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Renowned astro-spiritual personality, philosopher and philanthropist, Shri K.K. Bhaumik, has also served leading enterprises of the Government of India in senior management capacities. A lawyer and advocate, he combines a command of the material world with a truly spiritual vocation. Along with his formal education, Shri Bhaumik soon mastered the divine science of vedic astrology. Because of the accuracy of his predictions, his reputation as an astro-occult expert soon spread across the globe. He has always used his powers, both spiritual and astrological, only for the welfare of mankind.

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ayurveda in ancient India

the science of life – [part 2]

The second part of this illuminating article by K. K. Bhaumik continues the discussion on Ayurveda, the science of life, by examining the philosophy underlying this fascinating study. Ayurveda believes that ailments are a natural process and their cure lies hidden in the core of nature. In Ayurveda, there is no scope for the use of any extraneous elements or factors in curing human sufferings and ailments.

What makes Ayurveda so unique is its synergetic relationship with astrology. Ayurveda and Vedic astrology are related aspects of Vedic science, the all-comprehensive cosmic science of yoga. Many astrologers in India have practiced Ayurveda and many Vaidyas, Ayurvedic doctors, have been astrologers. Astrology gives Ayurveda a broader and a more comprehensive understanding of human energy patterns. It is a subtler healing science than any form of physical medicine.

Eternally fascinated by the uncertainty of the future, mankind has been equally engrossed in various studies that allow a peek into the future. Among the more significant of such studies is Astrology, a primary branch of Ayurveda that scientifically studies planetary movements and their effects on human constitutions and lives.

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Ayurveda is based on the concept that each planet is intrinsically related to a specific body tissue and that the various planetary movements and their positions in relation to time exert powerful influences on human mind, body and consciousness, directly affecting our physical and mental health. They are important indicators of human spiritual and materialistic tendencies.

Astrology can determine the basic physical constitution of the individual from the birthchart; the physical appearance of the individual, the predominance of elements in their nature. It can calculate basic health, longevity and disease tendencies. It can see which planets have the power to cause disease, what kinds of disease are likely to occur, what parts of the body are likely to be effected, and when.

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Medical astrology is one of the main branches of astrology and is a very important pillar of Ayurveda. It includes remedial measures for harmonizing planetary influences on both body and mind; it is the most practical branch as well. It includes the entire astrology of healing. It is not only helpful for ordinary diseases; astrology also has means of diagnosis and treatment for diseases, which are not curable by the usual medical methods. It gives us a better picture and methodology for dealing with diseases that come from internal causes.

The underlying principle in Ayurveda is the conviction that all human ailments and sufferings are caused principally by the malevolent influences of planets, their astral positions and transitions. If Mars, Saturn and Moon are not well placed in the birth chart, serious and chronic ailments will arise. Saturn is associated with the winter season and often inflicts serious problems on the senior citizens. Ketu (Dragon's Tail, or south lunar node) creates a variety of maladies in old age. It is therefore evident that a good Ayurvedic practitioner should have a sound knowledge of astrology for effective treatment of diseases caused by the influences of planets. He should be able to diagnose the cause of the malady by reading the birth chart and horoscope of the patient.

The next part of the article examines the technical effects of herbs, roots, extracts, metals and ashes.

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