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Astrology, Ethics, Destiny & God [2]

Mt Everest

Ram concludes his article by reflecting that the question of what is ethical and what is not is very relative – relative to the place, person, activity and point of view. Nothing is absolutely correct or absolutely wrong.

I constantly ponder over whether the way I operate, as an adherent of astrology, is correct or incorrect. When a person approaches me with a horoscope, I first drench him with my sermons about my view of life – that of destiny's supremacy. By this time he would be ruing the moment he decided to come to me for advice. Then I analyse his chart and tell him whatever it is that I see. If what is to come is not very pleasant, I try to temper my language as well as I can, but the point is driven home that he has to live through it. He would now be itching to rise and run away! Many do not come back again, ever. But there are quite a few, who look at life the way I do and we try to explore existence together in our common quest for the Truth. Just as every astrologer has her or his following, I seem to have mine also!

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All work and no play may have made Jack a dull boy. But all fatalism and no individualism/ no belief in free will, hasn't made me one! Fatalism has in no way diminished the verve in me for knowledge of this life and beyond. I still want to climb Mount Everest! I laugh very heartily – much more than before! I am at peace with the world. I am no longer intimidated by people who are relatively better than I am – intellectually, spiritually, physically. I do not look down upon people who are not as good as I am in these respects or in any other. I accept them all with no envy, rancour or ill will, as they are all God's children if you like, or I would use the words – destiny's children, destiny's creation. I accept them because they and I couldn't have been any different from what they and I are. To think and act so is possibly my destiny!

I am sure that each of the persons into whose shoes I put myself, and all others that I haven't, have their own ways of accepting today – as it IS. Their expression of acceptance would be in different and may be in mutually contradicting words, but the substance would certainly be the same. Just as we are taught in business management programmes that every person rises to her or his level of incompetence, destiny too perhaps ensures that all beings rise to their respective levels of frailty, with respect to their environment. When they reach this level, they begin to accept.

Lord Shiva and other Divine Powers

And like others, I too have tried to investigate my equation with God. But to investigate it, I would have to first define what God is. Frankly, I do not know how to define or describe God, because I do not know what He, She or It is. Also because, whatever term or word I try to use to attempt a description, there is always another term with an opposite meaning. And God in my perception is above all duality. And the opposite of God is not Mammon! If it is so, then God isn't God!

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From my childhood, I have been taught to pray to God at the commencement of any endeavour – for it to be successful and free of troubles. During the process of growing up, I began to wonder why. The relationship between God and man should not be based on mutual exchanges, neither should it be based on fear – I thought. As age and experience tempered me, I seemed to understand the meaning behind this exercise, but could never express it in so many words. Becoming a student of astrology seems to have given me the confidence to at least attempt a description. Everything that exists has in it a part of the same supreme consciousness. And being part of the whole, they are the whole – in the realm of Singularity – whatever that may be!

I realise that as long as I refer to myself as I, it points to the fact that I look upon myself as an entity separate from the environment around me, which confirms that I live in duality. Though conceptually, in my opinion, destiny and God are synonymous, I wouldn't dare to say about God, what I said about destiny in my previous article. That would tantamount to sacrilege, blasphemy, to even think so now.

In the realm of duality, I pray to God – To ask nothing, whatever He has to give has been there all the time. To give nothing, it will be like holding a lamp up to the Sun. But to revel in the beauty of He being Him, me being me and the world being what it is.

In my present state of development, I am tempted to add to the last sentence the following corollary: 'The world being what it is, as ordained by destiny – which is the unchangeable truth'. Whether this is true or not, only time will tell.

[This is the end of the article.]

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