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Rob Tillett, Astrologer and Wizard

Rob Tillett, is a poet, astrologer and musician. As well as being a magician, healer, dramatist and composer, he is the editor and publisher of AstroScope Me and has written most of the articles on this website.
The cycles of astrology are reflected in our daily lives, as well as informing the patterns of our human creativity, whether artistic or musical, social, political or financial. The planets rule our moods and our environment.
Our bodies are more complex than we believe. The physical body is composed of particles and waves of energies. Matter is essentially a construction of our senses: it is really the interaction of patterns of energy, vibrating at interwoven frequencies and intensities.
Rob lives in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, on the east coast of Australia.

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Pieta, by Bouguereau

The Human Aura [part 2]
Levels of Consciousness

This second part of "The Human Aura" describes the seven main Levels of Consciousness for us humans. Part of the growth of consciousness is the process of becoming aware of these and higher Levels – and of learning to understand their function and meaning.

There are seven main Levels of Consciousness in our system of occult physiology. These do not completely dovetail with the seven sheaths of theosophy, or tantra-yoga, but they are analogous. They are frequencies of consciousness, rather than material bodies, and each one can be affected by astrological and other energies. The effects of influences such as environmental stresses and more positively, gems, minerals, talismans and herbs—and of course, the Energy Egg!—begin to be noticed at the more subtle, higher-frequency levels, before working their way to the physical level. The chakra system, the system of subtle energy processors, extends throughout these levels of consciousness
Go to Top Level One, the Physical Body
Level One, the physical body, is the sheath or Level of Consciousness that vibrates at the lowest frequency, so it is easily distinguishable by our senses. Our consciousness is stabilised, or grounded on the planet by the physical body. Our sense organs, naturally enough, being constructed from the same material as the Level One body, are able to perceive it with relative ease. Level One is called Stability.
Go to Top Level Two, the Sheath of Energy
Level Two, the sheath of Energy, is the next Level in terms of vibratory frequency. It contains and interpenetrates the whole of our physical system—and is the most easily visible of the subtle bodies, or higher Levels. Also known as our bioelectrical system, it does not extend very far beyond the boundaries of the flesh and blood organism; about five to eight centimetres (a few inches) in most cases. This Level appears as a silvery electrical glow surrounding the body. It is especially pronounced around the head and hands.

Level Two is the sheath, or vehicle for our energy systems, in terms of the acupuncture meridiens of traditional Chinese medicine. Diseases may be perceived at Level Two before they make themselves felt in the organism at Level One. In ancient times, sickness was deemed foreseeable and thus preventable by the manipulation of the body's energy system. It is said that chinese doctors who specialised in acupuncture were prone to be dismissed or even executed by powerful clients in the event of their falling sick. Russian scientists in recent times have succeeded in photographing this energy system and their method, known as Kirlian photography, is becoming widely known in the West.
Go to Top Level Three, the Sheath of the Emotions
Level Three, the sheath of the Emotions, contains the whole of both Level Two and Level One. Perhaps it is misleading to categorise this Level as the sheath of the emotions, for the emotions have an effect at all Levels, as does energy, thought, etc. Nevertheless, from a clinical point of view, chronic infections at this Level have a particular effect upon the emotions; thought-forms of feelings, rather than concepts, affect this Level strongly. Bach flower remedies take effect here.
Go to Top Level Four, the Sheath of Thought
Level Four, the sheath of Thought, contains and affects Levels One, Two and Three. It holds the concepts on which we build our ability to recognise reality. These concepts take objective shape at this Level and are known as Thought Forms. Logical activity is experienced at Level Four.
Go to Top Level Five, the Sheath of Intent
Level Five, the sheath of the higher mind, is the field or focal point of Intent. This is the Level from which a positive affirmation begins to take effect. As the affirmation takes shape as a thought form (Level Four) and is repeatedly driven into the subconscious, it gains emotional power (Level Three) and active energy (Level Two) until it begins to stabilise and take effect in the world at Level One. The functions of Insight and Self-Awareness are experienced at Level Five.
Go to Top Level Six, the Sheath of Relationship
Level Six, the sheath of Relationship, is the Level that enables us to project our energies beyond ourselves. It is the Level of Love, of our ability to be happy. The more we actualise this Level, the more expanded and fulfilled we become, until our awareness reaches out to encompass and to serve all the living things on this planet.
Go to Top Level Seven, the Sheath of Conscious Growth
Our degree of activity at Level Seven determines our ability to Grow in Consciousness. It brings out the awareness in us of our true potential. Level Seven also governs our Perception of the needs and wants of others.

Go Forward Read part three of The Human Aura, where we discuss the Earth's Awareness.

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