that are boringly predictable and you won't be very keen on spending time with anyone who's a stick-in-the-mud, either. Instead, you'll be happiest if you can do things on the spur of the moment. Your mood is quite erratic, too. Other people will notice but you might not. Lucky colours are red and white. Lucky numbers are 29 and 59.
Go to TopSat Aug 13: Lots Of Tension
There's a lot of tension between you and a special person; one of you wants to impose restrictions or rules on the other one, or perhaps you've fallen out over an issue that you both feel very strongly about. It's a good idea to clear the air but do your best to make this short and sharp, rather than allowing the row to drag on and on and on. Lucky colours are pink and vanilla. Lucky numbers are 33 and 11.
Go to TopSun Aug 14: Enterprising Crustaceans
You're in a very enterprising mood and you want to do something worthwhile with it. You're also feeling quite adventurous, so how about experimenting a little and trying something different from usual? If you're going out with friends, consider visiting somewhere you've never been before. You're also keen to demonstrate your individuality and you'll come up with some intriguing ways of doing it. Lucky colours are violet and blueberry. Lucky numbers are 14 and 42.
Go to TopMon Aug 15: Tackle Your Chores
It's a great day for getting on with whatever needs to be done, especially if you have a pile of work waiting for you or a long list of chores that need to be tackled. Rather than thinking of them as tedious duties, you're ready to give them your best shot and to enjoy yourself while you sort them out. If only every day were this productive and satisfying! Lucky colours are red and mushroom. Lucky numbers are 2 and 60.
Go to TopTue Aug 16: The Worst Is Over
You don't need me to tell you what a strange time you've been having with your finances recently. Communications have left a lot to be desired and there have been some tricky glitches to sort out. Well, I'm happy to announce that the worst is now over and you can start getting back to normal. Your first priority is to track down any missing payments and to sort out any monetary muddles that might put a black mark against your name with certain people. Lucky colours are lilac and grey. Lucky numbers are 36 and 20.
Go to TopWed Aug 17: Light At The End
Life is suddenly starting to feel so much better that you can hardly believe it. Today, you see light at the end of the long, dark tunnel you've been travelling recently with a certain person. Your relationship is about to improve and you'll gain a greater understanding of each other. Even if past hurts still rankle, isn't it time to bury the hatchet? Lucky colours are green and peach. Lucky numbers are 9 and 35.
Go to TopThu Aug 18: Full Moon
Today's Full Moon triggers a crisis in a close relationship. If you're honest you'll admit that you've felt it coming for days and it's a relief to finally have it out in the open. Do what you can to solve the problem with the least amount of ill feeling and hassle, while being honest about your own involvement and responsibility for what's happening. You can't pin all the blame on other people. Lucky colours are pink and mushroom. Lucky numbers are 35 and 16.
Go to TopFri Aug 19: Wrong Side
Someone got out of bed on the wrong side this morning, as you'll soon discover when you run up against them. They're like a bear with a sore head, especially if they think no one is taking any notice of them or they can't get their own way. However, you aren't exactly being all sweetness and light either, are you? What's bugging you and what are you going to do about it? Lucky colours are champagne and terracotta. Lucky numbers are 38 and 25.
Go to TopSat Aug 20: Your Rock
You need a little emotional comfort today and the good news is that a certain person is only too happy to supply it. They're like a rock that you can lean on right now, so let them give you the moral and emotional support you so badly need. If you feel like going shopping you'll enjoy tracking down items that will make your home more attractive, comfy and cosy. Lucky colours are cocoa and honeycomb. Lucky numbers are 36 and 20.
Go to TopSun Aug 21: Special Treatment
Someone seems to think they deserve special treatment, even if you don't agree with them. They'll soon make a fuss if they don't get what they want, but quite honestly they're being such a pain that you're determined to spike their guns and not give them the satisfaction of having things all their own way. Sounds as though you'd better make yourself scarce for a while! Lucky colours are strawberry and white. Lucky numbers are 34 and 78.
Go to TopMon Aug 22: Light Relief
The astrological accent has been on finance for the past four weeks, as you know only too well, so I'm happy to report that things start to change from today. You're now being given the chance to get out and about a bit, and to think of other things besides how much or how little money you've got to your name. Pick up the phone and start arranging to see friends. You deserve some light relief! Lucky colours are blue and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 16 and 38.
Go to TopTue Aug 23: High Maintenance
A certain person is high maintenance today. They may not intend to be like this but they want lots of your attention and they'll become petulant if they don't get it. But don't worry because it won't be nearly such a tricky day as it was yesterday. Be prepared to do some negotiating if you can't give this person your undivided attention. Perhaps you should arrange to do something nice with them later in the week if you can't manage it today? Lucky colours are black and crimson. Lucky numbers are 23 and 67.
Go to TopWed Aug 24: Great For Mixing
If you haven't yet started to revive your social life, get cracking today. It's great for mixing with people who are on the same wavelength as you, whether they're friends, neighbours or close family. It will also do you good to have a change of scene at some point, especially if you've been stuck in the same place for the past couple of weeks. Lucky colours are hazel and blue. Lucky numbers are 24 and 46.
Go to TopThu Aug 25: Money Matters
Money matters loom large again today, Cancer. You need to think about them in some detail, especially when considering how to finance some of your plans for the future. Right now, it may look as though you don't have enough money to do some of the things you'd like but don't panic yet. You should also avoid going over details time and again, or you'll get completely bogged down in trivia. Lucky colours are mauve and purple. Lucky numbers are 4 and 44.
Go to TopFri Aug 26: Under Wraps
Be careful what you say or do, especially if you're hoping to keep something under wraps. That's because you could easily blurt out the very facts you had intended to keep secret, much to your annoyance. Do your best to avoid getting drawn into a gossiping session because once again you might let a few cats out of bags without meaning to. Lucky colours are red and gold. Lucky numbers are 2 and 16.
Go to TopSat Aug 27: Spoil Them
You're in the mood to enjoy your home comforts today, preferably in the company of some of the people who make your world go round. It's the perfect day for a family gathering, even if it's very informal or low-key. If you're a good cook you feel inspired to knock up a few masterpieces in the kitchen, much to everyone else's delight. You're in the mood to spoil them. Lucky colours are blue wsatin and treacle. Lucky numbers are 1 and 50.
Go to TopSun Aug 28: Little Progress
Today could turn out to be very frustrating, with little chance of making much progress. That could be because you lose all faith in your own abilities or because someone else sabotages what you're trying to do. But be honest with yourself about all this and don't blame others for what you know deep down are your own mistakes. Lucky colours are turquoise and yellow. Lucky numbers are 29 and 19.
Go to TopMon Aug 29: On the Move
This is a wonderful day for keeping busy. You won't want to do anything else, actually, and may even feel rather frustrated and trapped if you don't have much to occupy your time. Ideally, you should take a little journey or two, chat to plenty of people and introduce some enjoyable variety into your schedule. Even small interruptions will be welcome now. Lucky colours are silver and pink. Lucky numbers are 14 and 34.
Go to TopTue Aug 30: Goddess of Love
Venus, Goddess of Love, enters your fourth house of home and family, making home life more agreeable for the next few weeks. You might consider redecorating or having company over for dinner as Venus in Libra brings the Nigella Lawson in you to the surface. Of course, you may have a hard time deciding which napkin rings to use, but that's all part of the fun. Lucky colours are pale aqua and pink coral. Lucky numbers are 4 and 6.
Go to TopWed Aug 31: Fact Or Fiction?
Communications have a nasty habit of going crazy today, leaving you worried, confused and wondering what on earth is going on. Well, it's because Mercury is now retrograde. Someone may swear that they're giving you the facts, while all the time they're telling you a pack of lies, or they might be economical with the truth and omit to give you some rather important information. Try to avoid reaching any sort of agreement because you may not know what you're agreeing to. Lucky colours are ginger and ebony. Lucky numbers are 12 and 32.
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