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More on Aries, the Ram

Aries Aries Tarotscope for August 2016

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Two of Swords
Although your life is in good balance and harmony, you feel something of a restriction in your emotional life. You are actually quite secure, adequately prosperous, and have your life enriched by family and friendships. What you feel is lacking is a partner, probably of a romantic nature, though not in all cases. Well, that wish will soon be realised.
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Seven of Cups
You seem to be able to create work of whatever type you want whenever you want and this time will be no exception. Mind you, sometimes you take on more than you can handle. As the month progresses, you'll feel overburdened and it will be difficult to disentangle yourself because of your strong sense of responsibility. You will overcome this work dilemma and soon have a more restful work life.
Go to Top Finance
Ten of Pentacles
There's money around you Aries, more than you'd expected. There will be a renewal and regeneration of an income stream that has not been consistent, but seems to pop up as an opportunity just when you need it most. This really stands as a victory for you and proves to you that you are looked after by powers beyond the physical.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Five of Pentacles
You'll have financial ups and downs Aries, to a greater or lesser degree according to the amount of faith you have in divine providence. It's easy to have that faith when there's a good long run of prosperity, but your lesson here is to realise that the care and providence of divinity is there whether it's making itself apparent or not. Hold faith when you're experiencing lack and that lack will soon disappear.

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