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by Rob Tillett

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Cancer Cancer Daily May 2016
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Daily forecasts for May 2016 by Rob Tillett.
Click here for Suzanna's Month in Brief.

Go to TopSun May 1: Beltane Blast
It's the first of May, dear Crabs, which has been a time of general celebrations since Noah was a boy. This said, the cosmos is feeling a touch grumpy, which might signal cross words with friends, or petty problems with a partner. Don't get the Beltane blues! Be sure you get out and have a blast, as May Day only comes once a year! More on May Day. More on Beltane. Lucky colours are spring green and indian yellow. Lucky numbers are 11 and 24.
Go to TopMon May 2: Raring To Go
You're raring to go and you'll feel really frustrated if you can't do something interesting or unusual at some point. You're starting to get itchy feet, too, so ideally you should make plans for a forthcoming journey or holiday. Even if you can't go away at the moment you'll enjoy dreaming about where you'd go if you could. Lucky colours are violet and champagne. Lucky numbers are 27 and 46.
Go to TopTue May 3: Wise Words
A friend has some wise words for you today, so listen carefully. It's not that they're trying to interfere in your life, or that they think you're on a collision course with disaster. They simply think they might be able to help you in some way, especially by lending you their moral support or giving you some carefully thought out advice. Lucky colours are navy and tangerine. Lucky numbers are 25 and 27.
Go to TopWed May 4: Change Of Scene
Ideally, you should have a change of scene at some point today because it will help you to feel good and it will also brighten up your day. Maybe you could visit somewhere you've never been before, especially if you take someone along for company. Once again, friends figure prominently in the day's events and you'll enjoy being sociable. Lucky colours are ultramarine and yellow. Lucky numbers are 12 and 51.
Go to TopThu May 5: Too Big For Their Boots
A certain person is getting awfully big for their boots, as you're about to discover. They might brag about their latest achievements or show off about their prosperity, or do something else that makes you long to tell them to grow up. Try not to get drawn into the sort of conversation in which you compete with each other to see who's the smartest or swankiest. Lucky colours are maroon and platinum. Lucky numbers are 6 and 33.
Go to TopFri May 6: New Moon
Today's New Moon will affect your friendships and future plans over the next two weeks. This means you might meet someone who'll become a new friend or associate, or an existing friendship could enter a completely new phase. If you've been meaning to extend your social life by joining a club or society, this is the perfect time to take the plunge. It might work out a lot better than you'd hoped. Lucky colours are jade and mushroom. Lucky numbers are 10 and 51.
Go to TopSat May 7: Sidetrack
If you're trying to concentrate on something important today you'll do best if you can shut yourself away somewhere. That way, you won't have to cope with distractions and interruptions that could put you off your stroke or sidetrack you. Someone in authority is being very garrulous, which is fine if you have the time to listen but annoying if you haven't. Lucky colours are pink and blue. Lucky numbers are 9 and 15.
Go to TopSun May 8: Mothers' Day
Remember to contact yopur mother today, as it's her day. No need to castigate yourself over something you did or didn't do, to the point where it's all you can think about. If you have to listen to someone who's anxious to point out all your faults or pick holes in whatever you're saying, it's a difficult day but do your best to rise above it. Mother's love is what it's all about.Read more about Mothers' Day. Lucky colours are yellow and blue. Lucky numbers are 31 and 26.
Go to TopMon May 9: Tension In The Air
Someone is very impatient and hasty, and they'll object loudly if they think anyone is being slow or dragging their heels. This will soon cause a lot of tension because you'll feel edgy and as though this person is breathing down your neck. If there's a delay or hitch in a travel plan you'll want to get things moving again as fast as possible, but others may not want to proceed at your speed. Lucky colours are lilac and beige. Lucky numbers are 29 and 39.
Go to TopTue May 10: Powerhouse of Fortune
With the Moon in your sign, you can be a veritable powerhouse today. Your charm and magnetism is very strong, so don't hesitate to work this to your advantage as Venus and Jupiter dance for you. One word of warning: be careful not to overwhelm anyone with the force of your emotions. Air signs may be especially uncomfortable with dramatic displays, so make sure you know who your audience is! Lucky colours are brick red and ivory. Lucky numbers are 19 and 28.
Go to TopWed May 11: Getting Organized
This is a great day for catching up with important paperwork, whether it's connected with your work or your dealings with officialdom. You'll find it easy to deal with bureaucrats, fill in forms or do anything else that's necessary. If you really fancy getting organized you'll gain a lot of satisfaction from doing some filing or chucking out papers you no longer need. Lucky colours are parchment and aqua. Lucky numbers are 36 and 44.
Go to TopThu May 12: Future Plans
Your thoughts turn to plans for the future from today, and you'll continue to think about them for the next two weeks. Maybe you haven't got anything exciting planned, in which case you need to get out your diary and arrange something nice. Or perhaps you're in the middle of making some long-range plans and you now need to pay even more attention to them than ever. More on Friday 13th. Lucky colours are lime and lemon. Lucky numbers are 5 and 49.
Go to TopFri May 13: Friday 13th
Don't worry about the inauspicious date, because this looks like being a really good day for you. You'll manage to get a lot done, especially if it concerns serious matters, and you'll enjoy feeling that you're on top of everything. It's also a great opportunity to talk to friends you trust, perhaps because you want to pick their brains or benefit from their experience. Lucky colours are ebony and ivory. Lucky numbers are 1 and 8.
Go to TopSat May 14: Feeling Nostalgic
You're in the mood to spend money today, especially if you're feeling slightly lonely or rather nostalgic. Splashing out is a way for you to cheer yourself up, which is fine if you aren't going to end up broke at the end of it all. Try to limit yourself if you're already feeling short of money, otherwise you could easily be tempted to splurge on things you can't afford. Lucky colours are mango and blackberry. Lucky numbers are 4 and 17.
Go to TopSun May 15: Their Own Way
A certain person is determined to go their own way today, and to hell with the consequences. They're so keen to express their independence and remind everyone that they're a free spirit that they might easily go over the top and end up being a lot more outrageous or bloody-minded than they'd intended. If you want to prove a point, try not to get so steamed up that you're willing to risk almost anything as a result. Lucky colours are peach and coffee. Lucky numbers are 21 and 68.
Go to TopMon May 16: Possessiveness
Money has a nasty habit of coming between you and loved ones today, especially if you object to the way someone is spending their cash. Or is the boot on the other foot, with someone full of advice about what you should and shouldn't be spending your money on? Possessiveness could also enter the equation at some point, which will lead to unpleasant scenes and a lot of shouting. You may be feeling insecure about someone's feelings for you but try not to make them feel hemmed in or trapped by your emotional demands. Lucky colours are turquoise and caramel. Lucky numbers are 24 and 47.
Go to TopTue May 17: Time Out
The past couple of days have been rather hard-going so isn't it about time you gave yourself a bit of a rest? This is the perfect day for relaxing in familiar surroundings, preferably doing as little as possible. Well, you might manage to raise the odd glass to your lips and also to eat some delicious food, but you'll run out of energy at the thought of having to do anything too energetic or strenuous. This is a day for enjoying yourself! Lucky colours are azure and champagne. Lucky numbers are 8 and 54.
Go to TopWed May 18: Weak Knees
Love could catch you by surprise today. You might be strongly attracted to someone who isn't your usual type at all but who makes your knees go weak all the same, or you could get caught up in an illicit relationship that's exciting because it must be kept a secret. If you're already involved with someone they'll need plenty of freedom today and won't appreciate feeling emotionally tied down. You need to let them off the leash for a short while! Lucky colours are avocado and silver. Lucky numbers are 27 and 21.
Go to TopThu May 19: Change Of Scene
Try to get out and about today because it will do you good to have a change of scene. Even you, a home-loving Cancerian, can start to feel stale and bored if you're stuck in one place for too long, so try to vary your surroundings as much as possible today. Social events will go well, too, and you'll enjoy talking to people who make you think. Lucky colours are green and beige. Lucky numbers are 1 and 78.
Go to TopFri May 20: Intellectual Exercise
Your mind is working well today so give it plenty of exercise. You could get involved in an intellectual discussion that forces you to think things through for yourself, or you might have to do some serious thinking about a forthcoming travel plan. If you're often wary of saying what you think you'll feel much braver about speaking up today, which is good news if you want to fight your corner or express your point of view. Lucky colours are terracotta and yellow. Lucky numbers are 12 and 39.
Go to TopSat May 21: Full Moon
Today's Full Moon will have a powerful impact on your health during the next two weeks. Maybe this is the spur you need to inspire you to take better care of yourself, such as improving your diet, getting more exercise or finally consulting the doctor about something that's worrying you. It will also be the end of a chapter connected with your work, but don't fret because this ending will lead on to a new beginning. Lucky colours are navy and jade. Lucky numbers are 35 and 20.
Go to TopSun May 22: New Phase
During the past couple of weeks it hasn't always been easy to make contact with friends, nor to know what they're talking about when you do manage to get in touch. Well, this chaotic phase is now coming to an end, but first you may have to sort out a few persistent problems such as getting to grips with a misunderstanding that's sprung up with someone. Lucky colours are brass and navy. Lucky numbers are 14 and 48.
Go to TopMon May 23: Who To Believe?
The question of who and what you should believe is never far away today. Someone could easily mislead you, although it's a moot point whether they do this intentionally or not. Or there could be a communication glitch that means no one knows what's going on. Be very careful when handling money because there could be lots of silly mistakes, and if you're really unlucky there might also be some double-dealing too. Lucky colours are persimmon and black. Lucky numbers are 8 and 32.
Go to TopTue May 24: Behind the Scenes
Passions may be ignited, so spend time with your significant other today. You may have to compromise at work, as knives come out. Thanks to Venus moving behind the scenes you find excuses to pass up invitations -- you're too ill, too overweight, too much work to do, or any number of other reasons. Romance may be secretive or based in fantasy and dreams. Love relationships from the past can intrude. Resist self-pity and turn your attention to helping those less fortunate than yourself. Lucky colours are burgundy and bronze. Lucky numbers are 12 and 21.
Go to TopWed May 25: Strong Understanding
This is a fantastic day for talking to friends and kindred spirits because there's such a strong understanding between you. If someone asks you for advice, you'll find the middle ground between being too doom-laden and being overly optimistic. You're in a very efficient and practical frame of mind, so swing into action if you've got to organize something important. If you can't do it today, you'll never manage it! Lucky colours are blue and mulberry. Lucky numbers are 25 and 5.
Go to TopThu May 26: Out Of The Way
You're in the mood to enjoy yourself today, so anything resembling hard work will come a long way down your list of priorities. However, other people may not share your views and will wonder why you aren't busily doing your bit. Try not to fall foul of a boss or superior because you aren't working hard enough. Far better to get the work out of the way and then have fun, because then you can enjoy yourself with a clear conscience. Lucky colours are magenta and pineapple. Lucky numbers are 38 and 41.
Go to TopFri May 27: Mars Retrogrades Into Scorpio
There's a lot of tension in the air with certain people poised to spit the dummy. As Mars retrogrades into Scorpio, your fifth house of romance, children and speculation, confrontations are likely. If these are nothing to do with you and you just happen to be directly in the firing line, your best bet is to make yourself scarce. But if you are responsible for the outraged feelings you need to face the music, or things will only get worse in weeks ahead. Lucky colours are silver and maroon. Lucky numbers are 9 and 73.
Go to TopSat May 28: Reflective
You enter a reflective state of mind from today, and you'll remain in a contemplative mood until early June. This is a great chance to spend plenty of time alone, mulling over what's been going on in your life recently and assessing your current situation. But bear in mind that you'll feel almost tongue-tied at times, making it difficult for you to put your feelings into words. It will help to tell loved ones how you're feeling, otherwise they may think you've clammed up on them or are giving them the cold shoulder for some reason. Lucky colours are blue and honey. Lucky numbers are 39 and 72.
Go to TopSun May 29: Emotional Blackmail
Beware anyone who thinks they're a victim or a saint today because they'll submit you to an awful lot of emotional blackmail in order to get their own way. You may not notice what's going on at the time, although the penny will drop later on when you start to feel annoyed about the way you were manipulated into doing what this person wanted. Better make sure you don't behave in the same way yourself. Lucky colours are almond and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 17 and 37.
Go to TopMon May 30: Camaraderie
This is a brilliant day for spending time with close family and friends. You'll love being with people you know inside out, and the sense of familiarity and camaraderie between you will help you to relax and feel safe. If you're thinking about redecorating your home, start making your plans but work out a budget you can afford, otherwise you could easily get carried away. Lucky colours are charcoal and lemon. Lucky numbers are 39 and 66.
Go to TopTue May 31: Open Mind
There's a lot you can learn today, about all sorts of things, if you keep your mind open. Even an everyday act such as reading the newspaper or watching the television could leave you much better informed, and may even spark your curiosity and make you want to investigate something in a lot more detail. You may also consider signing up for a course or class in a subject that you've always wanted to know more about. Lucky colours are yellow and orange. Lucky numbers are 13 and 45.
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