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by Rob Tillett

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Cancer Cancer Daily December 2016
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Daily forecasts for December 2016 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopThu Dec 1: Face The Facts
It's easy to let things get to you today, especially if they're the sort of trivial details that you'd usually shrug off. Right now, they seem to have the knack of really getting under your skin. Try not to brood about all this, nor to feel that the world is against you, simply because things aren't going your way. Don't let yourself lose your sense of humour, Cancer! Lucky colours are gold and peach. Lucky numbers are 19 and 38.
Go to TopFri Dec 2: Grab It
The next few weeks will be a marvellous chance for in-depth conversations with some of the people in your life. Set aside the time for interesting discussions and debates, or simply for sharing one another's news. If you've felt rather cut off from various people recently, this would be a good time to make contact with them again. Lucky colours are orange and ivory. Lucky numbers are 26 and 3.
Go to TopSat Dec 3: Efficient Crabs
The Stars puts you in a very efficient and practical frame of mind today, eager to get on with anything on your to-do list. Do it to the best of your ability, so you don't have to repeat your actions because they weren't good enough first time around. If you're at work today, you'll be asked to take care of a financial matter. Lucky colours are mahogany and brown. Lucky numbers are 5 and 28.
Go to TopSun Dec 4: Out Of Your Shell
This is a lovely day for being with some of your favourite people. You're feeling sociable and chatty, and happy to mix and mingle as much as possible. It's a wonderful excuse to go to a party or to throw one of your own, even if you don't do anything more ambitious than invite a few friends over to your place. By the way, if you need to talk your way out of a tricky situation you should do it today. Lucky colours are blue and yellow. Lucky numbers are 40 and 72.
Go to TopMon Dec 5: Full Of Enthusiasm
Crabs are full of enthusiasm today, even though it's Monday. In fact, you get so carried away that you push yourself further than usual and end up feeling worn out. With luck there won't be any harm done, but beware of taking more exercise than you're used to or you might feel stiff and achy tomorrow. You should also be careful about overspending if you're going shopping. Lucky colours are mango and fuchsia. Lucky numbers are 40 and 56.
Go to TopTue Dec 6: Making Progress
This is a good day for getting on with chores and other necessary tasks. You'll feel pleased with the progress you make and pretty proud of yourself, too. If you have to sort out a problem connected with a joint account, tax matter or credit card, get to grips with it today while you're in the mood. It's the best day all week for sorting out such things. Lucky colours are turquoise and gold. Lucky numbers are 26 and 18.
Go to TopWed Dec 7: Close Eye
Keep a close eye on your finances today unless you're absolutely loaded with money to burn. Yet even then you might spend more than you should, because Venus slipping into Aquarius makes you long to give into temptation and indulge yourself. Your spouse could receive a raise or you might hear news about a loan or mortgage coming through. Other people's money will benefit you now, but maybe you should leave your credit cards at home so you can't use them even if you want to. Lucky colours are blackberry and fawn. Lucky numbers are 35 and 71.
Go to TopThu Dec 8: You Love Lists
Feeling slightly anxious about all the things you have to do before Christmas? Get yourself organized and write lists of everything you still have to do. If necessary, rope in someone to give you a hand or decide to scale down your plans especially if they were rather ambitious to begin with. If you get really fraught, do something physical to work off all that angst. Lucky colours are red and black. Lucky numbers are 29 and 77.
Go to TopFri Dec 9: Adventure
You're in the mood for an adventure, Cancer, so visit somewhere you've never been before. You don't have to trek halfway across the world to do it, either... Try a new restaurant or wine bar after work, visit a shop you've never been in until now or do something else that involves exploring uncharted territory. It will be fun! Lucky colours are blue and green. Lucky numbers are 6 and 40.
Go to TopSat Dec 10: Make Amends
If there have been a few problems between you and a loved one recently, this is a marvellous day for putting matters to rights. Be prepared to say sorry if necessary, because a genuine apology will go a long way towards repairing the situation. If you're going to a party you'll enjoy chatting to the people who are there. You might even attract a few admirers in the process. Lucky colours are rose quartz and sage. Lucky numbers are 35 and 52.
Go to TopSun Dec 11: Imagination?
Is it your imagination, or is someone being demanding today? They want to spend lots of time with you and will resent it if you can't be with them, or perhaps they're feeling lonely and want to be pampered. It's certainly a good day for being with older friends and relatives, and for making them feel special. Lucky colours are violet and gold. Lucky numbers are 35 and 68.
Go to TopMon Dec 12: Dreamy
You're in a dreamy, relaxed mood today, making you very reluctant to do anything that involves too much hard work or effort. You'd much rather take life easy and do as little as possible. Can you manage that or will you have to fit it in around your duties and obligations? Someone is very kind towards you. Take note so you can return the favour at some point. Lucky colours are butterscotch and chocolate. Lucky numbers are 34 and 71.
Go to TopTue Dec 13: Contrary Crabs
You're in a contrary mood today, making it difficult for others to know how to approach you. You're torn between wanting to be left alone and wanting to be with other people, and it will be hard to get the balance right. Try to keep away from anyone who is very conservative or hidebound because they'll soon start to irritate you. Lucky colours are vermilion and saffron. Lucky numbers are 25 and 16.
Go to TopWed Dec 14: Full Moon
The Full Moon is telling you to come to terms with something that's been nagging away at you recently. It's something that you know you have to do. It's something that you know you have to do but which you've been putting off, or a worry that's eating away at you. Whatever it is, the coming fortnight is the right time to deal with it. You may be able to solve it or you might simply have to live with it, but you must face it. Lucky colours are tan and navy. Lucky numbers are 13 and 17.
Go to TopThu Dec 15: Lovely Day
This is a lovely day for being with people whose company you always enjoy. They don't have to be your loved ones or your best friends, although it will be a bonus if they are. And if you can't be with the people you want to see, make the most of whoever happens to be around. Make an effort to bring them out of themselves and to appreciate them for who they really are, even if you aren't normally very keen on them. Lucky colours are brown and russet. Lucky numbers are 20 and 10.
Go to TopFri Dec 16: Not Your Fault
Be careful if you're working with someone today, because they might be very exacting and difficult. This person is a perfectionist and nothing you do is right, or they want to throw their weight around and let you know who's boss. Be careful if you start to treat people in this way yourself because it won't make you popular and it might even arouse some opposition that you'll have to deal with in the future. Lucky colours are aquamarine and terracotta. Lucky numbers are 4 and 66.
Go to TopSat Dec 17: Stay Positive
It's a strange day because you're caught between optimism and pessimism. Maybe you'd like to do something that you'd enjoy but you feel you can't because of how much it will cost, or there are big obstacles to overcome in a special relationship. Do your best to remain positive and not get sucked down into a gloomy attitude that stops you even trying to achieve what you're setting out to do. Lucky colours are red satin and blue velvet. Lucky numbers are 16 and 51.
Go to TopSun Dec 18: Urge To Splurge
If you've been spending lots of money so far this month you should be very careful today because you'll be tempted to get rid of even more of it! If you're Christmas shopping you'll have the urge to splurge, and you'll also be tempted to splash out on lots of little luxuries for yourself. Concentrate on people and activities that make your world go round but keep an eye on how much they cost. Lucky colours are peach and mulberry. Lucky numbers are 28 and 23.
Go to TopMon Dec 19: Mercury Retrograde
Your thoughts are all over the place today, making it hard to concentrate on anything for long. As Mercury turns, it doesn't help that you're feeling restless and not keen on following other people's orders. Listen carefully to what your love is saying during the next three weeks -- and even more carefully to what he or she is not saying! It may be hard to keep you at home now that driven Mars has entered your ninth house of travel and adventure. You'll devour any educational materials that come your way, whether it's a series on The Discovery Channel or a class at your local college. Keep your sense of humour, Cancer! Lucky colours are mauve and silver. Lucky numbers are 7 and 21.
Go to TopTue Dec 20: Panic-Stricken
As the festivities get ever closer, you're starting to feel slightly panic-stricken. Instead of putting all your energy into worrying, you'll do much better if you can channel it into productive activities. Make lists of everything you still need to do and if necessary be prepared to lower your standards slightly, especially if it's a toss up between doing that and having a nervous breakdown. Lucky colours are green and butterscotch. Lucky numbers are 38 and 16.
Go to TopWed Dec 21: Improving The Atmosphere
The emphasis at the Solstice shifts to your relationships just in time for the festivities. But this phase will last for longer than the next few days. In fact, it will continue until this time next month, giving you plenty of chance to improve the atmosphere between you and some of the people in your life. If things have been dicey recently, start putting matters to rights as soon as possible. After all, this is the season of goodwill. Lucky colours are chocolate and russet. Lucky numbers are 1 and 7.
Go to TopThu Dec 22: Glad Rags
Put on your party clothes because you're really keen to have a good time. In fact, you'll dazzle everyone you meet because you're feeling so sociable, friendly and benevolent. It's great for breaking the ice with someone you don't know very well, although you'll have just as much fun being with some of your favourite people. Lucky colours are blue and yellow. Lucky numbers are 8 and 76.
Go to TopFri Dec 23: Clear The Air
Maybe the pre-Christmas strain is starting to get to you and this looks like being a rather tense day. Are you feeling annoyed with someone or are you simply in one of those crotchety moods in which nothing anyone does is right? The better you know someone the more likely they are to get on your nerves now, so clear the air quickly rather than leaving storm clouds wherever you go. Lucky colours are turquoise and raspberry. Lucky numbers are 32 and 65.
Go to TopSat Dec 24: Christmas Eve
You're at your most organized and efficient today, which is just as well if you still have stacks of things to do. You make the best use of your time, particularly if you plan ahead so you can do things in the logical order. You certainly don't want to have to do anything twice because you got it wrong first time around. Lucky colours are oyster and persimmon. Lucky numbers are 24 and 47.
Go to TopSun Dec 25: Merry Christmas!
After the scramble to get ready for the big day, you're feeling peaceful, calm and happy and your relaxed mood will rub off on everyone you come in contact with. Spare a thought for people you know who are on their own today or who are having a hard time. Give them a ring, call in to see them, invite them to join in the festivities or do something else that lets them know you're thinking of them. Lucky colours are red and avocado. Lucky numbers are 16 and 24.
Go to TopMon Dec 26: Boxing Day
You're still in a jolly mood and making an effort to get on well with whoever happens to be around. However, you'll appreciate being able to put your feet up at some point, especially if it's someone else's turn to wait on you for a change. If you're at a loose end, consider visiting some friends or ringing up someone who you know is on their own. Lucky colours are peach and navy. Lucky numbers are 13 and 13.
Go to TopTue Dec 27: Playful Mood
You're having a really good time at the moment and today is no exception. It's ideal for doing things that you always enjoy, whether they involve your friends or loved ones. You're in a playful mood and will have great fun if children are around because you'll dream up all sorts of enjoyable things to do with them. You'll also enjoy gloating over your Christmas presents or doing something creative. Lucky colours are silvery green and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 6 and 23.
Go to TopWed Dec 28: Frustrating
Get set for a rather frustrating day in which you don't make as much progress as you'd like. Someone isn't around to give you the help you need or things simply don't go according to plan. It's irritating but there doesn't seem to be much you can do about it. You should certainly avoid forcing the issue because that won't get you anywhere either. Lucky colours are mauve and violet. Lucky numbers are 23 and 42.
Go to TopThu Dec 29: New Moon
There's been a strong emphasis on your relationships recently, and today's New Moon gives it an extra spin. The coming fortnight will be a marvellous chance for you to revitalize any relationships that have been fading recently, and also to call a truce if you've been at loggerheads with someone. This New Moon may also signal that a new partnership is on the horizon. Sounds interesting! Lucky colours are purple and grey. Lucky numbers are 31 and 11.
Go to TopFri Dec 30: Different Side
You enjoy showing a different side to your personality today. It might be dressing differently or doing something that's completely out of character. You might also meet someone who has an energizing and exciting impact on you, and who encourages you to see life from a completely new angle. This will be an intoxicating experience. Lucky colours are caramel and blue. Lucky numbers are 4 and 43.
Go to TopSat Dec 31: New Year's Eve
How appropriate that New Year's Eve is setting the stage for an exciting 2017 and inspiring you to make lots of changes as you greet the New Year. Prepare for a big impact on your relationships during the next two weeks, giving you the opportunity to improve a particular partnership, get a new alliance off the ground or simply enjoy spending more time with the people in your life. Lucky colours are silver and emerald. Lucky numbers are 11 and 21.
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